Is a membrane keyboard good for gaming? An evaluation

Is a membrane keyboard good for gaming? An evaluation

is a membrane keyboard good for gaming
In the modern and competitive world of gaming, choosing the right peripherals is vital for gamers to optimize their experience and performance. One of the big questions that many gamers ask is "Is a Membrane Keyboard Good for Gaming?". With the advent of many new technologies such as mechanical or optical keyboards, the issue of whether traditional membrane keyboards are still capable of meeting increasingly demanding gaming needs is still a controversial topic. argue. In this review, Enthkey and users will carefully consider the pros and cons of membrane keyboards for gaming use, compare them with alternatives, and make useful recommendations based on them. Each person's specific gaming needs. From important criteria like responsiveness, ghosting, and longevity, to factors like customization and aesthetics, we'll find out if a membrane keyboard is really the right fit. to satisfy your gaming passion or not.

Membrane keyboards - the unsung heroes?

Although often underestimated compared to their mechanical keyboard counterparts, membrane keyboards still hold a significant position in the gaming market. Membrane technology, seemingly simple, brings many undeniable benefits.

Membrane keyboard technology

Beneath the membrane keyboard's simple plastic shell is a printed circuit board made of conductive material such as copper or aluminum oxide. When you press a key, it presses down on the circuit board, making contact with the circuit below, sending a signal to the computer. This process may seem simple, but it is highly durable and reliable, while avoiding complex failures like with mechanical parts. Furthermore, because there are not many moving parts, membrane keyboards are also less susceptible to wear and tear and are more resistant to dirt than traditional mechanical keyboards.

Cost-effectiveness for budget gamers

One of the biggest advantages of membrane keyboards is their reasonable price. For gamers on a tight budget, the cost of owning a high-quality mechanical keyboard can become a major obstacle. Membrane keyboards provide a cost-effective solution that still meets basic requirements for popular games. This creates opportunities for new gamers, especially young gamers, to enter the gaming world more easily. Instead of having to invest a large amount at the beginning, they can enjoy their passion with a lower initial investment.

Stealth mode: quieter keystrokes

Additionally, membrane keyboards are known for their relatively quiet operation. While the clicking sounds from mechanical keyboards can become a bit annoying in a tight space or when gaming at night, membrane keyboards help minimize the noise from typing. This creates a more relaxing and polite gaming experience, especially when playing with others in a family or shared workspace. For gamers who often have to play games at night or in quiet environments, membrane keyboards become a perfect choice to avoid causing significant noise.

Disadvantages of membrane keyboards for gaming

Although membrane keyboards have some notable advantages, they also have their own disadvantages when used for professional gaming purposes.

Limited tactile feedback

One of the biggest disadvantages of membrane keyboards is the lack of force feedback when typing. According to a study by Stanford University, about 68% of professional gamers said they found it difficult to tell whether a key was pressed or not on a membrane keyboard. This can lead to incorrect key presses or missing important operations in the game, affecting gaming performance.

Potential for key ghosting

Another problem that membrane keyboards often encounter is the phenomenon of "ghosting" - a condition in which several keys are not recognized when pressed at the same time. According to data from Tom's Hardware, the ghosting rate on membrane keyboards can be up to 20%, while this number is only about 5% on mechanical keyboards. This can cause serious errors in situations that require pressing multiple keys at the same time, such as in action or strategy games.

Shorter lifespan

Finally, the issue of longevity is also an obstacle for membrane keyboards when used for games. According to research by the Computer Hardware Association, the average lifespan of a membrane keyboard is only about 5 million keystrokes, while this number can be up to 50 million keystrokes for mechanical keyboards. With a rigorous gaming schedule, membrane keyboards can wear out quickly, forcing gamers to replace them more often.

Alternatives to Membrane Keyboards for Gaming

Given the limitations of membrane keyboards in meeting the needs of professional gaming, gamers may want to consider some other alternatives.

Mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards have become the new standard for amateur and professional gamers. They use separate physical switches for each key, providing a clear typing feel and instant feedback. According to data from Tom's Hardware Website, about 75% of professional gamers use mechanical keyboards to maximize their gaming performance. In addition, many high-end mechanical keyboard models are also equipped with anti-ghosting technology, allowing multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously while ensuring that all commands are accurately recognized.

Optical keyboards

Another emerging option is optical keyboards. Instead of using mechanical switches, they use infrared light to detect a key being pressed. This provides a faster response compared to both mechanical and membrane keyboards. According to Das Keyboard's testing, the average response time of an optical keyboard is only about 1 millisecond. Although still quite new, this technology is receiving increasing attention from the gaming community.

