Anko gaming keyboard review - Ultimate experience for gamer

Anko gaming keyboard review - Ultimate experience for gamer

Anko gaming keyboard review
Anko gaming keyboard is one of the top choices for gamers looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard at an affordable price. With many impressive features and outstanding performance, Anko's gaming keyboard promises to bring a great gaming experience to users. In this Anko gaming keyboard review, Enthkey will evaluate with you in detail the design, build quality, switches, customization capabilities and gaming performance of the product, thereby helping you have an overview and decide. to see if Anko gaming keyboard is the right choice for you.

First impression of Anko gaming keyboard

When first coming into contact with the Anko gaming keyboard, users will have initial impressions of the product through the unboxing process and preliminary experience of the design and finishing quality.

Unbox and evaluate the packaging

The product box of the Anko gaming keyboard is made from sturdy cardboard material, with a durable glossy coating and eye-catching design. Product images and information are printed clearly on the box surface, creating a professional impression at first sight. Inside the box, the keyboard is neatly arranged and carefully protected by a layer of foam padding. Included with the product is a detailed user manual, a sturdy umbrella-covered connection cable and a number of other support accessories such as keycap release keys, creating a feeling of thoughtfulness and care from the manufacturer.

Preliminary assessment of design and build quality

Anko gaming keyboard possesses a modern and powerful design with a main black tone combined with beautiful accent details. The keyboard case is made from sturdy ABS plastic, giving it a solid and stable feel when used. The keys are arranged reasonably, with appropriate distance and size, creating favorable conditions for typing and operating in the game. Keycap is made from double-shot PBT plastic, ensuring durability and avoiding letter wear over time. When experiencing preliminary typing, Anko's switches provide a good typing feeling with moderate pressure and unique keystroke sound. The function keys operate sensitively and accurately, promising to bring a great gaming experience to users. With premium finishing quality and impressive design at first sight, the Anko gaming keyboard creates a positive impression and makes users want to further explore the product's features and actual performance products.

Design and aesthetics of Anko gaming keyboard

Keyboard layout and size

Anko gaming keyboard has a standard layout with 104 keys, including function keys and a separate number key layout. The overall size of the keyboard is quite neat with a length of 440mm, a width of 135mm and a height of 40mm, suitable for most gamers' desktop space. In particular, Anko has optimized the placement of macro keys and function keys, making it easy for users to access and use during gaming. The keyboard also has a sturdy rubber base, ensuring stability and avoiding slipping during intense action.

Keycap design and material

Anko gaming keyboard uses keycaps made from high-quality double-shot PBT plastic, providing a smooth typing feeling and outstanding durability. The keycap surface is designed with a fingerprint- and sweat-resistant pattern, helping the keyboard always maintain a clean and professional appearance. The highlight of Anko's keycap design is the use of unique and clear fonts, helping users easily identify and operate in low light conditions. At the same time, the characters on the keycap are printed using advanced laser technology, ensuring sharpness and not fading over time.

RGB LED lighting customization and effects

One of the impressive highlights of the Anko gaming keyboard is the 16.8 million-color RGB LED system, providing unique lighting effects and flexible customization. Users can easily install and adjust light modes, speed, and brightness through Anko's custom software. The keyboard supports a variety of RGB lighting modes such as wave, noise, music response, regional customization... creating an impressive and immersive gaming space. In addition, lighting effects can also be synchronized with other Anko gaming gear products, providing a unified and classy experience for users. With sophisticated design, high-quality materials and the ability to customize diverse RGB LED lights, the Anko gaming keyboard not only provides a good typing experience but also creates an impressive aesthetic highlight, enhancing your gaming space user.

Evaluate the performance of Anko gaming keyboard

Switch types and their characteristics

Anko gaming keyboard uses high-end mechanical switches, providing a great typing experience for users. Anko offers three different types of switches to meet each gamer's needs and preferences:
  • Blue switch: has a pressing force of 60g, providing a clear keystroke feeling with a strong clicking sound, suitable for those who like to type strongly and like the characteristic keystroke sound.
  • Brown switch: lighter pressing force at 45g, providing a smooth typing feeling and relative clicking sound, suitable for both gaming and regular typing.
  • Red switch: has the lightest pressing force of only 35g, no clicking feeling or sound, suitable for games requiring high response speed and continuous operation.
All Anko switches have a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks, ensuring durability and stability during long-term use.

Typing experience and responsiveness

With outstanding switch quality, the Anko gaming keyboard provides a great typing experience for users. The keys respond quickly and accurately, helping users operate more smoothly and confidently in all situations. The distance and height of the keys are optimally calculated, helping to minimize hand fatigue when used for long periods of time. At the same time, the keycap is made from high-quality PBT material, with the key surface designed to prevent slipping and bring a comfortable typing feeling to the user. Anko keyboard has high stability, there is no vibration or wobble when typing hard. This helps users focus completely on the game without being affected by external factors.

Gaming performance and anti-ghosting features

With the Anti-ghosting and NKRO (N-key rollover) features equipped on the Anko gaming keyboard, users can rest assured to perform fast and accurate key combos in all game genres. The keyboard can simultaneously record multiple keys pressed at the same time without ghosting or missing input. The response time of the Anko keyboard is extremely fast, only about 1ms, giving gamers a competitive advantage in intense matches. In addition, the keyboard's customization software also allows users to set up custom macros and commands, helping to optimize operations and enhance gaming performance. With outstanding performance, high-end switches and top gaming features, the Anko keyboard will be an ideal companion for every gamer, meeting all needs from basic to professional.

