Ducky keyboard review - The perfect choice for gamers and office workers

Ducky keyboard review - The perfect choice for gamers and office workers

Ducky keyboard review
In the increasingly competitive world of mechanical keyboards, Ducky has built a respectable position with high-quality and versatile products. This Ducky keyboard review by Enthkey will delve into the outstanding advantages that help this Taiwanese brand conquer both gamers and office workers. From superior build quality, switching variety, to flexible customization, we'll explore why Ducky is the top choice for those looking for a mechanical keyboard that's value for money bowl of rice.

Overview of the Ducky brand

Ducky, a Taiwanese brand founded in 2008, has quickly become a formidable name in the global mechanical keyboard scene. With a design philosophy that focuses on quality, durability, and a great typing experience, Ducky has built a loyal community of fans. The brand is famous for its use of premium materials, rigorous manufacturing processes, and attention to the smallest details. Ducky doesn't just make keyboards; they create meticulously crafted work and play tools that reflect their founder's passion for mechanical keyboard culture.

Ducky's position in the mechanical keyboard market

In an increasingly competitive and saturated mechanical keyboard market, Ducky has successfully positioned itself as a premium, trustworthy brand. They occupy a unique position between mainstream brands like Corsair or Razer and boutique brands like Varmilo or Leopold. Ducky is highly appreciated by both mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and general users for its ability to balance quality, features and price. Ducky's strength lies in the fact that they offer a wide range of customization options, from diverse switch types to the ability to change keycaps - without sacrificing product stability and reliability. Ducky's frequent collaborations with leading switch manufacturers such as Cherry MX and Kailh also help solidify their position as a high-quality brand.

While competitors focus on strong marketing or impressive features, Ducky has chosen the path to building its reputation through product quality and customer satisfaction. This strategy has helped them create a loyal community of users who not only buy the product but are also willing to promote the brand. However, Ducky also faces challenges. The emergence of new brands with competitive prices and the increasing focus of major brands on the high-end mechanical keyboard segment are putting pressure on Ducky's position. To maintain and grow its position, Ducky needs to continue to innovate, while maintaining the commitment to quality that has built its reputation in the mechanical keyboard market.

Ducky keyboard review

Design and build quality

Ducky keyboard is famous for its minimalist but extremely sturdy design. The keyboard frame is usually made from high-quality ABS plastic or aluminum, depending on the model, giving it a sturdy and durable feel. The edges are meticulously processed, without unnecessary details, creating an elegant appearance suitable for both gaming and professional office environments. Ducky's keycap is usually made from PBT doubleshot, a high-quality plastic with high durability and good abrasion resistance. This not only ensures a long lifespan for the keyboard, but also provides an exceptional typing feel that many users love.

Diverse in size and layout

Ducky offers a variety of sizes and layouts to meet diverse user needs:
  1. Full-size (100%): Includes all keys, including numeric keypad, suitable for people working with data.
  2. Tenkeyless (TKL - 80%): Eliminates the numeric keypad, helping to save space and ideal for gamers.
  3. 65%: More compact than TKL, removes the Function key but still keeps the navigation keys.
  4. 60%: Extremely compact keyboard, retaining only the most basic keys.
In addition, Ducky also provides different layouts such as ANSI (US), ISO (EU), and sometimes even special layouts for the Japanese market.

Outstanding features

  1. RGB backlighting: Many Ducky models have RGB backlighting with multiple modes and lighting effects that can be customized without software.
  2. DIP switch: Some models have a DIP switch on the bottom, allowing users to quickly change some basic settings such as switching between QWERTY, DVORAK, and COLEMAK layout.
  3. Macro on-the-fly: Ability to program macros directly on the keyboard without additional software.
  4. N-key rollover and anti-ghosting: Ensures every key press is recorded accurately, especially important in gaming.
  5. Cross-platform compatibility: Ducky keyboard usually works well on many different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  6. Hot-swappable switch (on some models): Allows users to easily change switches without soldering, increasing flexibility and longevity of the keyboard.
  7. Game Mode: disable the Windows key to avoid accidentally pressing it while gaming.

With a combination of sturdy design, variety of sizes and layouts, along with outstanding features, the Ducky keyboard has made a strong impression on the mechanical keyboard user community. The balance between features, quality and customization has made Ducky a top choice for both gamers and office workers.

Experience for gamers on Ducky keyboard

Sensitivity and response speed

Ducky keyboard has created a reputation in the gaming community thanks to its high sensitivity and fast response speed. Using high-quality switches like Cherry MX not only ensures durability but also provides great typing feel. With a low trigger point, usually only 2mm, Ducky allows gamers to perform operations quickly and accurately. Furthermore, the low debounce time helps minimize latency between keystrokes, an important factor in games that require quick reflexes like FPS or MOBA.

Anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities

One of Ducky's outstanding strengths is its ability to handle multiple keys simultaneously. Most models support N-key rollover (NKRO) via USB, ensuring every keystroke is recorded accurately, even when you perform complex keystrokes. Advanced anti-ghosting technology also helps eliminate the phenomenon of "ghost keys", a common problem with poor quality gaming keyboards. This is especially useful in stressful game situations, when every action matters.

Customize macros and keyboard shortcuts

Ducky offers incredible flexibility in customizing macros and keyboard shortcuts. The ability to create macros on-the-fly allows gamers to quickly set up complex commands without the need for additional software. The keyboard also supports multiple custom layers, allowing you to store different sets of settings for different games or usage scenarios. Game Mode intelligently disables keys that can disrupt gameplay, such as the Windows key, helping to avoid unfortunate incidents during gameplay.

Compare with other gaming keyboards

When placed next to competitors in the gaming segment, Ducky stands out with its outstanding build quality. While many brands focus on bold designs with many decorative details, Ducky chooses a minimalist but sturdy approach. This not only increases durability but also creates an elegant appearance, suitable for both gaming and work environments.

Regarding software, Ducky follows a minimalist direction. Most features can be adjusted directly on the keyboard, unlike the complex software trends of brands like Razer or Corsair. While this may limit some advanced customizations, it does provide stability and minimizes software conflicts. Ducky also stands out with its hardware customization capabilities. Users can easily change the keycap, and some models even support hot-swap switches. This creates significant flexibility, allowing gamers to adjust the keyboard to their personal preferences without investing in a completely new keyboard.

However, Ducky may not appeal to gamers looking for an eye-catching design or extremely powerful RGB lighting. Instead, the brand is aimed at players who value quality, durability, and real-world performance. With prices typically slightly higher than mainstream competitors, Ducky positions itself as a premium option for serious gamers who want to invest in a high-quality and durable gaming rig.

Switch diversity and customization capabilities

Popular types of switches on the Ducky keyboard

Ducky offers a variety of switches, mainly from Cherry MX, to meet many different preferences:
  • Cherry MX Blue: Tactile, click audible, suitable for typing
  • Cherry MX Red: Linear, light pressure, ideal for gaming
  • Cherry MX Brown: Tactile is light, not clicky, balanced between typing and gaming
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver: Linear, short stroke, for high speed
  • Other types: Clear, Black, and sometimes switches from Kailh or Gateron

Ability to change keycap

Ducky supports easy keycap customization thanks to:
  • Standard layout, compatible with most aftermarket keycap sets
  • Ready for upgrade from default PBT doubleshot to more advanced types
  • Supports many keycap types: ABS, PBT, artisan, different profiles

Customize RGB lighting

Ducky's RGB backlight system stands out with:
  • Many light modes available: steady light, flashing, color waves, response to typing rhythm
  • Ability to create personal lighting profiles
  • Adjust brightness and effect speed directly on the keyboard
  • No need for complicated software for customization
This wide range of customization capabilities, from switch selection, keycap changes to RGB lighting customization, is one of the main reasons why Ducky has become a favorite among both gamers and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Software and support

Ducky is famous for their minimalist design philosophy, and this is also reflected in their software:
  • Simple interface, easy to use
  • Focus on core features: macro settings, backlight customization, firmware updates
  • Does not require software to run continuously in the background
  • Good compatibility with many operating systems

Investment value

Ducky positions itself in the mid-range to high-end segment of the mechanical keyboard market:
  • Price is higher than mainstream brands, but lower than boutique brands
  • Build quality is superior compared to the price
  • Using high quality components: Cherry MX switches, PBT doubleshot keycap
  • Provides many advanced features without the need for complicated software

In short, despite its slightly higher price tag than mainstream brands, Ducky offers good investment value thanks to its superior build quality, high durability, and flexible customization capabilities. This, combined with active support from both the manufacturer and the user community, makes the Ducky an attractive choice for those looking to invest in a high-quality and durable mechanical keyboard.


Through Enthkey's Ducky keyboard review, you can clearly see why this brand is popular in the mechanical keyboard user community. Ducky has succeeded in balancing premium build quality, feature diversity, and flexible customization. From top gaming experience to stable working performance, Ducky keyboard meets the needs of many different types of users. Although the price is a bit higher than popular brands, the value that Ducky brings is completely worth the investment. In short, this Ducky keyboard review shows that this is indeed a perfect choice for both gamers and office workers, just as the title mentioned. With Ducky, you're not just buying a keyboard, you're investing in a tool that can accompany you for years to come.

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