Black Shark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard review

Black Shark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard review

Black Shark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard review
Are you looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard with impressive RGB lighting and high performance? Let's explore Enthkey's Black Shark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard review article. This is a product that promises to bring you the ultimate gaming experience with beautiful design, outstanding features and reliable durability. In this article, we will thoroughly evaluate every aspect of this keyboard, from design, features, performance to actual feel when used. Therefore, you will have the most comprehensive and accurate view to decide whether Black Shark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is the ideal choice for your gaming needs or not.

Black Shark and RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Black Shark history and design philosophy

Black Shark is a brand specializing in gaming equipment founded by Xiaomi in 2017. With the philosophy "Born for games", Black Shark focuses on developing high-end technology products specifically for gamers. gamers, from smartphones and accessories to gaming keyboards and mice. Black Shark's design team includes professional engineers and gamers, deeply understanding the needs and habits of the gaming community. They combine technological expertise with a passion for gaming to create groundbreaking products that meet gamers' expectations in terms of performance, design and user experience. Black Shark's design philosophy honors its bold, individual appearance with fierce, sharp lines. The main colors are black, gray combined with red details to create a bold gaming style. Each product is optimized in terms of hardware and software to provide the best gaming experience.

Outstanding features of the RGB mechanical gaming keyboard line

Black Shark's RGB mechanical gaming keyboard line has the following outstanding features:
  1. Mechanical switches: Use high-quality mechanical switches such as Cherry MX, Gateron to ensure sharp feedback and firm typing feel.
  2. RGB backlight: Equipped with RGB backlight that can customize millions of different colors, combining vivid lighting effects to bring a sharper gaming experience.
  3. Macro/multimedia keys: Built-in macro/multimedia keys help gamers easily access complex commands or manipulate media.
  4. Durable material: The keyboard cover is made from aluminum alloy or high-quality hard plastic, effectively resistant to dust, water and scratches.
  5. Gaming design: Fierce design, angular lines, bold black-red color tone suitable for gamers' style.
  6. High customization ability: Control software with many options allows gamers to customize LED lights, assign macros to keys, and customize keyboard layout as desired.

With the above characteristics, Black Shark's RGB mechanical keyboard line is not only a gaming accessory but also a "gamer-style" item to express the user's passion and personal style.

Detailed evaluation of product design and quality

Appearance and keyboard cover material

Create intense and personal images for gamers

Black Shark's RGB mechanical gaming keyboard has an extremely impressive and unique design. The keyboard cover is made from sturdy solid aluminum alloy, with rounded edges to create a sturdy and luxurious feel. Square, strong design lines with sharp edges bring a fierce look, suitable for gamers' style. The Black Shark logo is embossed on the keyboard body, the base is reinforced with sturdy aluminum pipes, adding a touch of personality. Elegant black tones are accentuated with this brand's signature red details. RGB LED lights flow along the keyboard body, through the keys and air vents, creating impressive lighting effects.

Durability and resistance to dust and water

Not only does it stand out in appearance, Black Shark's RGB mechanical keyboard also scores points thanks to its excellent dust and water resistance. The monolithic aluminum case and waterproof rubber gasket keep the keyboard safe from accidental water spills or dust. The mechanical switches and electronic circuits inside are also carefully waterproofed. The key strip is covered with an effective anti-scratch UV paint, helping the keys stay sharp and beautiful after many years of use. The anti-slip rubber base system helps the keyboard stay well fixed on the surface. Overall, the Black Shark RGB mechanical keyboard is highly durable, suitable for professional gamers.

Key layout and arrangement

Differences from traditional office keyboards

Compared to traditional office keyboards, Black Shark's RGB mechanical gaming keyboard has many differences in layout and key layout:
  • Larger, thicker size with spacious chassis, creating a comfortable feeling when typing.
  • Number row layout ensures that the number keys are not lost when using the full software keyboard.
  • Integrates many multi-function keys for games (Macro, Game Mode, Media,...) that office keyboards do not have.
  • There is no empty Windows key in the middle to avoid pressing the wrong button, or accessing the game more easily.
  • Larger keys, more advanced switches for a strong typing feel.

