What percent keyboard is best for gaming?

What percent keyboard is best for gaming?

what percent keyboard is best for gaming
In the colorful and vibrant world of gaming, owning a quality keyboard is extremely important to be able to conquer all challenges. A gaming keyboard is not simply a tool for input, but also a key factor that determines the user's gaming experience and performance. However, with the diversity of the gaming keyboard market today, the question is "what percent keyboard is best for gaming?" Let's find answers with Enthkey and discover outstanding gaming keyboards and their outstanding advantages in this article.

The importance of keyboard in gaming

The keyboard plays an extremely important role in a player's gaming experience. Every keystroke directly affects gaming performance, from response speed, accuracy in character control, to the ability to perform complex combos. A quality gaming keyboard will help gamers gain a competitive advantage, improve skills and reflexes in intense matches. Besides, comfort when using the keyboard for long periods of time is also an important factor. A keyboard with an ergonomic design, keys with good bounce and reasonable spacing will help gamers avoid health problems such as wrist fatigue and sore fingers after hours of marathon gaming. In addition, the ability to customize and personalize the keyboard also helps gamers express their own personality and style. For those reasons, investing in a quality gaming keyboard is something that every gamer cares about and considers. A good keyboard will not only enhance the gaming experience, but also accompany gamers on the path to conquering the peak.

Mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards have become an icon in the gaming world, with the popularity of many gamers around the globe. The appeal of a mechanical keyboard lies in the outstanding advantages it brings, helping players have a great gaming experience and improve gaming performance.

Advantages of mechanical keyboards in gaming

Mechanical keyboards provide clear and precise feedback with every keystroke. With a unique operating mechanism, each key has a separate switch, creating a unique sound and feeling. This helps gamers easily identify operations, increase accuracy and minimize errors in quick processing phases. High durability with a lifespan of up to tens of millions of clicks and the ability to customize and personalize are also outstanding advantages of mechanical keyboards.

Popular types of mechanical keyboard switches

The variety of switch types is one of the factors that attract gamers to mechanical keyboards. Each type of switch provides a different typing experience, suitable for each game genre and playing style. Common types of switches include:
  • Cherry MX Blue: Characteristic "click" sound, high pressing force.
  • Cherry MX Brown: Balanced clicking feeling, good bounce.
  • Cherry MX Red: Light pressure, fast response speed, ideal for FPS gamers.

Percentage of gamers using mechanical keyboards

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of professional and experienced gamers choose to use mechanical keyboards. This number shows the community's trust and appreciation for this type of keyboard. Many gamers share that switching to a mechanical keyboard has helped them significantly improve their gaming skills and fully enjoy the joy of gaming.

Membrane keyboard

Characteristics of membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards are a popular type of keyboard with a simple structure and reasonable price. The outstanding feature of membrane keyboards is the use of a thin and flexible membrane as the operating mechanism. When the user presses the key, this membrane will come into contact with the circuit below, thereby recording the input signal. This structure creates a softer and quieter touch than a mechanical keyboard.

Advantages and disadvantages when used for gaming


  • Cheap price, suitable for users with limited budgets.
  • Thin and light design, easy to carry and use in many places.
  • Works smoothly, does not make loud noise when typing, creating a quiet gaming space.


  • Feedback and accuracy are worse than mechanical keyboards.
  • Short lifespan, easily damaged after long-term use.
  • Limited customization and personalization capabilities.
  • The typing experience is not as unique and satisfying as a mechanical keyboard.

Percentage of gamers using membrane keyboards

Although mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community, membrane keyboards still account for a large proportion. According to a survey, about 30% of gamers still choose to use membrane keyboards for gaming needs. This choice is often based on budget, available space and personal preferences. Many gamers believe that membrane keyboards still meet basic gaming needs and provide a comfortable playing experience. However, with the development of technology and the increasing needs of gamers, the rate of using membrane keyboards in gaming tends to decrease. More and more gamers are realizing the importance of investing in a quality keyboard to enhance their performance and gaming experience.

Topre Keyboard

Topre switch technology

Topre keyboard uses unique switch technology, combining the operating mechanism of a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard. Switch Topre uses a special rubber layer, above which is a thin steel sheet. When the user presses the key, the rubber layer will deform and the steel foil will come into contact with the circuit below, creating an input signal. This mechanism provides a soft, smooth typing experience and high sensitivity.

Advantages of Topre keyboard in gaming

  • Smooth and comfortable typing experience, helping players focus on the game for long periods of time.
  • High sensitivity, ensuring accurate recognition of each key press, helping to operate quickly and accurately.
  • Long life, Topre switches have superior durability compared to conventional membrane keyboards.
  • Ergonomic design, helps reduce hand fatigue and improve posture when playing games.
  • The typing sound is pleasant, not as noisy as a mechanical keyboard, creating a quiet gaming space.

Percentage of gamers using Topre keyboards

Although Topre switch technology provides a great typing experience, the proportion of gamers using Topre keyboards is still quite modest. According to estimates, only about 5-10% of gamers choose the Topre keyboard as their main gaming tool. This can be explained by the higher price compared to conventional mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards. Besides, the popularity and diversity of mechanical switches also makes it easy for many gamers to find options that suit their personal preferences. However, with its outstanding advantages and unique typing experience, the Topre keyboard is still a worthy choice for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. Many gamers appreciate the perfect combination of smooth typing feeling and high sensitivity that Topre switch technology brings.

Choose the best gaming keyboard

Criteria for choosing a gaming keyboard

To choose a suitable gaming keyboard, players need to consider the following criteria:
  1. Switch type: Choose a switch type that suits your preferences and favorite game genre (like Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, or Topre switch).
  2. Durability: Choose a long-lasting keyboard that can withstand a large number of keystrokes to ensure long-term durability.
  3. Additional features: Consider features like LED lighting, customization, macro keys, and software support.
  4. Design and comfort: Choose a keyboard with an ergonomic design, appropriate size, and comfortable typing feel.
  5. Price: Balance between budget and quality, choose a gaming keyboard with a price suitable for your ability to pay.

Survey of opinions from the gaming community

To make the best choice, consulting the gaming community is very important. Forums, community groups, and product review sites are great places to learn about real-life user experiences with different types of gaming keyboards. Gamers can learn from the experiences of their predecessors, weighing the pros and cons of each product before making the final decision.

Percentage of keyboards rated highest by gamers

Based on surveys and reviews from the gaming community, some of the highest rated gaming keyboards include:
  1. Mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches (about 60-70%): Popular for the variety of switch types, high durability and great typing experience.
  2. Mechanical keyboard with Kailh or Gateron switches (about 10-15%): A good alternative with affordable price and quality equivalent to Cherry switches.
  3. Topre keyboard (about 5-10%): Highly appreciated for its smooth typing experience, high sensitivity and ergonomic design.
  4. High-end membrane keyboard (about 10-15%): For gamers with a limited budget but still want a good gaming experience with additional features.

This rate may change according to time and market trends. However, the above numbers reflect the popularity and positive reviews of many gamers for outstanding gaming keyboards.


Through researching and analyzing popular gaming keyboards, it can be seen that mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches are the most popular choice among gamers, accounting for about 60-70% in surveys. However, choosing the best gaming keyboard depends on each player's preferences, needs and budget. To answer the question "What percent keyboard is best for gaming?", Enthkey can conclude that the mechanical keyboard with the highest percentage is rated by gamers as the best choice. However, gamers should not ignore other types of keyboards such as Topre or high-end membrane, because they also bring great gaming experiences to some players.

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