Deltaco gaming keyboard review - Is it really worth the money?

Deltaco gaming keyboard review - Is it really worth the money?

Deltaco gaming keyboard review
In an era of constantly developing technology, the need for entertainment through games is increasing. Accompanying that is the birth of countless accessories to help gamers optimize their gaming experience. Among the most important accessories, gaming keyboards always hold a special place. A good keyboard will help gamers control characters and issue commands more smoothly and quickly, thereby improving their chances of winning. Understanding this importance, manufacturers continuously release new gaming keyboard models with many groundbreaking features. The article "Deltaco gaming keyboard review: Is it really worth the money?" of Enthkey will provide insight into a product highly appreciated by many gamers at an affordable price range. Is Deltaco Gaming Keyboard really worth the money? Let's find out!

Brief introduction to Deltaco Gaming Keyboard

Basic information about the manufacturer

Deltaco is a Swedish brand specializing in the production and distribution of computer accessories and electronic devices. Established in 1991, Deltaco has built a solid position in the Northern European market thanks to its diversity of product lines and commitment to high quality. Although not one of the biggest names in the industry, Deltaco has affirmed its position in the low-cost and mid-range computer accessories segment. With a business philosophy focusing on simplicity, pragmatism and reasonable prices, Deltaco has attracted a significant number of customers in European markets and some other countries.

Product positioning in the market

In the gaming keyboard product line, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is positioned in the mid-range segment, targeting users who prefer a smooth gaming experience but do not want to spend too much money on a high-end product. With the integration of the necessary features of a gaming keyboard and reasonable price, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard targets gamers on a limited budget or those who are just starting to play games. The gaming keyboard market is quite crowded with the presence of "big players" such as Razer, Corsair, Logitech,... Deltaco Gaming Keyboard has to compete fiercely in terms of features, design and price. However, with an established brand in Europe and clear segment positioning, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard still has the opportunity to dominate a certain market share.

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard hardware and specifications

Structure and manufacturing materials

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is made from a sturdy plastic shell, with high durability and good impact resistance. The keyboard frame is made from ultra-light aluminum alloy, helping to reduce overall weight and increase portability. The top of the keyboard is covered with a layer of high-quality plastic, which helps protect the keyboard from scratches and damage caused by long-term use. The keys are designed with mechanical switches with a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks, ensuring durability and reliability during use. The key covering is made from high-quality, abrasion-resistant material and helps prevent fingers from slipping when typing.

Keyboard style and key technology

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard uses a standard 104-key full-size keyboard, including a numeric keypad and function keys. The key technology used is a blue switch mechanical key, providing a very unique typing feeling with a clear "click" sound and strong feedback force. Although blue switch mechanical key technology provides a great typing experience, it also has the disadvantage of being quite noisy compared to other types of switches, such as brown or red.

Size, weight and portability

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is quite large in size, suitable for a full-size keyboard, with a length of 48cm, a width of 17cm and a height of 4cm. The weight of the keyboard is 1.2kg, relatively light compared to other gaming keyboards of the same size. Although not designed as a portable keyboard, the Deltaco Gaming Keyboard can still be easily taken for travel or competition if you don't have to move around too much. However, with its large size, this keyboard is most suitable for use at home or in the office.

Connectivity and compatibility options

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is equipped with a standard wired USB connection, compatible with most popular computer operating systems such as Windows, macOS and Linux. The length of the USB cable is 1.8m, long enough to easily connect to a computer placed on the table or under the table. This keyboard works immediately after plugging it in and requires no separate firmware installation. However, to fully exploit advanced features such as LED backlighting, macros and profiles, users can download the control software from Deltaco's website.

Outstanding design and features on Deltaco Gaming Keyboard

Style and color

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard possesses a simple but equally attractive design. The keyboard has a square shape with angular lines, creating a sturdy and masculine feel. The keyboard frame is made of pure black aluminum alloy, with a high-quality rough texture that prevents fingerprints and scratches. In terms of color, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard has only one option: monochrome black. Although monotonous, black is still a safe choice and easy to coordinate with most computer case designs and desk setups.

Backlight and lighting effects

One of the outstanding features of the Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is the colorful RGB LED backlight. Each key has its own integrated backlight, which can adjust the color and effects according to the user's preferences. Deltaco's control software provides a variety of backlight options such as color synchronization, color zoning, rhythmic flashing, etc. Users can completely customize the backlight as desired to suit the environment. your work space or game setup.

