The essential mechanical keyboard features to consider

The essential mechanical keyboard features to consider

mechanical keyboard features
In the increasingly technologically advanced world, the keyboard has become an indispensable tool for most people. However, not all keyboards bring a great experience in terms of both function and aesthetics. That's why mechanical keyboard features were born - special features that turn ordinary keyboards into incredible works of art. From sophisticated switches that provide a perfect typing feeling, to high-end keycap materials that create luxurious beauty, combined with impressive stylish design and the ability to customize lighting and keys to your liking. At the end of the day, mechanical keyboard features truly meet all the most demanding needs of users. Let's explore these great features with Enthkey in the article below!

Mechanical keyboard heart structure

Linear switch - smooth new breakthrough


Linear switches are the heart of a mechanical keyboard, designed to provide a smooth, consistent typing experience. Each key press is a smooth journey, without any hard points or any feeling of friction.


Elegant, sophisticated lines are the characteristics of linear switches. They do not create any special sounds or feelings, instead they are absolutely smooth. This smoothness is ideal for continuous text typing tasks or fast input gaming.

Switch tactile - clear feeling


The tactile switch offers a unique typing experience with a distinct feel when pressed down. During the journey of each key press, the user will feel a "specific trigger point" that creates a clear, full pressing feeling.


This feature makes tactile switches a great choice for precise typing and coding. The crisp feel not only brings satisfaction but also helps avoid unwanted typing errors.

Clicky switch - rich echo

Signature sound

If linear switches are absolute smoothness, then clicky switches are the bold "click" sound. Each time you press a key, you'll hear a clear, powerful "click" that creates a completely unique audio experience.

Feeling of excitement

The special thing about the clicky switch is that the sound combines perfectly with the clear pressing feeling like a tactile switch. This combination brings a feeling of excitement, creating excitement for users when typing or playing games.

Dress up your back in style

Keycaps materials - beauty from the smallest things

ABS - Familiar and durable

In the world of mechanical keyboards, ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) serves as a familiar companion. This material has been associated with many different generations of keyboards and has proven its durability over time. ABS keycaps possess excellent scratch and impact resistance, allowing them to undergo thousands of hours of use while still retaining their original beauty. The outstanding feature of ABS is its high abrasion resistance. Even when continuously rubbed by the user's fingers, the ABS keycap still retains its shape and color for a long time. This durability has helped ABS become a popular choice on specialized keyboards for gamers and those who need to type continuously for long periods of time.

PBT - Outstanding Quality

If ABS is a familiar companion, then PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a more premium, luxurious choice. The PBT keycap has a higher gloss, is much stronger and more durable than ABS. They are also less likely to fade or fade over time - a huge advantage for those who love sophistication in every detail. Besides excellent color retention, PBT keycaps also provide a smoother and more impressive typing experience than ABS. The rigidity of the material helps create a characteristic resonant sound, bringing a completely new sound experience to users. With such outstanding advantages, PBT is definitely the top choice for those who want the most advanced experience on a mechanical keyboard.

High quality materials - Supreme beauty

Besides the two popular plastic materials mentioned above, some manufacturers also create keycaps from aluminum or stainless steel to provide a luxurious look and absolute durability. These metal keycaps are usually reserved for high-end or limited edition keyboard models in limited quantities. Metal keycaps possess a rustic beauty but are extremely sophisticated and high-class. They are not only durable but also provide a completely different typing experience with clear, luxurious sound. However, the price of metal keycaps is also much higher than plastic, suitable for those who do not hesitate to pay for their own top beauty.

Matte coverage - Increases keycap life

In addition to the material, the keycaps are also coated with a matte layer using a special process that reduces the glossy effect and absorbs oil from fingers. This coating not only helps the keycap retain its beauty longer, but also creates a much more comfortable and realistic typing feeling. With such important roles, the keycap material, although small, greatly contributes to both the aesthetics and usage experience of a mechanical keyboard. A wise choice will bring absolute satisfaction to users.

Attractive outer coat

Plate material - Solid foundation

Aluminum - Bold and strong

Aluminum is considered the king of plate materials on mechanical keyboards. The sturdiness and sturdiness of aluminum provides absolute stability for the entire keyboard. Every time you press a key, you will feel the clarity and strength characteristic of this metal. In addition, aluminum is also highly appreciated for its corrosion resistance and longevity. Aluminum plates always maintain a new and luxurious appearance even after many years of use. The combination of durability and unmatched beauty is the reason why aluminum is always the top choice in the world of mechanical keyboards.

Bronze - Luxurious Aristocracy

If aluminum brings a strong and bold look, copper exudes aristocratic and irresistible elegance. Copper plates are often used on high-end, limited edition keyboard models with sophisticated designs. The characteristic red-brown color of copper brings classic beauty, mixed with a bit of modernity. The smooth surface further enhances this noble beauty. Copper material is also very sturdy and durable over time. However, the high price is a major limitation that not everyone can own.

