What is the best keyboard size for gaming?

What is the best keyboard size for gaming?

What is the best keyboard size for gaming
The right keyboard size can determine whether or not a gaming experience is great. "What is the best keyboard size for gaming?" is a question asked by many gamers in communities that love gaming keyboards. This article will guide you in choosing the right size for your needs, from traditional full-size to ultra-compact 60% compact.

What size keyboard is suitable for gamers?

Intended use and personal preferences

Multitasking gamer or gamer

For multitasking gamers, those who both play games and do office work, a full-size or TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard will be most suitable. They provide full function keys and a separate numeric keypad, making it easy to switch between tasks. On the contrary, professional gamers who only focus on gaming should choose a 60-65% compact keyboard to save space effectively.

Like to move or stay stable

If you frequently move your keyboard between locations, a 60-65% or TKL keyboard will be more compact and easier to carry. However, if you prefer a stable environment and don't move around a lot, a full-size keyboard will be more comfortable for larger hands.

Have big or small hands

Hand size is also an important factor. Large hands will be fine with full-size or TKL keyboards because they have more generous key spacing, while small hands may feel more comfortable with 60-65% compact keyboards due to the spacing. keys closer together.

Desk size and mobile space

Spacious or narrow desk

If you have a spacious desk, you can comfortably use a full-size or TKL keyboard without worrying about space. They will create a comfortable feeling for your hands to move and type. On the contrary, with a small and narrow desk, you should consider compact keyboards like 60-65% to save space and make it easy to arrange.

Frequently go to work or stay at home

If you often go to the office or move between locations, a compact keyboard like the 60-65% or TKL will be more convenient to carry. They are small and light and easily stowed in a briefcase or backpack. However, if you mostly stay at home, a full-size keyboard will be more suitable to enjoy maximum comfort.

Move the keyboard often or not

If you frequently move your keyboard between different locations, like from home to the office or a coffee shop, you should choose a 60-65% TKL keyboard because they are compact and easy to carry. Conversely, if you don't move your keyboard often, you may consider a full-size keyboard to enjoy maximum comfort in a fixed position.

Popular keyboard sizes

Traditional full-size keyboard

Separate numeric keypad

Traditional full-size keyboards include a separate numeric keypad on the right side, in addition to the main keyboard. This numeric keypad is very useful for those who often work with data, such as office workers or accountants. It helps operate faster than using the number row on the main keyboard.

Many special function keys

The full-size keyboard also has many special function keys, such as media keys, application shortcut keys, etc. This provides additional control and convenience for users, especially for those who multitask or use many different applications.

Large space, little mobility

However, the large size of a full-size keyboard also has some limitations. They take up a lot of space on the desk, which can make the space feel cramped. Furthermore, due to its large size and bulky structure, full-size keyboards are not suitable for frequent travel. They are best suited for those with a fixed workspace and little movement.

Neat TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard

No numeric keypad

TKL keyboards, short for "tenkeyless", do not have a separate numeric keypad like full-size keyboards. This helps reduce the overall size of the keyboard, making it more compact and space-saving on the desk.

Still hold the arrow and function keys

Although there is no numeric keypad, the TKL keyboard still retains other important keys, such as movement arrow keys and row of function keys. This ensures that users can still perform basic tasks and quickly access application shortcuts.

More compact, easy to move

Thanks to its more compact size, the TKL keyboard becomes easier to move than a full-size keyboard. They are suitable for those who often work in different locations or move between the office and home.

Compact keyboard 60-75%

More compact size

Compact keyboards are more compact in size than TKL keyboards, only taking up about 60-75% of the area compared to full-size keyboards. They are suitable for those with limited working space or who prefer compactness.

Few function keys and numbers

To achieve a compact size, the compact keyboard has removed some function keys and the numeric keypad. This can be difficult for people who multitask or require using a lot of keyboard shortcuts.

Requires new habits

Because the key layout is different from traditional keyboards, compact keyboards require users to adapt to new habits. This may cause difficulty at first, but after a period of use, users will gradually get used to the new key layout.

Advantages and disadvantages of each keyboard size for gamers:

Full-size: Full features, large space

  • Provides full function keys, separate numeric keypad and number row
  • Spacious and comfortable for hands to move and type
  • Suitable for multitasking and office work
  • Takes up a lot of space on the desk
  • Large size, difficult to move and carry

TKL: Neat, it still has enough basic keys

  • More compact space but still retains basic keys such as arrows and functions
  • Easier to move and carry
  • Still convenient enough for most offices and gaming needs
  • Loss of separate numeric keypad, which can make some tasks difficult

60-75%: Extremely compact, lacks extra keys

  • Super compact size, effectively saves working space
  • Very simple to move and carry anywhere
  • Ideal for limited spaces or commuting to work or study
  • Missing many function keys and numeric keypad
  • Requires new habits, easily causing initial difficulties
  • Not suitable for multitasking or office work

In short, each size has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gamers should consider their needs, space and personal preferences to choose the most suitable size.

Suggestions for gamers

Use a full-size keyboard if space allows

If you have enough space on your desk and little keyboard movement, a full-size keyboard will be the best choice. They provide a full range of function keys, including a separate numeric keypad, to help you work and play games in the most comfortable way. However, pay attention to their large size to ensure they do not get in the way.

Choose TKL if you move frequently

If you frequently move your keyboard between different locations, like from home to the office or a coffee shop, a TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard would be the ideal choice. They are more compact than full-size but still have enough basic keys, making it easy to carry without taking up much space.

Compact 60-75% for narrow spaces or mobility

If your workspace is limited or you prefer compactness and portability, a 60-75% compact keyboard will be most suitable. They take up little space but still meet the basic needs of gamers. However, keep in mind that you will have to get used to the different key layout and the lack of some extra keys.

Test before buying for the best experiencex

Ultimately, the best recommendation is to try out different keyboard sizes in person before deciding to buy. Each person has their own preferences and needs, so direct experience will help you make the most accurate choice. If possible, visit retail stores or exhibition events for in-person testing.


Enthkey believes that the ideal keyboard size for gamers depends on many factors such as workspace, mobility needs, hand size and personal habits. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but with this guide to "what is the best keyboard size for gaming", you can make the most informed choice. If space allows, a full-size keyboard provides maximum comfort. If you travel often, TKL is a compact choice. As for narrow spaces or mobility, compact models of 60-75% will be suitable. Experience it directly before buying to get the right gaming keyboard for you.

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