Anko gaming keyboard software and customization

The Anko gaming keyboard comes with powerful customization software, making it easy for users to adjust and personalize every aspect of the keyboard. Intuitive and friendly software interface, compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Macro programming and key reassignment

With the Anko gaming keyboard's custom software, programming macros and reassigning keys is incredibly simple. Users can easily record key sequences and complex operations, then assign them to a single key for quick execution in the game. The software provides deep customization with options such as delay time between key presses, macro repetition, macro activation with keystrokes... In addition, users can also reassign functions of each key, change the key layout, and create custom key configurations for specific games and applications.

RGB LED control

With Anko's software, customizing RGB LED lighting effects becomes extremely simple. Users can choose from millions of available colors and dozens of effects, or create their own unique lighting effects. The software also supports synchronization of lighting effects with other Anko gaming gear products. Overall, the software that comes with the Anko gaming keyboard offers a high degree of flexibility and customization, allowing gamers to optimize their gaming experience to their own style. With a friendly interface and powerful features, this software is a valuable plus point of the Anko keyboard.

Durability and build quality of Anko gaming keyboard

Materials used and overall quality

Anko gaming keyboard is made from premium materials, ensuring durability and outstanding build quality. Specifically:
  • Keyboard cover is made from sturdy ABS plastic, good bearing capacity and limited scratches.
  • The inner frame is reinforced with steel, increasing firmness and stability when typing.
  • Optimal design with meticulously machined details and sturdy joints, eliminating vibration.
  • Integrated drainage slot, protects components from water spills.
Thanks to the combination of high-quality materials and professional design, Anko keyboards provide a stable, accurate and durable typing experience over time.

Durability of keycaps and switches

The keycaps and switches of Anko gaming keyboards are also focused on durability, with:
  • Keycap is made from double-shot PBT plastic, resistant to abrasion, fingerprints and keeps its shine.
  • Characters on the keycap are double molded, ensuring sharpness and not fading after a long time.
  • High-end mechanical switch with durability up to 50 million clicks, stable and consistent operation.
The combination of double-shot PBT keycap and highly durable mechanical switch makes Anko keyboards the ideal choice for gamers, meeting the needs of long-term and professional use.

Quality of cables and connections

Anko gaming keyboard uses high quality braided USB cable, with the following features:
  • Good anti-interference ability and stable signal transmission.
  • The protective shell is sturdy and can withstand strong impacts and folding.
  • 24K gold-plated USB connector, enhances signal transmission and limits corrosion.
  • High-end processing chip, ensuring fast and stable response speed, eliminating lag and connection loss.
With superior cable quality and stable connectivity, Anko keyboards provide a seamless and reliable gaming experience for users.

Value for money of Anko gaming keyboard

Price and affordability

With a mid-range price, the Anko gaming keyboard offers outstanding value for the money. For gamers with a limited budget but still want to own a high-quality mechanical keyboard, Anko is an option worth considering. Anko's price is suitable for most users, helping them easily access and experience high-end features without having to invest too much.

Value proposition in terms of features and performance

Considering the overall features and performance that the Anko gaming keyboard brings, it can be affirmed that this product offers value far beyond its price. With durable mechanical switches, double-shot PBT keycaps, diverse RGB LED systems and flexible customization software, Anko is not much inferior to high-end gaming keyboards, while still maintaining an accessible price. In addition, Anko's smooth gaming performance and quick response also contribute to increasing the value of the product. For gamers looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard without wanting to spend too much money, Anko is a bright choice, providing a great balance between price and user experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of Anko gaming keyboard

Summary of strengths

Anko gaming keyboard possesses many outstanding advantages, including:
  • Uses highly durable mechanical switches with good typing experience.
  • Durable double-shot PBT keycap, resistant to abrasion and fingerprints.
  • RGB LED system with 16.8 million colors, easy to customize and personalize.
  • Flexible included software, supporting macros and configuration storage.
  • Good gaming performance with 1ms response and NKRO anti-ghosting feature.
  • Build quality is good with sturdy steel frame and drainage slots.
With these advantages, Anko is truly an attractive choice in the mid-range mechanical keyboard segment, providing a great gaming experience and reliable durability.

Limitations and improvements needed

Although it offers many outstanding values, Anko gaming keyboards still have some limitations to consider:
  • There are not many switch options like high-end keyboards (Cherry MX, Kailh, etc.).
  • The overall design is not really outstanding and unique compared to other products in the same segment.
  • Custom software sometimes has some minor errors and needs to be more optimized.
  • There are no included accessories such as detachable keycap or separate USB cable.
However, with the mid-range price and what Anko brings, these limitations are completely acceptable. If Anko continues to improve and develop products, they can completely compete fairly with big brands in the future.


The Anko gaming keyboard review above can show us that this is a product worth experiencing and investing in. With good build quality, durable mechanical switches, double-shot PBT keycaps and diverse RGB LED systems, Anko offers a complete and impressive experience package in its price range. In short, Enthkey can confirm that the Anko gaming keyboard is a great product, offering outstanding value compared to the price, and deserves a place in every gamer's setup. If you are looking for a quality mechanical keyboard at an affordable price, Anko is the answer for you.

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