Polycarbonate - Exquisite Transparency

Polycarbonate is known as a strange and attractive material. The polycarbonate plate is transparent, allowing enthusiasts to easily see the components inside the keyboard. This transparency, combined with polycarbonate's exceptional sound transmission, delivers engaging and subtle resonances with every keystroke. This material is also very light but no less sturdy, providing a smooth typing experience.

Design style - Subtle differences

Tenkeyless - Neat, healthy

Tenkeyless design, also known as 80%, has become a popular trend in the mechanical keyboard lover community. Eliminating the redundant numpad, tenkeyless brings a neat, strong and sophisticated appearance to the keyboard. The minimalist beauty of tenkeyless is a perfect fit for those who love strength and dynamism. The compact size also saves significant space, making it ideal for tight working spaces. However, maximum typing and gaming experience is still guaranteed.

75% - Perfect balance

If tenkeyless is too neat, then the 75% design is the perfect balance between size and all the necessary number keys and functions. Removing the numpad but still retaining the number row keys, the 75% keyboard is suitable for both office work and entertainment. Elegant appearance without losing convenience is a big plus of the 75% design. Users can still enjoy a comprehensive typing experience without having to worry about tight spaces.

60% - Compact and convenient

Behind tenkeyless in popularity, 60% design still wins the hearts of many people who love compactness and convenience. 60% retains only the core main keys, completely removing the numpad and most function keys. Minimally compact, the 60% keyboard is truly the ideal companion for those who travel frequently or work in tight spaces like coffee shops. Despite its small size, the typing experience is still guaranteed thanks to the highly customizable ability of the mechanical keyboard. In addition to the three popular styles above, users can also choose other designs such as 65%, 96%, ... depending on their preferences and needs. Diversity in size and design is one of the reasons that makes mechanical keyboards so special and attractive to many people.

Bright lights

Monochrome backlight - Simple beauty

Monochrome backlighting is the classic choice in the world of LED keyboards. With only one color, the monochrome backlight creates a simple but extremely attractive beauty. The light is soft and gentle but still enough to illuminate each key clearly. White and red are the two most popular colors for monochrome backlighting. White light brings a clear, bright feeling while red exudes heat and passion. Simple but unique, the monochrome backlight always leaves an unforgettable impression.

Brilliant RGB - Light art

If the monochrome backlight brings simplicity, RGB is the artistic brilliance in the world of mechanical keyboard LED lights. With the ability to display millions of different colors thanks to RGB light technology, you can completely customize the lighting to your liking. RGB lighting can be customized with many different styles and effects such as static, uniform color change, lighting to the beat of music or even each keystroke. RGB customization has opened the door to endless creativity for users, turning the keyboard into a true work of light art.

Enchanting underglow light

If the RGB backlight provides vibrant colors inside, the underglow is the beauty that shines from the bottom of the keyboard, an extremely mesmerizing lighting effect. The underglow light is gentle, soft but extremely seductive, bringing a new and different lighting experience. Underglow can be customized as monochrome or multicolor depending on preference. Many people prefer monochromatic white or red underglow lighting, creating a classy look. Those who like to be creative should choose multi-colored underglow, which changes color continuously to get a brighter, more eye-catching light effect.

Endless customization

Custom keys - Unique features

One of the biggest reasons why mechanical keyboards are so attractive is their almost endless customization capabilities. With a mechanical keyboard, you can completely remap the keys as desired to create convenience and individuality during use. If you pursue a gaming style, you can map the keys to be more compact and synchronized with the game controller. Or if you work professionally like coding, you can remap the keys to optimize typing ability and increase work efficiency. Customization creates valuable personal touches for each user.

Macro recording - Increase high performance

In addition to editing the key layout, many high-end mechanical keyboards also allow users to record sequences of key commands called macros. With macros, you can simplify entering complex, repetitive code or instructions with just a few keystrokes. The ability to record macros is extremely useful for those who often work with source code such as developers or professional designers. It helps save a lot of time and effort, increasing work efficiency significantly.

Accept diverse keycaps

In addition to customizing key layouts or recording macros, another notable feature is the ability to accept standard keycaps with many different materials, colors, and shapes. Standard mechanical keyboards can install all keycaps on the market, such as PBT, ABS, aluminum, steel... This ability helps users easily change the appearance of the keyboard, switching from one style to another at will. Those who like to go crazy will definitely love the variety of keycap options. With diverse customization capabilities from appearance to function, the mechanical keyboard is truly an outstanding tool that creates many impressive personal touches for each user. That is also what makes them so unique and attractive.


With diverse and impressive features, from switch heart structure, premium keycaps materials, to stylish exterior design and endless customization of lighting and functions, mechanical keyboard features have proven to be special position in the keyboard world. They are not just simple typing tools, but also works of art that combine function and aesthetics perfectly. For those who love sophistication and difference, Enthkey believes that the superior features of mechanical keyboards will surely satisfy and conquer any passion.

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