Discover the best keyboard for gaming 75 percent in 2024

Discover the best keyboard for gaming 75 percent in 2024

best keyboard for gaming 75 percent
When choosing a gaming keyboard, size and features are two important factors that gamers cannot ignore. Among keyboards, keyboards with a 75 percent layout are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their combination of compactness and full functionality. With so many choices on the market, how do you find the best keyboard for your needs? In this article by Enthkey, we will explore and evaluate the top options to find the best keyboard for gaming 75 percent that you should not miss.

Gaming keyboard 75% and things to know

Definition of gaming keyboard 75%

A 75% gaming keyboard, also known as a tenkeyless keyboard (no number pad), is a type of keyboard that is more compact in size than a traditional full-size keyboard. This design eliminates the number key block on the right, retaining only the alpha-numeric part and function keys, taking up about 75% of the area compared to a full-size keyboard.

Advantages of gaming keyboards 75%

Compact size is the biggest advantage of 75% gaming keyboards. This design significantly saves desk space, while creating a more airy feeling when in use. This is very convenient for those who have limited desk space or are often on the move. Besides, the 75% gaming keyboard is also highly appreciated for its portability and ease of carrying. With its compact size, you can easily stuff the keyboard into your bag and take it anywhere without being too bulky. Although lacking a number pad, most 75% of gaming keyboards have integrated number input function via virtual number key or first row number key. This helps you still be able to enter numbers quickly without losing this important feature.

Popularity of gaming keyboards 75% by 2024

According to forecasts from industry experts, 75% gaming keyboards will become extremely popular by 2024. The main reason is due to users' need for efficient and highly mobile desk space. With the trend of working from home and mobile working becoming more and more popular, the compact size and easy portability of 75% gaming keyboards will become a major competitive advantage compared to full-length keyboards. bulky size. Besides, the demand for multifunctional gaming devices is also increasing. A 75% gaming keyboard with a compact design but still meeting professional gaming needs will become the top choice of users. With outstanding advantages and gradually changing market trends, it is not surprising that 75% gaming keyboards will become more popular than ever by 2024.

Criteria for choosing the best keyboard for gaming 75 percent

To be able to choose the best 75% gaming keyboard model, it is necessary to evaluate based on the following criteria:

Perfect design and quality

An excellent gaming keyboard must possess an eye-catching design and good construction quality. Factors to consider include:
  • Design and materials: Does it have an attractive, gaming-style appearance? Are plastic and metal materials used durable?
  • Finishing: The joints between the parts are seamless, do not move, and do not have large gaps. The key surface is smooth, no scratches.
  • Dust/water resistance: Good dust-proof, water-proof, and sweat-proof features will help increase the lifespan of the keyboard.
  • Weight and size: It should be compact enough to move but also heavy enough to not slide easily when typing.

Switch and typing feel

The important factor that determines 80% of the gaming experience on the keyboard is the type of switch and the feeling of typing.
  • Switch type: Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh,... Each type of switch has different elasticity, travel and sound.
  • Typing force and stroke: Determines the feeling of fast, gentle or compact typing. Usually ranges from 35-60g of force and 2-4mm of travel.
  • Switch lifespan: Shows the durability of the keyboard. A good keyboard should have a lifespan of over 50 million clicks per switch.
  • Key bounce effect (debounce): The better this effect, the less likely you are to type duplicate keys or miss keys.

RGB Backlight and Effects

RGB backlighting is what creates the artistic beauty of a gaming keyboard. Evaluation criteria:
  • Backlight system: Per-key RGB for all keys or area lighting. Full-key backlighting would be better in terms of customization.
  • Number of colors/effects: The more creative colors and effects, the more attractive it is to users.
  • Customized software: Friendly interface, with many effect options. Allows programming individual effects for each game/application.
  • Light brightness and uniformity: Appropriate brightness does not cause glare, lights illuminate each key evenly.
  • LED lifespan: The higher the LED lifespan parameter, the more durable it will be.

Features and Utilities

In addition to the above three factors, a good gaming keyboard needs additional features and utilities for an optimal experience:
  • Custom keyboard format: Familiar full layout, or detachable for distributed use.
  • Multi-function shortcut keys: Game Mode keys, volume up and down, fast forward/backward, screen lighting,...
  • Weight and anti-slip sole: Not too light or bulky. The sole is sturdy and has anti-slip ribs when typing.
  • Integrated number input ability: Is there a virtual number key or not to use for data entry.
  • Compatible with operating systems: Software and shortcuts work well on Windows, MacOS or Linux.
  • Appropriate price: Is it worth investing at the offered price?

A comprehensive evaluation of the above criteria will help you choose the best 75% gaming keyboard that best suits your personal needs.

