What to look for in a gaming keyboard exciting?

What to look for in a gaming keyboard exciting?

what to look for in a gaming keyboard
The question that is asked year after year is "What to look for in a gaming keyboard?" In the gaming world, a good keyboard is one of the indispensable devices for any gamer. A gaming keyboard is not simply an input means, but also an important tool that enhances the gaming experience. They are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of gaming environments, such as fast response, optimal key layout and water resistance. In this article, let's find out the answer with Enthkey.

Key factors to consider

What should I look for on a gaming keyboard ? When choosing a gaming keyboard, there are several important factors that should be carefully considered. First, you should look for a keyboard with fast and accurate key feedback, which accurately reflects your commands in the game. Second, the key layout is reasonable, especially the essential keys in the game such as WASD, shortcut keys and multimedia keys. In addition, the multi-color backlight will create a brighter and more interesting atmosphere for your gaming experience. Finally, design and material quality are also important to ensure the keyboard is durable and comfortable for long periods of use. By carefully studying these factors, you will be able to choose a suitable gaming keyboard, helping to improve your gaming skills and bring the best experience.

Response key

Switch technology (mechanical, membrane, scissor)

Switch technology is the key factor that determines the key response of a keyboard. There are 3 main types of switch technology used in gaming keyboards:
  • Mechanical: Uses a mechanical system with a metal spring below each key. Mechanical switches provide a very clear typing feeling, fast response and long life.
  • Membrane: Using a thin rubber membrane, the key pressed down will push the rubber membrane into the circuit to create a signal. This type is usually cheaper but has less response than mechanical.
  • Scissor-switch: Combines both a rubber membrane and a pliers-shaped support mechanism, providing relatively good feedback at a reasonable cost.

Response time

Response time is the time from the time you press the key to the time the signal is sent. Fast response time is very important, especially in games that require quick reflexes such as music games and FPS fighting games.

What should I look for in key response

With key responses, you should look for the following factors:
  • Keyboards use mechanical switch technology where possible, as they provide clear, accurate feedback and longevity.
  • Response time is as fast as possible. Usually under 5-10ms is ideal for games.
  • Shorter key travel will help the key press faster.
  • Anti-ghosting feature to ensure accurate response when pressing multiple keys at the same time.
  • Customization capabilities such as key bounce and macro setting.
By paying attention to the above factors, you can find a keyboard with optimal key feedback, thereby enhancing your gaming experience.

Key layout and features

Multimedia keys and customizable keys

A worthwhile gaming keyboard provides not only basic keys but also many multimedia keys and customizable keys to increase efficiency in gaming and computer use.
  • Multimedia keys: Includes keys to control volume, pause/play music, adjust screen brightness, etc. These keys help you quickly access features without leaving the desk keys.
  • Customizable keys (Macro keys): Keys can be assigned with complex command sequences to perform a quick action when pressed. Very useful in games or other applications.

Game specific keys

In addition to standard keys, some gaming keyboards have additional keys specifically designed for a better gaming experience.
  • WASD key: It is the basic set of movement keys in most PC games. These keys often have a special color or shape for easy identification.
  • Game-specific keys: Function keys such as increasing/decreasing mouse sensitivity, changing game settings, recording or replaying game videos,...
  • Custom/customizable key: Allows users to assign arbitrary function commands to that key.
A scientific key layout and specialized game support features will help enhance the gaming experience, increase reaction speed and control in the game more easily.

Key layout and what features you should look for

When choosing to buy a gaming keyboard, you should look for the following key layouts and features:
  • Standard QWERTY key layout combined with more prominent WASD keys for easy recognition in games.
  • Multimedia keys such as volume control, music play/pause, screen brightness adjustment.
  • Customizable keys (macro keys) so you can assign complex command sequences to a key.
  • Separate keys for games such as changing mouse DPI, recording/playing back game videos.
  • Anti-ghosting feature for accurate response when pressing multiple keys at the same time.
  • Ability to customize with control software from the manufacturer.
  • Keys are sized and arranged to suit your hand size and gaming technique.
  • Long life and good key quality to ensure long-term use.
By looking for the above key layouts and features, you will have a gaming keyboard that serves all your gaming and office work needs well.

Backlight and design

Monochrome and RGB LEDs

Backlighting is an important feature of gaming keyboards, helping to create a lively and easy-to-see atmosphere in low-light environments. There are two main types of backlight:
  • Monochrome LEDs: Use a single color such as red, blue, white. This type of light is simple but still creates a clear lighting effect on the keys.
  • RGB (multi-color) light: Allows customization and changing of many different colors through software. RGB lights offer more color choices and more vivid lighting effects.

Materials, durability, size

The external design of the keyboard is also important to ensure comfort and durability during use:
  • Materials: Many gaming keyboards are made from high-quality ABS plastic or aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and good impact resistance. PBT key material is also popular because of its long life.
  • Durability: Components such as chassis, hinges, and keys need to be firmly designed and resistant to good strength to avoid shaking after a period of use.
  • Size: Heavier and larger keyboards will be more stable on the desk. In addition, the size that fits the hand size will bring the most comfortable feeling.
Impressive backlighting combined with a solid, durable design will help you have a perfect gaming keyboard in terms of both aesthetics and quality of use.

Price segment

Gaming keyboards are available on the market with many different price options, suitable for a variety of user budgets:
  • Low-cost segment (under $50): Usually basic membrane or scissor-switch keyboards, simple backlight or no light, okay quality but lower lifespan.
  • Mid-range segment ($50 - $150): Keyboards that use better mechanical switches like Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron. More durable design, full-featured RGB backlight. Popular choice of most gamers.
  • High-end segment ($150 or more): Use high-end mechanical switches, good RGB backlight quality, high customization, high-end materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. There are often advanced features for professional gamers.

Famous brands

In the field of gaming keyboards, there are a number of long-standing and reputable brands that you can consider:
  • Razer: Famous brand with popular gaming keyboard lines such as BlackWidow, Huntsman, Ornata.
  • Corsair: Famous for the K-Series such as K70, K95 RGB using Cherry MX switches.
  • Logitech: There are stable and reliable G-Series lines such as G513, G Pro.
  • SteelSeries: Features the Apex line such as Apex 7, Apex Pro with exclusive OmniPoint switches.
  • HyperX: Focus on the mid-range segment such as Alloy Elite, Alloy FPS Pro.
  • Ducky: A reputable brand with high-end, hand-made mechanical keyboard products.
  • ASUS: Lines like ROG Strix Scope, ROG Falchion... for professional gamers.
By determining the right budget and consulting famous gaming keyboard brands at Enthkey, you will easily choose the most satisfactory product.

Conclusion what to look for in a gaming keyboard

The article "What to look for in a gaming keyboard" that Enthkey shares will be a key to help you choose a suitable gaming keyboard. When buying, consider factors like quick key response, ergonomic key layout, impressive backlighting, and high-quality design. Don't forget to consider your budget and refer to famous brands in this field. With the right choice, you will own the ultimate gaming keyboard, helping to increase performance and bring great fun to every game.

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