Gaming keyboard specs exploring specifications

Gaming keyboard specs exploring specifications

Gaming keyboard specs
In the exciting and competitive gaming world, every keystroke can determine success or failure. That's why professional gamers are always looking for gaming keyboards with superior technical standards. In this detailed article "Gaming keyboard specs exploring specifications", Enthkey and you will explore the key features of modern gaming keyboards such as durable design, high customization with macro keys, RGB backlighting and other features. Advanced gaming support such as anti-ghosting, n-key rollover. Get ready to better understand the important standards that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

The difference between gaming keyboard and regular keyboard

Design and materials

Durable design

The gaming keyboard is built with a durable design that is impact-resistant and long-lasting. They are often made from premium materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, which help resist wear and damage during regular use. This ensures that the gaming keyboard can withstand high pressure in stressful gaming environments.

Premium materials

To improve user experience, gaming keyboard manufacturers often use high-end materials such as solid cast aluminum, sturdy ABS plastic or even wood. These materials not only provide a sturdy feel but also create a luxurious and premium design.

Customization Ability

Macro key

A standout feature of gaming keyboards is the presence of macro keys. These keys allow users to assign a complex sequence of shortcuts to a single key, saving time and improving in-game performance. This is especially useful in strategy or RPG titles, where players need to perform many complex interactions.

Customize keys

In addition, the gaming keyboard also allows users to customize the function of each key, including assigning commands or macros to the keys. Many high-end models also support changing both pressing force and key travel, allowing users to adjust to suit their playing style and personal preferences.

User experience

Gaming optimization

User experience is the top priority in gaming keyboard design. They are optimized to deliver maximum performance in different game titles. From fast response times, anti-ghosting to n-key rollover technology, it's all about ensuring that every player's keystrokes are processed accurately and efficiently. timely.

Backlight feature

RGB backlighting with the ability to customize colors and lighting effects is a common feature on gaming keyboards. This not only creates an impressive visual experience, but also makes it easier to identify important keys in low light conditions, enhancing the gaming experience. With outstanding differences in design, materials, customization and user experience, gaming keyboards have become a valuable choice to enhance performance and bring excitement to gamers.

Gaming keyboard syntax

Standard QWERTY key layout

Popular and familiar

The standard QWERTY key layout is the most popular choice on gaming keyboards today. This layout includes a main keyboard with 104 keys, accompanied by a numeric keypad on the right. The familiarity of the QWERTY layout helps users easily switch from office keyboards to gaming keyboards without much difficulty in operation.

Diverse choices

Even though they use the same standard layout, gaming keyboards still have a wide variety of options in terms of size, shape and keyboard technology. Users can choose between mechanical keyboards or membrane keyboards, as well as different technologies such as Cherry MX, Kailh or Gateron.

Special key layout

Tenkeyless (TKL)

Tenkeyless layout (TKL) eliminates the number pad on the right, making the gaming keyboard more compact and saving workspace. This is especially useful for gamers who need to move their mouse a lot or want more spacious desk space.

Layout 60%

The 60% layout is an even more compact variation of the gaming keyboard. Includes only the main keyboard and eliminates the number of row keys, function keys and arrow keys, helping to maximize space saving. Despite its compact size, removed functions can still be accessed via keyboard shortcuts or key layer mode.

Ergonomic layout

Some gaming keyboards use ergonomic layouts, designed to reduce strain and fatigue on the wrists and hands during prolonged use. These keyboards often have a curved shape or are divided into two parts, helping the hands and wrists to be placed in a more comfortable position.  

The technology behind it


Keyswitches technology is the heart of any gaming keyboard. Popular types include Cherry MX, Kailh, and Gateron, each with its own characteristics in terms of pressure, key travel, and sound. Choosing the right keyswitch type has a big impact on your typing experience and gaming performance.


The anti-ghosting feature allows gaming keyboards to accurately read multiple keys pressed at the same time without losing signal. This is especially important in titles that require multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously, ensuring that every player command is processed properly.

N-key rollover

Similar to anti-ghosting, n-key rollover allows gaming keyboards to recognize and process multiple keys pressed simultaneously without a limit on the number. This feature helps ensure that complex operations in the game are performed smoothly and accurately. With diverse key layouts and advanced technology, gaming keyboards provide users with comfort, high performance, and the most optimal gaming experience.