Outstanding 75 percent best keyboard for gaming products in 2024

Based on the criteria mentioned in the previous section, below is Enthkey's detailed assessment of 3 outstanding 75% gaming keyboard models expected to dominate the market by 2024:

Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro TKL

It's no surprise that Razer - the "king" in the gaming gear industry, will continue to lead with the BlackWidow V4 Pro TKL (tenkeyless) line.

Design and quality

Razer has always been famous for its classy design and high quality finishes. BlackWidow V4 Pro TKL is no exception with a sturdy, meticulously finished monolithic aluminum body. Dust and water resistance meets IP54 standard very well.

Switch and typing feel

Razer equips the BlackWidow V4 Pro with its own high-end Razer Yellow mechanical switch set, moderate typing force of 45g, 3.5mm travel. These switches have a lifespan of up to 80 million clicks ensuring high durability. The typing feeling is very smooth and quiet.

RGB backlight

Razer Chroma RGB full-key backlighting is always the highlight of Razer products. With millions of colors and many impressive effects such as Wave, Ripple, Reactive,... comes with Synapse software for easy customization.

Features and utilities

Fingerprint recognition, wireless connection via HyperSpeed 3.0, integrated number input capability, versatile high-performance function keys, good support for Windows/MacOS. In addition, Razer also has a very good anti-slip sole.

Ducky One 3 SF

Ducky is another famous brand in the gaming keyboard industry. The Ducky One 3 SF model is expected to cause a stir in the 75% segment.

Design and quality

Ducky One 3 SF possesses a compact design, meticulously finished from a luxurious rough aluminum shell. Water/dust resistance is not highly rated but quite good for this segment. Moderate weight of 705g for an excellent typing feeling.

Switch and typing feel

Ducky equips the One 3 SF with the legendary Cherry MX switches loved by many gamers. Ducky himself is famous for his very precise keystrokes. This product uses a 45g typing force switch that is very smooth and quiet.

RGB backlight

Full-key lighting with all the familiar colors of Ducky. Not too outstanding but still enough impressive effects. Ducky Control Center is too old and a bit difficult to customize.

Features and utilities

Ducky always simplifies features for basic users. The same goes for Ducky One 3 SF, without many multi-function keys or special features other than integrated number entry. However, it is a very convenient USB-C wired keyboard.

Keychron K8 Pro

Keychron is an emerging but promising name for the Keychron K8 Pro model.

Design and quality

Keychron K8 Pro has a modern electromechanical design with a sturdy aluminum alloy shell and a strong black-gray color scheme. 75% compact structure but heavy enough to withstand 930g for excellent typing experience. Extremely good dust/water resistance according to IP67 standard.

Switch and typing feel

Keychron gives users many choices of switch types from Cherry, Gateron or Kailh with many different levels of typing force. The hot version is probably the Gateron G Pro Red with a typing force of 35-45g that is light but not soft.

RGB backlight

Keychron's full-key RGB backlighting system is quite impressive with many different colors and the superior control software Key Mapper supports high customization. Light brightness is also rated very well.

Features and utilities

Keychron K8 Pro is integrated with many impressive features, such as a freely split keyboard with separate USB-C ports, supporting both Windows/macOS/Linux. Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection, convenient on/off sensor, many multi-function keys worth having.

Advice on choosing the best keyboard for gaming 75 percent

After a detailed evaluation and comparison of pros and cons, here are some useful tips for choosing the 75% gaming keyboard that best suits your needs:

Advice based on intended use

For gamers

  • If you are a true gamer, passionate about playing PC games of different genres, then the Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro TKL will be the ideal choice. With premium design, optimal typing performance and a variety of gamer support features, this keyboard will help take your gaming experience to the next level.
  • However, if you are a light-hearted gamer who is not too strict about performance, the Keychron K8 Pro is also a choice worth considering. Modern design, rich switch options and impressive RGB lighting will help you fully enjoy gaming fun.

For office/working people

  • If your job requires long hours of typing, comfort and durability, the Ducky One 3 SF will be the ideal choice. With famous Cherry MX switches and a sturdy design, this keyboard delivers a great typing experience without overemphasizing RGB lighting effects or cumbersome ancillary features.
  • However, if outside of work you still want to occasionally play games and need a more versatile keyboard, the Keychron K8 Pro will be more suitable. With a 75% flexible design and a variety of features, you can work and play at the same time with ease.

Hopefully, with the above advice, you will easily choose the best 75% gaming keyboard that suits your passion, needs and conditions in the future of 2024.


In 2024, when the trend of 75% gaming keyboards becomes increasingly popular, finding the right best 75% gaming keyboard will become a top priority for gamers and office workers. With compact, classy design and outstanding typing performance, the Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro TKL, Ducky One 3 SF and Keychron K8 Pro products deserve to be the top choices this year. Based on your budget and specific needs, Enthkey believes that you can completely find the ideal keyboard that brings the ultimate gaming or working experience

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