Is a 60 Percent Keyboard Good for gaming?

Is a 60 Percent Keyboard Good for gaming?

Is a 60 Percent Keyboard Good for gaming
In the ever-evolving world of gaming, the question "Is a 60 percent keyboard good for gaming?" increasingly attracting the attention of the gaming community. This article will analyze in depth the advantages, challenges and performance of 60% keyboards in gaming, helping readers have a comprehensive view of whether a 60% keyboard is really good for gaming or not. From specialized features to comparisons with other keyboards, Enthkey and you will explore why a 60% keyboard can be the ideal choice for some gamers.

About 60% keyboard

Keyboard definition 60%

The 60% keyboard is a compact design that retains only about 60% of the keys of a standard keyboard. Typically, it includes 61 to 65 keys, focusing on the main (alphanumeric) area and eliminating the right number keys, navigation keys, and function keys. This layout prioritizes space saving and efficiency, while maintaining the most essential functionality through the use of key layers and key combinations.

Compare with other keyboard types

Standard keyboard (100%):

- Full layout, including number area, navigation keys and function keys. - Usually has 104 or 108 keys. - Advantages: Familiar, fully functional. - Disadvantages: Bulky, takes up a lot of space.

TKL Keyboard (Tenkeyless - 80%):

- Remove the number area on the right. - Usually it has about 87 keys. - Advantages: More compact than standard keyboard, retains navigation and function keys. - Disadvantages: Still quite large compared to 60% keyboard.

Keyboard 75%:

Almost like TKL but with a tighter layout. Usually it has 84 keys. Advantages: More compact than TKL, retaining most functions. Cons: It can be difficult to get used to the tight layout.

Keyboard 65%:

- Similar to 60% but adding some navigation keys. - Usually has 65-68 keys. - Advantages: Compact, has some convenient keys. - Disadvantage: Lacks some function keys compared to larger keyboards.

Keyboard 40%:

- Extremely compact, retaining only the most basic keys. - Usually it has about 40-50 keys. - Advantages: Super compact, highly portable. - Disadvantages: Requires a long learning and adaptation period, not suitable for many tasks. Compared to other types, the 60% keyboard stands out with its compact size, high portability and flexible customization. It provides a balance between function and size, suitable for users who want to optimize their workspace or gaming setup while still maintaining most essential functions.

Advantages of 60% keyboard in gaming

The 60% keyboard brings many significant advantages to gamers. First of all, the compact design helps optimize space on the table, allowing for more comfortable mouse movement - an important factor in games that require high precision. This centralized layout also contributes to improved speed and efficiency, helping gamers perform operations more quickly by reducing the distance to move their hands. High portability is another advantage, ideal for gamers who regularly participate in tournaments or LAN parties. Finally, easy customization allows gamers to adjust layout, macros and lighting as desired, optimizing their personal gaming experience. These features combine to create a potential gaming tool, especially suitable for players who prefer compactness and efficiency.

The challenge of using a 60% keyboard for gaming

Although it brings many benefits, the 60% keyboard also poses some significant challenges for gamers. Learning how to use it effectively requires time and patience, especially when getting used to new key combinations to replace the removed function keys. The absence of number keys and function keys can make it difficult to perform some complex game operations, especially in games that require many keyboard shortcuts. Besides, some game genres such as MMORPG or real-time strategy games (RTS) may be limited to 60% keyboard usage. These games often require the use of multiple function keys and macros, the lack of which can affect the gaming experience and performance.

Gaming features on the keyboard 60%

Despite its compact size, the 60% keyboard is still equipped with many impressive gaming features. Many models use high-quality switches, providing good tactile feedback and high durability, meeting the needs of both casual and professional gamers. Anti-ghosting technology and N-key rollover ensure every command is registered accurately, even when multiple keys are pressed at the same time-an important feature in intense gaming situations. The ability to create custom macros and keyboard shortcuts allows gamers to optimize their keyboard layout to their individual needs and gaming style. Finally, the RGB system and backlight not only enhance aesthetics but also improve visibility in low light conditions, while allowing users to customize the keyboard interface to suit their gaming setup.

Comparison of gaming performance between 60% keyboard and others

The gaming performance of a 60% keyboard compared to other keyboards depends heavily on the game genre. Each type of keyboard has its own advantages in each specific situation. For FPS and MOBA games, a 60% keyboard is often advantageous. The compact size allows more space to move the mouse, important in games that require high precision. The focused layout also helps gamers perform operations more quickly and efficiently. However, some gamers may feel the lack of additional function keys. In MMOs and strategy games, larger keyboards such as full-size or TKL are often preferred. These games often require a lot of function keys and macros, which can be limited by 60% keyboard. However, with the flexibility in macro programming, some gamers can still use the keyboard 60% effectively in these game genres. For casual gaming, there is no significant difference in performance between 60% keyboards and other types. The choice depends largely on personal preference and space used. The 60% keyboard may appeal to players who prefer compactness and simplicity.


The question "Is a 60 percent keyboard good for gaming?" there is no simple answer. A 60% keyboard can be great for gaming, especially in FPS and MOBA titles, thanks to its compact, efficient and portable design. However, Enthkey thinks it also poses a learning challenge and has limitations in some game genres such as MMO and strategy. With gaming features such as high-quality switches, anti-ghosting and customization, the 60% keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers who prefer compactness and efficiency. Ultimately, whether a 60% keyboard is good for gaming or not depends on each player's personal needs and favorite game genre.

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