How much is a keyboard for gaming?

How much is a keyboard for gaming?

How much is a keyboard for gaming
For gamers, the keyboard is one of the most important devices in the gaming system. It determines your ability to control the application and your gaming experience. Therefore, the question "how much is a keyboard for gaming" becomes extremely important when you want to find a keyboard that suits your needs and budget. Let's find the answer with Enthkey in this article

The importance of keyboard in the gaming experience

The keyboard plays an important role in creating a great gaming experience. It is a bridge between gamers and the virtual world, allowing players to control characters or tasks in the game quickly and accurately. A good keyboard will provide instant feedback, high sensitivity and the ability to continuously respond to key commands, playing an important role in stressful situations and requiring quick reflexes.

Instant response and high sensitivity

In action, fighting or racing games, the short amount of time between a key press and the on-screen response can determine victory or defeat. A good gaming keyboard will provide almost instant feedback, allowing gamers to respond quickly to emergency situations in the game.

Ability to continuously respond to key commands

In complex games, gamers often have to press many keys at the same time to perform complex actions. Gaming keyboards allow gamers to press multiple keys simultaneously without skipping any commands, ensuring that all actions are performed as intended.

Factors that affect the price of gaming keyboards

Keyboard switch technology

The switch is the heart of the keyboard, determining the typing experience and response time. The quality of the switch directly affects the price of the gaming keyboard.

Popular types of switches

Cherry MX
Cherry MX is one of the most premium and famous switch brands in the keyboard industry. Cherry MX switches are manufactured by the German company Cherry Corporation and come in different variants, such as Cherry MX Red (linear), Cherry MX Brown (tactile), Cherry MX Blue (clicky), etc. They are appreciated for their durability, quick response, and comfortable typing experience.
Gateron is a switch brand from China, considered a cheap alternative to Cherry MX but still ensures good quality. Gateron switches are often cheaper than Cherry MX but still provide a comfortable and responsive typing experience.
Kailh is another switch manufacturer from China, providing cheap but good quality switches. Some famous Kailh switch lines include Kailh Box, Kailh Speed and Kailh Pro.

Characteristics and typing experience of each switch type

Each type of switch has its own unique characteristics, affecting the user's typing experience. Key features include:
Actuation force
This is the force needed to press down on the switch and activate the key. The lower typing force makes typing easier but can also easily cause confusion if typing is not careful.
Actuation point
The trigger point is the distance the switch needs to go down to activate the key. Short trigger point will give faster response, suitable for gaming.
Sound (clicky/tactile/linear)
The switches can make a sound when typing (clicky), have a clear typing feeling (tactile) or smooth typing (linear). This affects the user's personal experience.
High quality switches usually have a longer lifespan, reaching from 50 million to 100 million clicks depending on the brand. The above factors directly affect the quality and typing experience of a gaming keyboard, thereby affecting the price of the product.

Materials and structures

Keyboard frame

Keyboard frame material plays an important role in determining the durability and weight of the keyboard. High-end gaming keyboards often use aluminum alloy or stainless steel frames, making them more sturdy, vibration-resistant, and waterproof. On the other hand, cheaper keyboards often use plastic frames.


Keycap is the surface of the key that the user sees and interacts with directly. They are usually made from ABS or PBT plastic. PBT keycaps are more durable and more resistant to abrasion and scratches than ABS, but are also more expensive. In addition, some high-end keycaps also have beautiful letter engravings and better light reflection efficiency.

Face coating

Many high-end gaming keyboards are covered with a layer of scratch-resistant and waterproof material, helping to protect the keyboard from damage caused by splashes of water, dirt or abrasion during use. This helps prolong the life of the keyboard.

Special Features

In addition to switching technology and quality materials, special features also contribute to the price of gaming keyboards.

RGB backlight

RGB backlighting is a common feature on high-end gaming keyboards. They allow users to customize colors and backlight effects according to personal preferences, creating a lively and stylish gaming space.

Custom macro keys

Many gaming keyboards have dedicated macro keys for assigning complex command sequences, helping gamers perform repetitive actions quickly and easily.

Water and dust resistant

Some high-end gaming keyboards are designed to be water and dust resistant, making them more durable in harsh gaming environments. This feature is often integrated with expensive keyboards.

Custom software

Many manufacturers provide their own firmware for their gaming keyboards, allowing users to customize backlighting, assign macros, and even update firmware to improve performance. All of the above factors contribute to the increase in price of gaming keyboards. More advanced keyboards often integrate many special features and use higher quality materials and technology, thereby being more expensive than basic gaming keyboard models.

Famous gaming keyboard brand


Razer is one of the leading brands in the field of gaming gear, including mice, keyboards, headphones and many other accessories. Razer's prominent keyboard lines include Razer BlackWidow, Razer Huntsman and Razer Cynosa. They are famous for their sleek design, good quality, and impressive RGB backlighting.


