Upgrade your keyboard with mechanical keyboard switches buy tips

Upgrade your keyboard with mechanical keyboard switches buy tips

mechanical keyboard switches buy
If you're looking for a new mechanical keyboard, choosing the right switch can be a major challenge. Different switches offer different typing experiences, from the smooth feel of Red switches to the clicky sound of Blue switches. You can find all types of mechanical keyboard switches bought online, but to find the best option, you need to understand your needs and preferences. Join Enthkey to explore the rich world of buying mechanical keyboard switches to find the perfect product for you.

Mechanical keyboard switches

Definition and principles of operation

Mechanical keyboard switches are electromechanical devices that play a key role in mechanical keyboards, converting force from key presses into electrical signals for the computer to recognize.

Operating principle:

  • When the key is pressed down, it pushes a metal bar called a stem downward, causing one end of the wire to move and creating a closed circuit.
  • This circuit is connected to the keyboard's main board, transmitting a signal to the computer to identify the key that has been pressed.
  • When the key is released, the spring in the switch pushes the stem back to its original position, interrupting the circuit.

Benefits and importance

Optimal typing experience:

  • The feeling of typing is smooth, with clear feedback with clear force impact thanks to the physical mechanism.
  • The sound of typing is clear and full, bringing a feeling of satisfaction to the user.
  • Helps increase work productivity, especially with jobs that require a lot of typing, such as office work, programming, and writing.
  • Suitable for all typing styles, from gentle to strong.

High durability and longevity

  • Constructed of high quality metal and plastic, good wear resistance.
  • Rated to be able to withstand tens of millions of presses without failure.
  • Helps save costs in the long term by not having to replace the keyboard frequently.

Easy customization and upgrades

  • There are hundreds of different types of switches with diverse typing feels and sounds to choose from.
  • Switches are easy to remove and install, allowing you to upgrade or replace according to your preferences.
  • Opens up many possibilities to customize and personalize the typing experience.

With outstanding advantages in experience, durability and customization, mechanical keyboard switches play an indispensable role in designing high-quality keyboards for demanding and demanding users such as writers. labs, programmers, professional gamers or fast typing enthusiasts.

Popular types of mechanical keyboard switches

Cherry MX switches

In today's market, Cherry MX has become a big name, shaping trends with many familiar switch lines. Cherry MX Blue is famous for its clear typing feel, sharp pressure point and characteristic "click" sound, suitable for fast typing and office work. Cherry MX Brown provides a smoother typing experience with a light pressure point but no "click" sound, popular for both office and entertainment use. Meanwhile, Cherry MX Red and Black are linear switches with no pressure points and smooth linear curves. MX Red is suitable for gaming when it does not require much typing force, while MX Black favors the feeling of heavy, solid typing.

Kailh and Gateron switches

Besides Cherry, Kailh and Gateron are also gradually dominating the market with high-quality switches, suitable to replace Cherry MX at a cheaper price. Kailh stands out with the lines Kailh Box, Pro, Speed,... while Gateron produces similar variants to Cherry.

Other manufacturers

Outemu, Huano, TTC, Zelios, Everglide,... are names that are expanding choices for users with a variety of different qualities and prices on the market. By clearly dividing the main switch groups, readers will easily grasp information and evaluate which manufacturer best suits their needs.

How to choose the right mechanical keyboard switches

With the variety of mechanical switches on the market, choosing the right switch is extremely important to ensure an optimal typing experience. Here are some criteria to consider:

Consider the pressure required

Operating force is measured in grams, representing the amount of force needed to press the switch completely down. This directly affects the feeling of typing. Those who like the feeling of gentle typing should choose low pressure switches like Cherry MX Red (45 grams). On the contrary, those who prefer a strong, sturdy typing style should aim for higher pressure switches like Cherry MX Black (60 grams or more).

Consider the sound and feel of typing

The sound and feeling of typing are important factors that determine the user's subjective experience. Tactile switches like Cherry MX Blue/Brown will create a clear typing feeling with a characteristic drop point. While linear switches like MX Red/Black provide a smooth, drop-free typing experience. In terms of sound, those who like the "click" sound should choose a switch with a magnetic strike like the MX Blue.

Consider intended use

The end use is also an important factor when choosing a switch. In an office environment, super noisy switches like the MX Blue can cause discomfort to colleagues, so the MX Brown is a more ideal choice. On the contrary, for gaming, users can choose smooth linear switches like MX Red/Black for quick response. For those who type fast for many hours, a moderate force switch like the MX Brown helps avoid hand fatigue but still provides enough feedback.

Instructions for replacing mechanical keyboard switches

If you have found the type of mechanical switch you want and want to upgrade your old keyboard yourself, here are detailed instructions on how to replace them:

Necessary tools and supplies

  • The new switch you want to replace
  • Keycap puller (keycap removal tool)
  • Switchtop remover (switch cover removal tool)
  • Sharp pliers to remove the switch from the keyboard case
  • Tool to suck dirt and feathers in the keyboard slot
  • Spray adhesive/glue to fix new switch (optional)

Procedure for removing and installing mechanical switches

  1. Remove the keycap using the keycap puller
  2. Use switchtop remover to remove the plastic cover above the switch
  3. Use sharp pliers to gently grasp the switch base and pull up to remove it from the keyboard case
  4. Clean the old area, vacuuming dust and dirt
  5. Install the new switch by gently pushing it down into the correct position until it fits completely
  6. Spray glue/adhesive can be used to fix the new switch if necessary
  7. Reinstall the plastic switch cover and new keycap

Some notes and tips

  • Please be patient and careful during disassembly to avoid damaging the keyboard structure
  • Mark the location of special keys such as Space, Enter, etc. to avoid confusion after installation.
  • Switches often do not fit correctly if installed completely upside down
  • Use light to see small details more clearly
  • You can apply the method of installing LED computer components to turn the keyboard into a more beautiful version


Mechanical keyboard switches play a decisive role in enhancing the typing experience, providing a difference in feel, sound and longevity compared to conventional keyboards. When buying mechanical keyboard switches, carefully consider factors such as pressure, sound, typing feel and intended use to make the most accurate choice. Don't hesitate to upgrade your old keyboard by buying and replacing mechanical switches to experience something new. Ultimately, Enthkey believes that buying quality mechanical keyboard switches will bring real joy to your daily work and entertainment.

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