A worthwhile gaming keyboard with EVGA Z12 RGB gaming keyboard review

A worthwhile gaming keyboard with EVGA Z12 RGB gaming keyboard review

evga z12 rgb gaming keyboard review
When it comes to choosing a gaming keyboard, users often set many criteria such as durability, performance, and features. EVGA, a famous brand in the gaming community, has introduced the EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard to meet these requirements. In this article, Enthkey will do a detailed EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review. From the sophisticated design, colorful RGB backlighting, to customization and keystroke feel, all will be thoroughly analyzed. Is this keyboard really worth it for gamers? Let's find out and evaluate whether the EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard is worth your investment.

Overview of EVGA and the gaming industr

EVGA is one of the famous brands in the computer and gaming equipment industry. Founded in 1999, EVGA has built a solid reputation for manufacturing high-quality products, especially graphics cards and computer power supplies. In recent years, the company has expanded into other areas such as keyboards, mice and gaming accessories. The current gaming market is growing strongly, with an increasing number of gamers and the need for high-quality devices and hardware to enhance the gaming experience. EVGA quickly recognized this trend and invested in developing high-end gaming products, including keyboards, mice and other accessories.

The importance of a good gaming keyboard

In the gaming world, the keyboard is not simply an input device but also an important tool to enhance the gaming experience. A good gaming keyboard can mean the difference between winning and losing in stressful situations. The key elements of a good gaming keyboard include:
  1. Fast and accurate key response: In action or strategy games, quick and accurate response is very important. A good gaming keyboard will have an extremely short response time, helping you execute commands quickly and accurately.
  2. Longevity and durability: Gamers often use the keyboard a lot, especially in dramatic matches. Therefore, a gaming keyboard needs to be durable enough to withstand pressure and continuous use for a long time.
  3. Ability to customize and program keys: Many gaming keyboards allow users to customize keys as desired, assign macros or program special key features, helping to optimize the gaming experience.
  4. Backlight design and quality: Gaming keyboards often have impressive RGB backlighting, which not only creates attractive visual effects but also helps you easily see the keys in low-light environments.

With such importance, choosing a suitable gaming keyboard will help gamers improve their gaming skills, have a better experience and achieve high achievements in matches.

Evaluate the design and working quality of EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Design style and manufacturing materials

EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard possesses a modern and powerful design, suitable for gaming style. The keyboard frame is made from sturdy solid aluminum, creating a sturdy and premium feel. The corners are softly rounded, giving it an elegant and beautiful appearance. The key surface is made from high quality ABS plastic, has good durability and is easy to clean. The border around the keyboard is also meticulously finished, bringing a seamless and premium feel to the entire product. EVGA has used premium materials and rugged manufacturing processes to ensure the Z12 RGB keyboard is highly durable, suitable for long-term use in stressful gaming environments.

Keyboard layout and key response

The EVGA Z12 RGB keyboard uses a standard 104-key QWERTY key layout, familiar to most users. However, EVGA has optimized the design to enhance the gaming experience. Important keys such as WASD, navigation keys and mouse buttons are clearly separated and emphasized, making it easy for gamers to locate and operate. The keyboard also includes a multi-function key cluster that can be programmed to perform custom commands. Regarding key feedback, EVGA Z12 RGB uses Cherry MX Red technology, providing a smooth and responsive typing feel. The keys have short travel and deep pressing, allowing you to perform continuous operations quickly and accurately, very suitable for action games or requiring quick reflexes.

RGB backlight quality

One of the highlights of EVGA Z12 RGB is the impressive RGB backlight system. Each key is equipped with a separate LED light, which can be adjusted to 16.8 million different colors. The RGB backlight on the Z12 RGB is very bright and clear, creating outstanding and attractive visual effects. You can customize the color for each key or set dynamic lighting effects according to game themes, music or personal preferences. In addition, EVGA also integrates smart backlighting features, such as key up lights, game reflectors, or system warning lights. These features help enhance the gaming experience and increase the aesthetics of the keyboard. Overall, in terms of design and working quality, EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard is an impressive product, perfectly combining eye-catching appearance and outstanding performance, meeting the needs of passionate gamers.