Function key and multimedia key layout

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard complies with the standard 104-key full-size keyboard layout with reasonably arranged function keys and multimedia keys. The Windows lock key, game mode key, and backlight adjustment key are all arranged separately for ease of use. Multimedia keys help users easily control volume, stop/play music or videos without having to do too much on the computer interface. This is a very useful feature for gamers or people who work frequently multitasking.

Water/dust resistant

Regarding water and dust resistance, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is not equipped with any special waterproof technology, so users need to be very careful when using it near liquids. However, the keyboard cover is made from sturdy plastic and the key surface has a scratch-resistant coating to help prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the gaps. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the keyboard regularly with a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and fingerprints on the key surface. In addition, do not leave food or drinks near the keyboard to avoid damaging internal components.

User experience with Deltaco Gaming Keyboard

Keystroke feel and feedback

With blue switch mechanical key technology, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard provides a very satisfying typing feeling. Each key press brings a clear "click" sound and strong feedback, giving a very pleasant typing feeling. The pressing force is quite heavy, suitable for those who like bold and powerful typing. However, the weakness of the blue switch is that the sound is quite noisy, which can cause discomfort to people around you if used in a quiet environment. In addition, the pressing force is also somewhat heavier than the average of other types of switches, causing your hands to get tired quickly if you type continuously for a long time.

Response speed and key removal resistance

Deltaco Gaming Keyboard has extremely fast response speed thanks to the use of mechanical key technology and full-speed USB communication. The delay between pressing the key and when the character appears on the screen is almost negligible. The highlight of the keyboard is its excellent anti-key removal ability thanks to the integrated 100% Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover anti-jamming features. Users can press up to 104 keys at the same time without losing any command keys.

Software customization capabilities

Although the Deltaco Gaming Keyboard can operate without software installation, to exploit its full potential, the use of firmware is essential. This software allows users to:
  • Customize the LED backlight with many different color modes and effects.
  • Program macros, assign shortcuts to commonly used tasks.
  • Create and store different profiles for each game.
  • Update control software and keyboard firmware.
The software interface is quite simple but has all the necessary options to customize and enhance the keyboard experience.

Service life and warranty

Thanks to being made from premium materials and high-quality mechanical key components, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard promises a long lifespan, up to 50 million keystrokes per key. The manufacturer commits to warranty Deltaco Gaming Keyboard for 2 years from the date of purchase, with free repair or replacement of components in case of damage due to manufacturing errors. This gives users peace of mind about the quality of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of Deltaco Gaming Keyboard

Outstanding advantages

  • Excellent typing experience: Blue switch mechanical keys provide a great typing experience with clear sound and strong feedback.
  • Fast response speed: Full-speed USB connection with anti-key removal technology helps the keyboard always respond quickly to every pressed command.
  • Multi-color RGB LED backlight: Users can customize and create many backlight effects to suit their working and gaming spaces.
  • Highly customizable: Control software allows programming macros, creating separate profiles and personalizing the user experience.
  • Durable, long-lasting: With quality manufacturing processes, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard promises a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes per key.
  • Reasonable price: Compared to competitors in the same segment, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard has a pretty good price for what it offers.

Weaknesses that need improvement

  • The key sound is a bit noisy: Switch blue causes the keyboard to make a lot of noise, which can be annoying when used in quiet environments.
  • Slightly heavy key pressure: Requires greater effort when typing text continuously,and can cause hand fatigue if not used to it.
  • No waterproof technology: Lacks waterproof features, so the keyboard should not be exposed to liquids.
  • Monotonous design: The only pure black color is somewhat monotonous, with few aesthetic options.
  • Large size, difficult to move: Full-size size and weight of 1.2kg make it inconvenient to carry the keyboard around.

Despite some disadvantages, Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is still a worthy choice in its price range thanks to its excellent typing experience and many advanced features.


Through Enthkey's Deltaco Gaming Keyboard review, this product is truly a valuable choice in its price range. With an extremely great typing experience thanks to blue switch mechanical key technology, fast response speed and perfect key removal resistance, this gaming keyboard fully meets the needs of gamers. Although there are a few drawbacks, such as a bit noisy sound and lack of waterproof features, with a reasonable price, the Deltaco Gaming Keyboard is still worth the investment, especially for those who are looking for a quality mechanical typing experience without spending too much money.

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