Top mechanical keyboard buying guide for gaming and office use

Top mechanical keyboard buying guide for gaming and office use

mechanical keyboard buying guide
Choosing to buy the perfect mechanical keyboard is the key to enhancing your work and entertainment experience. With a variety of switch types, sizes, keycaps materials and customization options, you are sure to find the most suitable mechanical keyboard to serve all needs, from gaming, office to content creation. Enthkey's detailed mechanical keyboard buying guide below will help you make an informed choice based on key factors.

Overview of mechanical keyboards

What is a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard or mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses mechanical feedback switch technology below each key, instead of touch screen keys or rubber keys like on regular computer keyboards. Each time a key is pressed, the mechanical switch produces clear physical feedback and a distinctive clicking sound. This operating mechanism helps users have an extremely new and satisfying typing experience.

Benefits of mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards offer many outstanding advantages compared to traditional computer keyboards, meeting the needs of both gamers, office workers and multi-purpose users:

Sensory feedback and clear typing sound

Mechanical switches create clear, firm physical feedback with every key press. The characteristic clicking sound when typing also brings a feeling of completeness and satisfaction to the hands, along with greater efficiency.

Durable and long lasting

Unlike membrane keyboards that are easily damaged after a period of use, mechanical keyboards are made from high-quality materials such as PBT plastic and sturdy aluminum alloy, giving an operating life of up to tens of millions of keystrokes.

Highly customizable

Mechanical keyboards offer diversity and flexibility with many different switch options such as Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh. Users can easily change keycaps, customize layout, and RGB backlight to suit specific needs. With outstanding benefits, mechanical keyboards have become the top choice for many people, from professional gamers to office workers, programmers or content creators.

Key factors to consider when buying

Switch types (Linear, Sensory, Voice)

The most important factor when choosing to buy a mechanical keyboard is the type of switch you want to use. The switch determines the typing feel, sound and even performance when typing. There are 3 main types of switches:
  • Linear switch: No stuttering, typing is even and smooth from the moment you press down until the stroke is completed. Suitable for games, fast typing.
  • Tactile switch: There is a slight ticking point when hitting the highlight for clearer feedback. Suitable for office and coding.
  • Clicky switch: Creates a clear clicking sound when typing thanks to the click mechanism. People who like noise can choose this type.

Compare switches for games

  • FPS/RTS gamers often prefer smooth typing linear switches like Cherry MX Red, Gateron Yellow for quick reflexes.
  • MOBA gamers can choose switches with a light feel like Cherry MX Brown for better hearing.
  • The game requires typing many keys at the same time, so choose a heavier switch to avoid mistakes.

Compare switches for office/typing

  • Office workers and programmers often prefer switches with a clear feel like Cherry MX Brown and Clear to help type accurately and reduce hand fatigue.
  • Those who type continuously for a long time can choose a lightweight linear switch like the Gateron Red for smooth typing.
  • People who love the distinctive clicking sound should choose clicky switches like Cherry MX Blue.
You need to consider your specific usage needs to choose the right type of switch, providing the most optimal typing experience.

Size and layout

In addition to switch type, keyboard size and layout are also important factors to consider when choosing the most suitable model.

Full-size, Tenkeyless, 60%,...

  • Full-size: Standard 104-key keyboard with numeric keypad, suitable for offices.
  • Tenkeyless (TKL): Cleaner by eliminating the number knob, ideal for games and mobile.
  • 60%: Only basic keys, extremely simple and portable.
  • There are also 65%, 75%, 96% of all different sizes.

ANSI vs ISO layout

ANSI: Standard American/Asian key layout with narrow Enter key. ISO: European key layout with long Enter key and additional multimedia keys.

Top mechanical keyboards for gamers

For gamers, factors such as response time, anti-ghosting, polling rate and switch durability are important criteria for playing price.
  • Razer Huntsman V2 Analog uses a new analog optical switch, providing extremely low latency of 0.25ms, polling rate of 8000Hz, and a lifespan of up to 100 million clicks. Smooth analog response gives you an advantage when controlling games.
  • Corsair K70 RGB Pro with standard Cherry MX switches, has full anti-key swallowing and 100% anti-ghosting signaling, polling rate up to 8000Hz, meeting the fastest keystroke speed. Switch life span is 50-100 million clicks.
  • ASUS ROG Strix Flare II Animate features a separate ROG NX switch with a cross-stem structure that improves durability to 100 million clicks. It has a low delay of 1ms and prevents N-key rollover.

Top mechanical keyboards for office/text typing

For office typing, important criteria are key gravity (actuation force), noise level (sound level), switch life and dirt resistance of keycaps.
  • Keychron K8 uses Gateron G Pro or Kailh Box switches with a pressing force of 50-60gf suitable for offices, with a lifespan of 50-80 million clicks. High quality PBT keycaps resist dirt well, low noise level below 50dB.
  • Das Keyboard 4 Pro is equipped with Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches, pressure from 45-60gf, clear sound but not too noisy. PBT keycaps have excellent stain resistance. Switch life span is up to 100 million clicks.
  • Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 uses Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches, with anti-fouling PBT keycaps. Moderate key gravity of 45-60gf, low noise below 50dB, very suitable for office environments.

Hopefully this evaluation of top keyboard models based on scientific and professional specifications will meet your more professional presentation requirements. If there's anything else to add, I'd be happy to hear more opinions.

How to choose the right mechanical keyboard

Determine purpose of use

The most important first step is to determine what main purpose you will use the mechanical keyboard for - gaming or typing/office. From there, you can easily choose the appropriate technical parameters. If the main purpose is gaming, you should prioritize factors such as fast response time, maximum resistance to key swallowing, and switches that are linear or have a light feel to move quickly between keys. As for office/typing, criteria such as low noise, strong-feeling switches, and anti-fouling keycaps will be top priority.

Set a budget

After clearly determining the purpose, you need to consider the available budget to invest in a mechanical keyboard. Although there are good options at every price range, the mid-range of 2-3 million is usually the sweet spot to get models that are good in most aspects.

Live switch experience

This is a very important step but is often overlooked by many people. You should try to personally experience different types of switches at the store to feel the difference between them in terms of key gravity, typing feel and sound. Only in this way can you get the most realistic feeling about which type of switch you like.

Consider customization

A big plus point of mechanical keyboards is their diverse customization capabilities. If you are a creative person, consider models with convenient software controllers for remapping keys, creating macros, and customizing backlight control. At the same time, don't ignore the ability to change keycaps to refresh the keyboard's appearance according to your preferences. With the above instructions, hopefully you will know how to approach and choose a mechanical keyboard that best suits your intended use and personal preferences. Don't hesitate to experience reality to get the most accurate decision.


A suitable mechanical keyboard will provide a great typing experience, improve performance and satisfy your passion. This Mechanical Keyboard Buying Guide goes over important aspects to consider, such as switch type, size, keycaps, customization, as well as introducing top models for gaming and the office. With detailed information about each technical factor, you will have enough knowledge to determine the exact purpose of use, set an appropriate budget and especially experience the switch directly to choose a mechanical keyboard. most perfect. Don't forget that high customization is also a big advantage, helping you own a truly unique keyboard accessory. Let's invest in your passion with Enthkey!

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