Special features and technology on the EVGA Z12 RGB gaming keyboard

Key customization and programming capabilities

One of the outstanding features of the EVGA Z12 RGB is its powerful key programming and customization capabilities. This keyboard is integrated with EVGA RGB Utility software, allowing users to customize individual keys or groups of keys. You can assign special commands, macros or functions to any key, helping to optimize your gaming experience. For example, you can program a key to execute a complex sequence of commands in a game, or assign a key to perform routine tasks like taking a screenshot or opening an app.

Software integration and control applications

In addition to key customization, the EVGA Z12 RGB is also integrated with EVGA RGB Utility software, allowing users to control and adjust the keyboard's RGB backlighting. This software offers many built-in lighting effects and allows you to create your own custom lighting effects. Besides, the keyboard is also compatible with other popular control software such as Razer Synapse, Corsair iCUE and Logitech G Hub, allowing you to synchronize and control the entire lighting effects system of gaming devices. different.

Performance and usability

Experience using games and work

With a gaming-optimized design, EVGA Z12 RGB provides a great usage experience in various games. Fast and accurate key response, along with key programming capabilities, help you execute commands and operations with ease and precision. At the same time, the keyboard also works well in office tasks and daily work. Standard key layout and smooth key response help you type easily and efficiently.

Durability and service life

With solid aluminum material and high-quality ABS key material, EVGA Z12 RGB is considered to have very good durability and longevity. This keyboard can withstand pressure and continuous use for long periods of time without damage or rapid wear. In addition, EVGA also provides a long-term warranty policy, ensuring that users can safely use the product for many years.

Convenient and comfortable to use

EVGA Z12 RGB is designed with a focus on user comfort and convenience. The keyboard has an adjustable height, allowing you to adjust the most suitable tilt angle, avoiding wrist or shoulder pain during long gaming sessions. Besides, the keyboard also has a soft padded wrist rest, helping you type and play games more comfortably for long periods of time. The keys are arranged reasonably, creating a natural and pleasant feeling when used.

Overall rating

Outstanding advantages and disadvantages


  • Luxurious, sturdy and high-class aluminum monolithic design.
  • Cherry MX Red key response is fast and accurate, ideal for gaming.
  • Brilliant RGB backlight with 16.8 million colors, customizable as desired.
  • Powerful key programming and customization capabilities, optimizing gaming experience.
  • Integrated EVGA RGB Utility software and compatible with other famous software.
  • Long service life thanks to high quality materials and durable design.
  • Gaming support features such as game mode, smooth multitasking ability.


  • The price is higher than some other gaming keyboards.
  • Lacks some advanced features such as dedicated multimedia keys.
  • Need to improve support for operating systems other than Windows.

Compare with other competing products

When compared to other gaming keyboards in the same segment, such as Corsair K70 RGB, Razer BlackWidow Elite or Logitech G513, EVGA Z12 RGB stands out with its high-end aluminum monolithic design and powerful key customization and programming capabilities. It also achieves great gaming performance thanks to fast Cherry MX key response. However, some competitors add advanced features such as dedicated multimedia keys or broader compatibility with operating systems other than Windows. In terms of price, the EVGA Z12 RGB is also a bit more expensive than comparable options.

Value for money and shopping recommendation

At around $120 USD, the EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard isn't the cheapest option on the market but still offers good value for money for what it offers. For a passionate gamer who demands high quality, performance and customization, EVGA Z12 RGB is a reasonable investment. Premium design, great key feedback and key programming features will greatly enhance your gaming experience. However, for those who only play light games or prioritize budget, you can consider cheaper options that still meet basic needs. Overall, with outstanding advantages in design, quality and features, EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard deserves to be the top choice for any gamer who wants to upgrade their gaming experience.


EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard review shows that this is a high quality gaming keyboard, worthy of the investment. With a premium aluminum unibody design, fast and accurate Cherry MX Red key response, and a brilliant 16.8 million-color RGB backlighting system, this keyboard provides a great gaming experience. Powerful key programming and customization capabilities and gamer support features help optimize the gaming experience. Although the price is a bit high, the value of money is considerable for avid gamers. Enthkey believes that EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard is a reliable choice for anyone who wants to improve their gaming skills and experience.

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