Best budget gaming keyboards 2023

Best budget gaming keyboards 2023

Best budget gaming keyboards 2023
An enjoyable gaming experience always requires a certain investment in suitable equipment, including a quality gaming keyboard. However, for many passionate gamers with limited budgets, choosing the optimal keyboard gives many people a headache. Fortunately, 2023 witnessed the rise of many of the best budget gaming keyboards with good quality but extremely affordable prices, becoming the ideal choice for many gamers. Join Enthkey to learn about the best budget gaming keyboards 2023 right in the article below!

The challenge of finding a quality keyboard on a tight budget

With a limited budget, finding a gaming keyboard that meets the criteria of performance, durable quality and game support features is a big challenge. Most specialized keyboard models for gamers have prices ranging from several hundred thousand VND or more, even up to millions of VND for high-end models. Tight budgets cause many passionate gamers to face worries about the quality of their gaming experience when they cannot invest in a worthy keyboard.

How to still have a great experience without spending too much

To overcome the budget challenge, gamers need to take steps to choose a cheap gaming keyboard wisely. First, it is necessary to clearly determine which features and elements are necessary and the top priority to ensure a smooth gaming experience. From there, eliminate auxiliary features and graphics that are not too important to save costs. Next, players should carefully study reviews and comments from the community about hot cheap keyboard models on the market to make a wise choice. Finally, keeping track of promotions, discounts, and old sales programs is also an effective solution to own the best priced gaming keyboard.

Market segment of cheap gaming keyboards today

Outstanding brands in the low-cost segment

On the market today, there are many brands that are focusing on developing low-cost gaming keyboards to meet the needs of the majority of gamers with limited budgets. Some prominent names such as Redragon, Havit, Anivia, Motospeed,... are receiving a lot of attention from the community. In addition, longtime brands such as Logitech, Razer, HyperX also launched many mid-range keyboard models, priced under 1 million VND to reach this segment.

Design trends and features of these keyboard models

In terms of design, the main trend is rounding corners and simplifying lines to reduce production costs. Cheap alloy or plastic shell materials are also commonly used. Multi-color LED and RGB backlighting are still integrated to increase aesthetics. In terms of features, low-cost models often focus on core elements serving the game, such as anti-ghosting keys, fast response time, and long lifespan. Some advanced features such as macro keys and customizable software are difficult to find in this segment.

Compare with high-end keyboard lines

Compared to the high-end keyboard lines that lead the market, low-cost models are often inferior in overall manufacturing quality, more expensive materials as well as many advanced features for demanding gamers. However, at a price of only 1/3 or 1/4 compared to high-end models, cheap keyboards still meet basic requirements, providing a smooth gaming experience for most users.

Important evaluation criteria for cheap gaming keyboards

Gaming performance (response time, anti-ghosting, ...)

The first and most important factor when choosing to buy a cheap gaming keyboard is gaming performance. The response time (response time) is as fast as possible, helping the character react promptly to the player's control commands in situations that require quick action. The anti-ghosting/n-key rollover feature is also important, ensuring commands from multiple keys are recognized correctly even when you press complex key combinations.

Key quality and service life

Another important factor is keyboard quality and long-term usability. Sturdy keys, ensuring a lifespan of millions of clicks under regular use conditions. The switch is durable and free of dust and dirt, which are important criteria to consider. Many cheap gaming keyboards often use reasonably priced switches like Outemu, Kailh Blue, which give a very good typing feeling within the price range.

Ergonomic design and customization

In addition to performance, ergonomic design is also important to ensure comfort during extended periods of gaming keyboard use. The ability to fold and adjust the tilt angle to a moderate level helps limit wrist pain and hand fatigue. The ability to customize things such as changing keycaps and switching switches to suit is a plus point in the low-cost segment.

Special features (backlight, macro keys, ...)

Finally, special features that provide a better gaming experience are also something to consider. LED or RGB backlighting helps increase aesthetics and key recognition at night. Macro keys and key customization also bring advantages when playing different game genres. However, this is not a key factor in the low-price segment.

Top cheap gaming keyboards in 2023 - 2024

Redragon K582 Wired

Performance & features

  • Using high-quality Outemu Blue mechanical switches, ensuring a very exciting typing feeling
  • Extremely fast response time with 19 keys anti-ghosting
  • Impressive key life of up to 50 million keystrokes
  • Supports multimedia keys, convenient volume control
  • Disadvantages: No separate macro keys, no customization software

Design & convenience

  • Shell made of high-quality alloy material, metal frame is both sturdy and less warped
  • Ability to rotate and erect the stand flexibly, increasing ergonomics
  • RGB multi-color backlight is impressive and quite easy to customize via keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports easy disassembly to clean the keyboard
  • Disadvantages: Cannot replace switch, only 1 backlight color

Prices & reviews

With a price of about 700,000 VND, Redragon K582 is an extremely attractive choice with original Outemu switches and durable design. Cost effective, meets the gaming needs of most gamers.

Anivia SK419

Performance & features

  • Green Outemu mechanical switch is stable and responsive
  • Absolutely prevent N-key rollover
  • Super fast 1ms response time
  • Supports completely free RGB and macro LED control software
  • 18 multimedia keys specifically for games
  • Disadvantages: Capacity is only 15 million clicks, lower

Design & convenience

  • Ultra-thin 18mm design makes the keyboard look very modern and easily portable
  • There is a very sturdy rubber anti-slip pad on the bottom
  • Very beautiful cascading RGB LED lights, allowing for a variety of lighting effects to be customized
  • The key is made from sturdy cast aluminum, hard to wear
  • Disadvantages: The stand lacks adjustment ability, fixed tilt

Prices & reviews

With a price ranging from 1,000,000 - 1,200,000 VND, Anivia SK419 is a thin and light gaming keyboard, full of support features while still maintaining good quality thanks to genuine Outemu components.

Havit KB395L

Performance & features

  • Outemu Blue mechanical switch is smooth, 1ms latency
  • Prevent N-key rollover
  • Long lifespan with 50 million clicks
  • Supports completely free customization software, 6 smart macro keys
  • Good recognition of many different multimedia and game keys

Design & convenience

  • Shell made of high quality alloy material, solid metal frame
  • The ability to rotate and erect the stand is very flexible with many tilts
  • Customizable RGB backlight to brighten and darken as desired
  • Built-in keyboard cleaning tray
  • Disadvantages: The weight is quite heavy at 1kg and is not convenient to move

Prices & reviews

With a price of about 1,300,000 - 1,500,000 VND, Havit KB395L is a gaming keyboard full of high-end features such as macros and colorful LED control software. Still maintaining outstanding quality in terms of design durability.


In 2023, the cheap gaming keyboard market has witnessed the rise of many outstanding product models. These best budget gaming keyboards 2023 prove that a great gaming experience doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you are looking for a quality gaming keyboard that still fits your existing budget, don't miss the best budget gaming keyboards 2023 products introduced by Enthkey above. Invest wisely, you will receive worthy rewards throughout your journey to conquer the most attractive games of 2023.

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