HP gaming keyboard price is worth the investment?

HP gaming keyboard price is worth the investment?

HP gaming keyboard price
Are you a passionate gamer and looking for a quality gaming keyboard to enhance your gaming experience?HP gaming keyboard price - Discover attractive prices of gaming keyboards from computer brands Famous HP. From basic keyboard models at affordable prices to high-end versions equipped with modern features, you will definitely find a product that suits your needs and budget. Join Enthkey to discover HP gaming keyboard prices now to choose the perfect ally in every intense game battle.

Learn about the HP brand and their position

HP's history and achievements in the field of computer accessories

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is one of the world's leading computer and accessory brands with a history of more than 80 years of development. The company was founded in 1939 by two engineers, Bill Hewlett and David Packard, starting from a small garage in Palo Alto, California. Over the past decades, HP has continuously innovated and expanded its product portfolio from personal computers, printers, scanners to computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, headphones and many other devices. Strong investment in research and development has helped HP stay ahead of the curve with many advanced technologies. In particular, in the field of keyboards and gaming accessories, HP has affirmed its leading position with many high-quality product lines, integrating many modern features to serve gamers such as RGB backlighting, macro keys, anti-key break technology,... HP gaming keyboard products always receive high praise for their impressive, compact typing feel.

Product orientation and target customers

With the philosophy "Serving towards perfection and bringing the best to customers", HP always aims to provide high-end, modern technology products and services to meet all needs customer usage needs. In the computer and gaming accessories segment, HP focuses on customers ranging from passionate professional gamers to office and study users who need a quality keyboard with many convenient features. HP's high-end gaming keyboard product lines such as OMEN are aimed at professional gamers with advanced features in performance, customization, and impressive RGB backlighting. Meanwhile, the Pavilion product line targets office and study needs with a simple, durable design that still meets basic gaming needs. HP also focuses on developing low-cost, mid-range gaming keyboards such as HyperX to reach gamers and students with limited budgets but who are passionate about gaming. In general, HP is gradually asserting its leading brand position in the computer and gaming accessories segment with a diverse product strategy, targeting many different customers.

Analyze the cost of HP gaming keyboards

Evaluate quality, configuration, and features according to each price segment

High-end segment (over 2 million VND)

  • OMEN series: Using top mechanical switches such as Cherry MX, monolithic metal material, sharp customizable RGB LED lights, supporting multi-function control software.
  • Powerful configuration, integrated with many macro keys, mixing keys, extremely long key life.

Mid-range segment (800 thousand - 2 million VND)

  • Pavilion series: High quality alloy or plastic shell, high-end hybrid or membrane mechanical switch, basic RGB LED lights.
  • Waterproof feature, long key life, convenient wireless connection on some models.
  • Fewer macro keys, simpler software customization.

Cheap segment (under 800 thousand VND)

  • HP HyperX series: Good quality plastic case, standard copper core switch, monochrome LED light or no light.
  • Few advanced features such as macros, key mixing, only supports wired connection.
  • Configuration suitable for basic gaming and office needs.

Compare with competitors in the same segment

In the high-end segment, HP's OMEN competes fairly with Razer's BlackWidow or Corsair K70 lines in terms of technology and features, but the price is usually about 10-15% cheaper. In the mid-range segment, HP's Pavilion is still quite inferior to rivals Logitech G213 or Redragon Devarajas in terms of configuration and customization. However, prices are usually 15-20% cheaper than those competitors. In the low-cost segment, HP HyperX has a competitive advantage thanks to its brand and better warranty support than cheap Chinese accessory brands, but the price is often 10-15% more expensive than them.

Determine the appropriate price for each specific usage need

  • Professional, demanding gamers: Choose the OMEN line with a price of over 2 million for a strong, customizable configuration.
  • Multi-purpose entertainment gamers: Pavilion is about 1-1.5 million, balancing gaming and office features.
  • Basic gaming needs, average students: HP HyperX 500-800 thousand, enough for light games.
  • Needs only office keyboard: HP's cheap lines under 500 thousand, basic gaming features.

Depending on your "playfulness" and usage needs, you can choose the most suitable price segment.

Detailed review of the pros and cons of the HP gaming keyboard

Advantages in performance, design, outstanding features:

  1. Performance: HP gaming keyboards often use digital technology and high-end switches such as Cherry MX or equivalent to ensure fast, accurate response and longevity. This is important in competitive games.
  2. Design: HP focuses on designing gaming keyboards with a rugged, sturdy appearance. They often have a sturdy metal or plastic structure that resists dust and water well. Multi-color RGB backlighting is also a highlight.
  3. Outstanding features: Common features such as macro keys, multimedia keys, game mode keys, RGB backlight customization, multi-stream connection via cable or wireless.

Disadvantages include limited features, maintenance costs, and support

  1. Limited features: Although there are many useful features, HP gaming keyboards may lack some advanced features compared to competitors in the same segment.
  2. Maintenance costs: Replacing or repairing components such as switches or backlights often have high costs if they are no longer within the warranty period.
  3. Support: HP's support service for this segment may be less professional or slower than other brands specializing in gaming accessories.

Ability to customize and upgrade in the future

  1. Software customization: HP provides control software so users can customize features such as backlighting, macros, etc.
  2. Hardware upgrade: Some high-end keyboard lines allow users to change the switch or keycap to upgrade the experience.
  3. Firmware update support: HP regularly updates firmware to fix errors and add new features, helping to extend product life.

Tips for choosing an HP gaming keyboard

Determine your purpose of use and budget

  • Determine whether you will use the keyboard for regular gaming purposes, requiring high performance, or just for general entertainment.
  • Assess the budget you are willing to spend on a high-quality gaming keyboard. HP keyboard prices range from a few hundred thousand to several million dong.
  • Consider the need for features, durability and future upgradeability to make appropriate investments.

Consider based on important criteria

  • Performance: Evaluate response, latency, switch life, response speed.
  • Design: Shell material, weight, dust/water resistance, RGB backlight.
  • Features: Number of macro keys, multimedia keys, ability to customize backlight, wired/wireless connection.
  • Brand: Evaluates HP's reliability, quality and support services.
  • Compatibility: Check compatibility with the operating system and device being used.


When choosing to buy a new gaming keyboard, "HP gaming keyboard price" is definitely an important keyword that Enthkey believes is necessary to learn. HP is a famous brand with many lines of gaming keyboards with a variety of designs and features, suitable for many different price segments. Whether the price is high or low, it's important to carefully consider the features, design, and fit for your own specific usage needs. With competition in the market, HP always tries to bring quality gaming keyboards at reasonable prices to attract customers. Please consult and compare carefully before making the most suitable purchasing decision.

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