Optimized for gaming experience

The key layout of the Black Shark keyboard is optimized to best serve gamers' gaming needs:
  • The WASD key is larger and more prominent than other keys to move characters conveniently.
  • Important keys in the game such as Alt, Ctrl, Space... are distributed reasonably, far away from the main key area to avoid mistakes when "scraping" the computer.
  • Macro and multimedia game keys are located near the WASD area for easy access.
  • Added Game Mode key lock to help turn off the keys leading to the desktop while playing games.

This key layout helps gamers control and access commands faster, optimized for a smoother, more accurate gaming experience. Especially games that require continuous key operations.

Switch and typing feeling

Different types of switches (Blue, Brown, Red,...)

Black Shark's RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is equipped with high-end mechanical switches from leading brands such as Cherry MX, Gateron with many different options:
  • Cherry MX Blue: Blue switch has a clear "click" sound when typing, moderate typing force, suitable for text and code editing.
  • Cherry MX Brown: Brown Switch has a very smooth typing feeling, low noise, suitable for both games and offices.
  • Cherry MX Red: Super smooth red switch with light tapping force, excellent for fast response games.
  • Gateron Brown/Red: Similar to Cherry but cheaper, still ensuring good quality.
With different switch options, gamers can choose the one that suits their game genre and personal preferences.

Switch longevity and reliability

The mechanical switches used on the Black Shark keyboard have an extremely long lifespan, up to 50-100 million keystrokes. These numbers are many times higher than the switches on touch screen keyboards or traditional laptop screen keyboards. Manufacturers apply strict production processes and strict quality control to ensure the switch operates stably and does not get stuck or loose after millions of presses. High reliability is a big advantage of mechanical keyboards compared to other keyboard lines.

Features RGB backlighting and customization

RGB backlighting effects available

Black Shark mechanical gaming keyboard integrates full-key RGB backlighting with the ability to display millions of brilliant colors. Users can choose from many available light effects such as:
  • Synchronized lights: All keys have the same static color
  • Flashing lights follow the music: Flashing lights follow the music melody
  • Warming, melting, light effects emitted from the typing keys
  • Flashing light effect, highlighting the WASD/Arrow Keys area
  • Monochrome and multicolor lights with different light modes
Users can customize the light intensity and moving speed of the light effect to suit their preferences.

Software to customize RGB backlighting

In addition to the available light effects, Black Shark also provides Black Shark Engine software for users to completely customize the RGB light effects as desired. Users can:
  • Create your own light patterns with arbitrary colors and key positions
  • Programming to run many different light effects in sequence or combination
  • Assign different lighting effects to each specific game
  • Synchronize lighting effects between the keyboard and other Black Shark gaming accessories
With Black Shark Engine software, the ability to customize RGB LED lights becomes extremely rich and easy to implement.

The combination of backlighting with gaming experience

RGB backlighting not only brings cool, eye-catching effects but also contributes to enhancing the gaming experience for users:
  • The lighting effects follow the rhythm of the game and the intensity of combat, bringing a feeling of excitement and stimulation to gamers
  • Prominent WASD/Arrow Keys key lighting makes it easy to navigate and move quickly in the game
  • Lights can signal important events and statuses (missions, health, bullets...) to help gamers grasp the situation
  • Synchronize lights with accessories such as mice and headphones to create a professional and eye-catching gaming space

Thanks to the smart RGB LED lighting feature, Black Shark's mechanical gaming keyboard is not only beautiful but also useful in enhancing the real gaming experience.

