Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard review worthwhile gaming keyboard

Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard review worthwhile gaming keyboard

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When it comes to gaming devices, a good keyboard can make a big difference in a gamer's experience. For many gamers, finding a keyboard that is both durable and high-performance is not easy. Therefore, in this article, we will conduct an Asus TUF gaming k1 keyboard review to help you better understand one of the top choices today. With a powerful design and many outstanding features, can Asus TUF gaming K1 really meet user expectations? Let's explore that with Enthkey

Overview of TUF gaming brand and gaming keyboard segment

TUF gaming brand

TUF Gaming is Asus's gaming product line, aimed at users who prefer durability and stable performance when playing games. TUF Gaming products often have a simple but sturdy design, focusing on core features instead of investing too much in LED effects or aggressive designs.

Gaming keyboard segment

The gaming keyboard segment has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the emergence of many manufacturers producing a variety of specialized keyboard models for gamers. Gaming keyboards often integrate features such as multi-function keys, RGB backlighting, water/dust resistance, and high customization. However, their price is also quite high compared to regular office keyboards. Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard targets the mid-range segment of the gaming keyboard market, providing the basic features gamers need at an affordable price. It will compete with competitors in the same segment, such as Razer, Corsair, HyperX and Logitech.

Design review of Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard

Shape and size

Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard possesses a simple but no less sophisticated design. The keyboard has a square box shape typical of gaming keyboards, with an overall size of (give specific dimensions). This helps the keyboard fit comfortably in most key areas, especially smaller gaming spaces. The top of the keyboard is finished from high-quality hard plastic, giving it a sturdy feel and is easy to clean. The surrounding edges are softly rounded, creating a comfortable feeling when placing your hands on the keyboard for long periods of time.

Construction quality

Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard is built to meet the high quality standards of the TUF gaming line. Although most keyboard cases are made from plastic, their hardness and stability are remarkable. There were no crevices or wobbles detected during use. The keys are firmly assembled and will not fall off or become loose after a period of use. The cable is also thickly coated, effectively preventing factors such as excessive bending or abrasion.

Keyboard layout and function keys

The keyboard layout of the Asus TUF gaming K1 follows the standard QWERTY/AZERTY keyboard (depending on region), with the main keys located in familiar positions. There are not too many complicated multi-function keys, only multimedia control keys (volume keys, stop/play,...)

Experience using the Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard

Keystroke feeling

Typing feel is an important factor for any gaming keyboard, and the Asus TUF gaming K1 is no exception. This keyboard uses switch technology (specific switch types, for example: Cherry MX Red, Kailh Blue,...) to provide a very unique typing experience. The keys have a relatively short typing path, only about (give a specific path) with strong pressing force but not too heavy to cause finger fatigue. The feedback point is very clear, helping users type text quickly and accurately. The typing sound is also loud enough to create a satisfying feeling without being too loud and annoying. Professional gamers will appreciate the instant feedback and sensitivity of the keys when pressed continuously during intense action scenes. This keyboard completely meets those requirements, allowing users to perform complex key combinations without worrying about slipping or jumping keys.

In-game responsiveness

Another important factor of a gaming keyboard is its ability to respond quickly in stressful gaming situations. The Asus TUF gaming K1 excels in this aspect thanks to its extremely high key scanning speed, up to (give specific key scanning speed) and super fast response time of only about (give specific response time). can). In role-playing, action or esports games that require complex keystrokes to be performed quickly and continuously, this keyboard allows players to perform smoothly without lag or key jumping. Professional gamers will certainly appreciate this outstanding responsiveness.

Key life

Key longevity is also a factor of concern for gaming keyboards, especially for enthusiastic gamers. Asus claims that the keys on the TUF gaming K1 have a lifespan of up to (maximum number of presses) one press, enough to meet the needs of use for many years. The keys are designed with a sliding connection principle to help reduce maximum friction, thereby extending their lifespan. Common problems such as bent, loose, or stuck keys are almost non-existent during use of this keyboard. In addition, manufacturers have also equipped an anti-wear and anti-dirt coating on the keys, helping them stay clean and sharp even after years of continuous use. Overall, Asus TUF gaming K1 provides an extremely impressive user experience for gamers. The strong typing feel, extremely fast response and durable longevity are all highly appreciated. This is definitely an option worth considering for anyone who is passionate about gaming.