Multitask with gaming keyboard

Integrate keyboard shortcuts

Multimedia shortcuts

In addition to basic function keys, most gaming keyboards integrate multimedia shortcuts, allowing users to easily control volume, play/pause music, or manipulate audio-visual applications without the need to take your hands off the keyboard.

Game shortcut keys

Many gaming keyboards also incorporate game shortcuts, allowing players to quickly access in-game features or menus without using a mouse. For example, keys to open the map, call teammates, or activate special effects.

Control software

Custom interface

Gaming keyboards often come with specialized control software, allowing users to customize and program the keyboard's functions. The software interface is friendly and easy to use, allowing users to adjust settings as desired.

Create your own profile

Another useful feature of the control software is the ability to create and store separate profiles for each game or application. This allows users to set up different shortcuts, macros, or backlight effects for each task, improving multitasking and productivity.

Wireless connection


Many modern gaming keyboards have the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or a wireless USB receiver. This provides high portability, allowing users to use the keyboard anywhere within the connection range, not limited by cables.

Battery life

To ensure an uninterrupted experience, wireless gaming keyboards are often equipped with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Some models can operate continuously for 30 to 70 hours on a full charge, allowing users to focus on the game without worrying about running out of battery. With high multitasking capabilities thanks to shortcuts, customizable software and wireless connectivity, the gaming keyboard not only enhances the gaming experience but also effectively supports daily office and multimedia tasks.

Compatibility and connectivity


PC/Computer compatible

Most gaming keyboards are designed to be fully compatible with computer systems running Windows, macOS or Linux. They can be connected via USB and are ready to use immediately after installing the appropriate dr

Connect to the game console

In addition, many gaming keyboards also support connection to gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. This allows users to use the same keyboard to experience games on many different platforms, providing flexibility and convenience.

Compatible with mobile devices

Some high-end gaming keyboards even support connections to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth or OTG cable. This capability opens up many new potential uses, such as using a mobile keyboard for text editing or playing mobile games.

Wired/wireless connection

Wired connection The most traditional and popular connection method for gaming keyboards is a wired connection via a USB port. This is a reliable, stable solution with no interruptions due to battery issues or connection distance.

Wireless connection

However, many modern gaming keyboards also support wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or a wireless USB receiver. This helps reduce cable tangles and increases user mobility.

Combine wired and wireless

Some gaming keyboard models even support both wired and wireless connection methods, allowing users to flexibly switch between them depending on their needs.

Operating system compatibility

Windows support

Most gaming keyboards are optimized to work best with the Windows operating system, the most popular platform for computer games. Manufacturers often provide specialized drivers and firmware for Windows, ensuring compatibility and full feature availability.

Compatible with macOS and Linux

Besides, many gaming keyboards also support compatibility with macOS and other popular Linux operating systems. However, some advanced features may be limited due to limited driver and firmware support on these platforms.

No special driver required

Some basic gaming keyboards can operate without installing special drivers, as long as the operating system recognizes them as a standard USB input device. However, to fully exploit advanced features, installing official drivers from the manufacturer is still necessary. With cross-platform compatibility, support for both wired and wireless connections, as well as compatibility with popular operating systems, gaming keyboards become a flexible and reliable choice for all users. From professional gamers to office workers.

Trends and Future of Gaming Keyboard

New technology

A new trend emerging in the gaming keyboard world is the introduction of optical switches technology. Instead of using traditional mechanical mechanisms, optical switches use lasers and fotodiode to detect key movement, providing faster response time and longer life. While most keyboards today use digital output (tap or untap), the new trend is to integrate analog input capabilities. This allows gaming keyboards to detect how hard each key is pressed, opening up the potential for new and more complex interactions in games.

Integrating artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an important trend in many technology fields, and gaming keyboards are no exception. Manufacturers are researching ways to integrate AI into gaming keyboards to create a more intelligent and adaptive gaming experience. For example, future gaming keyboards could use AI to analyze the user's behavior and gameplay, then automatically adjust keyboard shortcut settings, backlight effects, or even key press pressure to match. best. This helps optimize the gaming experience more seamlessly and intelligently.


Gaming keyboard specs play an important role in enhancing the gaming experience. From durable, highly customizable designs to advanced technology like anti-ghosting and n-key rollover, modern gaming keyboards are optimized to meet the needs of professional gamers. With the continuous development trend of new technology, artificial intelligence integration and modular design, Enthkey believes that gaming keyboards in the future will bring a smarter, more flexible and memorable gaming experience than ever run out of.

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