Additional features and compatibility

Macro/multimedia keys

In addition to the familiar set of keys, Black Shark's RGB mechanical gaming keyboard also integrates many multi-function keys such as:
  • Macro Keys: Allows you to assign complex key command sequences to one key, very useful in games
  • Game Mode key: Locks the keys to call the desktop, preventing accidental exit from the game
  • Media key: Conveniently control volume, play/pause music/video
  • Shortcuts: Quickly open frequently used folders/applications
These keys help gamers easily access commands without taking their hands off the keyboard, optimal for working and gaming spaces.

Water/dust resistant detection ability

A notable feature of the Black Shark keyboard is its effective waterproof and dustproof ability.
  • Body made of monolithic aluminum alloy, waterproof rubber gasket helps prevent water from pouring inside
  • All keys, switches and electronic circuits are covered with a waterproof layer to ensure safety against water stains
  • IP54 dustproof standard prevents dust from getting inside and damaging components
With this ability, the keyboard maintains a long life even after long-term use and regular cleaning without fear of damaging the inside.

Drivers and compatibility

Black Shark RGB mechanical keyboard is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and most popular Linux distros. On Windows, you can use the Black Shark Engine driver to access and fully customize all keyboard features. On MacOS and Linux, although there is no control interface, the keyboard still operates stably and can use basic functions. Furthermore, Black Shark complies with USB HID and Key Mapping communication standards, so the keyboard is easily compatible with most games/applications without complicated configuration. Overall, good compatibility helps gamers use the keyboard conveniently on many different platforms.

Overview of users and prices

Which gamer should buy it?

Black Shark's RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is suitable for the following gamers:
  • Professional gamers or players of games that require continuous key operation such as FPS, RTS, MOBA,... Thanks to the standard mechanical switch, high-speed response without delay or wrong keys.
  • Gamers who are passionate about role-playing and action games with many complex shortcuts. Macro keys will be very useful for easy command assignment.
  • Fans of gaming style with colorful LED lights, this keyboard's fierce appearance will create a highlight for your personal gaming space.
  • Users prefer professionalism and have been using keyboards for many years thanks to the high durability and outstanding water/dust resistance of this product line.
However, for office workers, simply working, this keyboard may be too much for their needs, and the cost is higher than a regular office keyboard.

Compare with other gaming keyboard models

Compared to other mechanical gaming keyboard models on the market, Black Shark's RGB keyboard stands out in a number of advantages, such as:
  • Beautiful and strong design, durable monolithic aluminum material, better waterproof
  • Integrates many useful multi-function keys such as macro and game mode
  • Diverse RGB lighting effects, highly customizable
  • Control software allows programming light effects and assigning complex macros
  • Long switch life, less likely to loosen after many years of use
However, the downside is that this keyboard model has a higher price than competitors in the same segment.

Is the price worth it?

The price of the Black Shark RGB mechanical keyboard can be considered high compared to the general level. However, this is a price worthy of what the product brings:
  • Best quality with high-end switches, monolithic aluminum shell, outstanding water resistance
  • Advanced RGB LED lighting feature, diverse customization
  • Many useful multi-function keys for professional gamers
  • Impressive design, bold gaming style
  • Long lifespan, can be used for many years without errors or damage
  • Quality and user experience worth the money

For gamers who are passionate about buying good quality gaming gear and don't mind paying, Black Shark's RGB mechanical keyboard is worthy of a long-term investment choice. In return for the high initial cost, you will receive a device with great longevity and experience for many years.


Through Black Shark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard review, this product is truly a mechanical gaming keyboard model worth the money. Featuring a bold, stylish aluminum design and outstanding water/dust resistance, this keyboard has a long service life thanks to high-quality mechanical switches. Brilliant RGB backlighting with many beautiful effects, highly customizable through Black Shark Engine software creates a highlight for the gaming space. Useful macro/multimedia keys, optimized key layout for smooth gaming experience. Although the price is higher than its competitors, Enthkey affirms that this is a quality product, worthy of investment for passionate gamers.

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