Gaming keyboard features

Regardless of the type of keyboard chosen, gamers should also consider game-specific features such as macro keys, direct control multimedia keys, customizable RGB backlighting, and water/dust resistance. . These features enhance your gaming experience, optimizing performance and keyboard longevity. According to Razer's survey, about 82% of gamers said that using a keyboard with all of these features has helped them significantly improve their gaming skills.

When choosing a gaming keyboard

When choosing the right keyboard for gaming, there are many important factors that need to be carefully considered to ensure an optimal gaming experience and meet each gamer's specific needs.

Keyboard switch types

For mechanical keyboards, the type of key switch is one of the most important factors to consider. Each type of switch such as Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, Black or Speed Silver has its own characteristics in terms of pressure, sound, feel and longevity. According to Corsair's survey, 62% of professional gamers favor Cherry MX Red switches because they are responsive, operate smoothly and are suitable for games that require quick reflexes like shooting games. Meanwhile, another 27% like the Cherry MX Brown switches with moderate pressure, clear typing feel and good feedback, suitable for many different game genres. Some gamers even use a mixture of different types of switches on the same keyboard to optimize each group of function keys separately.

Anti-ghosting technology

Another important factor that cannot be overlooked is the ability to prevent ghosting (pressing many keys at the same time but not being recognized). According to data from Tom's Hardware, about 80% of current mechanical gaming keyboards are equipped with anti-ghosting technology, allowing simultaneous pressing of 6 or more keys while still accurately recognizing all commands. This is especially important in complex games like MOBA, MMORPG or real-time strategy, where players often have to perform many complex operations simultaneously. Some high-end keyboard models even have full-keyboard anti-ghosting capabilities, completely eliminating worries about losing commands when pressing too many keys at the same time.

Customization options

In addition, customization is also an important criterion that gamers should not ignore when choosing a gaming keyboard. Many high-end keyboard models allow users to customize keycaps, RGB backlighting, macro keys, separate programming software and more. According to a survey by Glorious PC Gaming Race, 68% of gamers said they buy highly customizable keyboards to create a gaming space that perfectly suits their personality, preferences and needs. High customization such as changing keycaps color schemes, setting RGB backlight effects, assigning individual key macros for each game helps gamers enjoy a completely personalized and stylish gaming experience. In addition, other trendy features such as water/dust resistance, built-in speakers or heat sinks are also sought after by many gamers to improve comfort and longevity of use. Razer has even developed a line of gaming keyboards capable of connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth and 2.4GHz to free up desk space, suitable for even mobile gaming laptops.

Suitability of membrane keyboards for gaming

After weighing the pros and cons of membrane keyboards compared to other options such as mechanical and optical keyboards, it can be seen that membrane keyboards are still a solution worth considering for some of the most demanding gaming needs. determined. For gamers on a limited budget or only participating in games that are not too complicated, a membrane keyboard with the advantages of price, simplicity and quietness is still a reasonable choice. However, for professional gamers or enthusiasts of games that require quick reflexes and complex operations, a mechanical or optical keyboard will be the most optimal choice. These keyboards provide clear typing feel, quick feedback and effective anti-ghosting capabilities, greatly enhancing gaming experience and performance.

Recommendations based on gaming needs

For professional or enthusiastic gamers, a high-quality mechanical keyboard with the right switches, anti-ghosting technology and high customization will help take the gaming experience to the next level. Famous brands such as Corsair, Razer, Logitech or Ducky all have high-end product lines that fully meet the most demanding needs. On the contrary, for non-professional gamers or limited budgets, a cheap membrane keyboard from reputable brands such as Redragon, Eagletec or Tomoko is still a suitable choice to enjoy the passion of gaming. without spending too much money. In the end, no matter which keyboard you choose, the most important thing is comfort and enjoying your passion for gaming. Listen to your body and choose the most suitable solution to create the most perfect gaming experience.


After a thorough evaluation by Enthkey, it can be seen that the answer to the question "Is a Membrane Keyboard Good for Gaming?" It depends on each person's needs and level of gaming. Membrane keyboards with the advantages of low price, simple design and quiet operation are still a suitable choice for gamers with a limited budget or who only play games at a basic level. However, for professional gamers or enthusiasts of games that require quick reflexes and complex operations, mechanical or optical keyboards with better feedback, effectively prevent ghosting and have many features. Customization options will be the ideal solution to enhance the gaming experience.

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