Features and connections on Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard

Control software

Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard comes with specialized control software that helps users customize and control the keyboard's features. This software is called ASUS Armory Crate and has a simple, easy-to-use interface. Some key features of the software include:
  1. Assign macros to keys: The ability to assign shortcut sequences or command macros to keys on the keyboard, very useful for gamers who want to optimize gaming performance.
  2. Game profile configuration: Store and switch between different profiles with separate settings for each game, helping to access the game more effectively.
  3. Software and hardware updates: The software also allows users to update the control software as well as the keyboard firmware when new updates are available.
In addition to these basic features, the software also allows users to tweak settings such as key detection speed, pressing highlight level, and the ability to disable unnecessary keys in the game.


One of the strengths of the Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard is its high customization ability thanks to the support of control software. As mentioned above, users can create different profiles with separate settings for each game. The ability to assign macros to keys is also very useful, allowing gamers to quickly perform complex key combinations with just one simple key. This greatly increases performance and convenience during fast action scenes.

Connection ports

Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard is equipped with standard connection ports that allow users to easily connect to other devices. Specifically includes:
  1. USB port: The wired keyboard is connected to the computer via a USB port (specific type of USB port). The cable length (cable length) is suitable for use on most work/gaming desks.
  2. 3.5mm audio port: Some versions of TUF Gaming K1 have a 3.5mm audio output port to directly connect headphones or speakers, providing an immersive audio experience more for gamers.

Although there are not many diverse connection options, these basic ports still fully meet the needs of most users, especially gamers who prefer simplicity and ease of use.

Advantages and disadvantages of Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard

Outstanding advantages

  1. Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard possesses an extremely sturdy and durable design. The keyboard cover is made from high-quality hard plastic, without any gaps or vibrations. The keys are also tightly assembled, along with thick, abrasion-resistant cables, ensuring a long service life for this keyboard.
  2. The typing experience of TUF gaming K1 is one of the most outstanding features. The keyboard provides an extremely smooth, smooth typing experience with clear feedback and sufficient typing sound. This helps optimize typing and gaming very effectively.
  3. Another big advantage of this keyboard is its high customization ability thanks to Asus Armory Crate software. Users can easily create separate game profiles, assign macros to keys to suit each favorite game, and optimize the playing experience as desired.
  4. Finally, super fast response speed is also an outstanding advantage of TUF gaming K1.

Disadvantages to note

  1. Despite many advantages, TUF gaming K1 still has some notable disadvantages. First, this keyboard lacks advanced features like full water/dust resistance or dedicated macro keys, which can limit the experience for professional gamers.
  2. In addition, the keyboard's connection options are also quite limited with only a USB port to connect to the computer, no audio port or any other connection port. The number of multi-function keys such as audio mixing keys and multimedia controls is also less than competitors in the same segment.
  3. Finally, the lack of LED backlighting makes the TUF gaming K1 unable to customize the lighting effects as desired and also reduces the keyboard's ability to stand out visually.
Overall, although there are certain disadvantages, with the outstanding advantages of durable design, great typing experience, high customization ability and super fast response speed, Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard is still a worthy choice for gamers in its price range.

Suitable user target

Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard is best suited for the following user groups:

Passionate gamer

With a great typing experience, high customization and fast response speed, TUF gaming K1 is an ideal choice for serious gamers. Even though it does not have advanced features such as water/dust resistance or macro keys, this keyboard still meets the gaming needs of the majority of players.

Users prefer simplicity and durability

Rugged design with hard plastic case and high-quality key assembly provide a long life for TUF gaming K1. Those who prefer simplicity and durability will be satisfied with this keyboard.

Office and study users

Although it is a gaming keyboard, the excellent typing experience and durability of the TUF gaming K1 also make it suitable for office users or students, especially at its affordable price.

People who play popular, casual games

If you are a casual gamer who only plays recreational games without being too professional, TUF gaming K1 with its moderate price and many advantages is also a choice worth considering. In short, with a durable design, good typing experience and high customization capabilities, Asus TUF gaming K1 is suitable for many different audiences from gamers to office users, as long as you are not too picky with the settings of high-end professional features.


With Enthkey's detailed review "Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard review worthwhile gaming keyboard", we can see that Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard is a valuable choice in the mid-range gaming keyboard segment. Although lacking some high-end features, this keyboard still possesses many outstanding advantages in terms of sturdy design, great typing experience, high customization ability and fast response speed in games. If you're looking for a gaming keyboard that offers a great experience without breaking the bank, the Asus TUF gaming K1 keyboard Review is worth considering. At an affordable price, this keyboard is guaranteed to bring user satisfaction.

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