Corsair is another famous brand in the gaming community, especially for its high-end mechanical keyboards. Corsair's K-series products such as the K70, K95 and K100 are highly appreciated for their switch quality, customization and water resistance. Corsair also offers iCUE software to customize the backlight and keyboard configuration.


Logitech is one of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers of computer accessories and gaming gear. Logitech's G-Series gaming keyboards such as the G513, G613 and G915 all feature RGB backlighting, customization and premium design. Logitech is also famous for its exclusive Romer-G switch technology.


Ducky is a brand from Taiwan, focusing on manufacturing high-end mechanical keyboards for gamers and enthusiasts. Product lines such as Ducky One 2, Ducky Shine 7 and Ducky Miya Pro are all highly appreciated for their quality and customization. Ducky also provides many keycap and case options for users to customize.

Other brands

In addition to the brands mentioned above, there are a number of other brands that are also famous in the field of gaming keyboards, such as:
  • SteelSeries: Their Apex, Apex Pro and Apex 7 product lines are all popular with gamers.
  • Cooler Master: This brand is famous for the MasterKeys and CK series with beautiful design and good quality.
  • HyperX: With the Alloy Elite and Alloy Origins lines, HyperX provides affordable yet high-quality gaming keyboards.
  • Das Keyboard: This is a brand specializing in high-end mechanical keyboards with many unique switch and keycap options.
  • Varmilo: Hailing from Taiwan, Varmilo produces high-end custom mechanical keyboards for enthusiasts.

The above brands all offer many different design options, features and price segments for gamers to choose a gaming keyboard that suits their needs and budget.

Analyze the price range of the segments

Cheap segment (under $50)

In this segment, gaming keyboards often use plastic materials, cheap switches like Outemu or Kailh, and a few special features. However, they still provide a basic gaming experience with anti-key dumping, simple backlighting, and multi-key recognition. Some popular keyboard models in this segment include Redragon K552, Velocifire TK08, and Eagletec KG010. This is the ideal choice for gamers who are just starting out or have a limited budget.

Mid price segment ($50 - $150)

This segment offers a wide selection of quality and features. Keyboards in this price range often use higher-end switches such as Cherry MX, Gateron or Kailh Box, aluminum or alloy materials, and integrated custom RGB backlighting. Some prominent brands in this segment include Razer (BlackWidow, Huntsman), Corsair (K-series), Logitech (G-series), Ducky (One 2, Shine 7), HyperX (Alloy Elite) and SteelSeries ( Apex). This is a good choice for gamers who want a high-end gaming experience while still staying within a reasonable budget.

High-end price segment (over $150)

The highest-end keyboards typically cost over $150, sometimes up to hundreds of dollars. They focus on superior quality, unique designs, premium customization, and cutting-edge features. In this segment, we can mention Corsair K100, Razer Huntsman Elite, Ducky One 2 SF, Varmilo VA Series, and high-end custom keyboards from brands like Filco, Leopold, and Realforce. These keyboards often use high-end switches, PBT keycaps, sturdy aluminum frames, and offer many customization options for backlighting, keycaps, and configuration.

Advice for gamers when choosing a keyboard

Determine budget and purpose of use

Before buying a gaming keyboard, clearly determine your budget and primary use. If you're just a non-professional gamer, a moderately priced keyboard in the $50-$100 range may be good enough. But if you are a professional gamer or enthusiast, investing in a higher-end keyboard will provide a better experience.

Refer to reviews and comments from the gaming community

Please refer to the reviews, comparisons and comments of the gaming community about the keyboard models you are interested in. This will help you better understand the pros and cons of each product and see if they suit your needs.

Consider durability and future upgradeability

A high-quality gaming keyboard usually has a longer lifespan and is more customizable and upgradeable. Although it costs more initially, it will save you money in the long run and will not require constant replacement. Consider this when choosing a gaming keyboard. By carefully considering your budget, needs, consulting reviews, and considering durability, you will be able to choose the most suitable gaming keyboard for yourself. Don't hesitate to invest in a high quality product if that is your passion.


When answering the question "how much is a keyboard for gaming", Enthkey found that the price of a gaming keyboard can range quite a lot, from under $50 for the low-cost segment to hundreds of dollars for the highest-end models. The key factors that determine the price of a gaming keyboard are switch technology, materials used, design and special features. Cheap keyboards often use cheap switches, plastic materials and few outstanding features. Meanwhile, high-end models are equipped with high-quality switches such as Cherry MX, sturdy aluminum frames, high-end PBT keycaps, customizable RGB backlighting, macro keys and water resistance. Whether the price is high or low, a quality gaming keyboard is always a worthy investment for those who are passionate about gaming. It will bring a great experience, helping gamers confidently conquer all challenges in the game world.

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