Why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

Why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

Why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming
Why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming? Mechanical keyboards have become the top choice of the gaming community in recent years. With a simple but sophisticated design, mechanical keyboards offer many technical advantages compared to traditional membrane keyboards such as precise signal transmission, high customization ability and durable life. These advantages help gamers achieve the most optimal gaming experience in all genres, from FPS, RPG to MOBA or Battle Royale. Let's find out with Enthkey the detailed reasons why mechanical keyboards are more appreciated in gaming.

A short history of mechanical keyboards

Originated from the typewriter keyboard

Mechanical keyboards were first developed in the 1870s for use in typewriters. They use a simple, sturdy mechanism with tapping pins attached to a transmission rod system. Each key is connected to a small bar when pressed and will create mechanical movement to mark on paper or plastic cover. This creates a very responsive typing feel and makes it easy to type quickly. These mechanical keyboards were commonly used in offices and agencies until the advent of personal computers in the 1970s and 1980s. At this time, manufacturers switched to rubber keypads or touch links to reduce costs and expenses.

The rise of digital culture

However, in the late 1990s, some companies such as IBM and Unicomp still retained the production of mechanical keyboards for loyal users of this type of keyboard. The technology-loving community gradually grows and matures, causing the need for mechanical keyboards to be recognized again. In the 2000s, computer hardware brands such as Cherry, Filco, Das Keyboard... took advantage of this opportunity to produce mechanical keyboards with many improvements in design, sound and user experience. use more. This has led to the formation of a new digital culture surrounding the passion for collecting and customizing high-end keyboards, especially in the gaming community. To date, this culture has developed into a vibrant industry with many brands, constant creativity in terms of designs, switches, keycaps and especially in the high-end segment for professional gamers.

Internal structure of a mechanical keyboard

What is a mechanical switch?

Many different types of switches (Cherry, Gateron, Kailh,...) Switch is the most important component of a mechanical keyboard, acting as a mechanical switch under each key. There are many different switch manufacturers, such as Cherry (from Germany), Gateron, Kailh (from China), with dozens of switch types differing in typing force, sound, and longevity. Different typing feeling Each type of switch will bring a different typing feeling, from light to heavy, from noisy to relatively quiet. For example, Cherry MX Blue switches are famous for their clear "click" sound that is very popular with many gamers. Other switches, like Cherry MX Red, are very good, quiet and suitable for the office.

Keycaps and common materials

ABS, PBT, POM,... Keycaps are accessories mounted on the switch, which we see and directly contact when typing. Keycaps are made from many different types of materials such as ABS, PBT, POM... affecting longevity, touch and weight. Impact on sound and typing feeling The type of keycap material will determine the sound when typing, giving a resonant or relatively hidden sound. In addition, the weight of the material, roughness or smoothness also affects the feeling of typing. Circuit board and backlight Inside a mechanical keyboard is an electronic circuit board (PCB) to process signals from the keys and transmit them to the computer. Many high-end keyboard models also incorporate LED backlighting for each key, providing beautiful lighting effects that can be customized according to preferences. The combination of the above factors, such as switches, keycaps and materials, will create a difference in the experience and price of each mechanical keyboard on the market today.

Technical reasons why mechanical keyboards are suitable for games

The signal is clear, not stagnant/ overpressed

The operating mechanism of the mechanical switch in a mechanical keyboard is based on simple mechanical principles. Each key will have a separate switch and when pressed down, the switch will close the circuit to send signals to the computer. This ensures that the signal is transmitted faithfully and clearly without any lingering or confusion between keys. In contrast to membrane keyboards, keys that are close together are often susceptible to "overpressing" when a key is pressed too hard, activating surrounding keys. This can easily happen during fast action scenes of the game, leading to incorrect commands being sent.

Customize everything

Switch, keycaps, layout Thanks to the simple mechanism of the mechanical keyboard, users can completely remove each key to replace a new switch with a different typing feeling as they want. Keycaps are also easy to replace with many options for styles, colors, prints, etc. Even the layout of the keyboard (key layout) can be customized. Macros, remapping,... Most mechanical keyboards allow users to assign macros (multiple keys pressed at the same time) to one key or remap (assign different positions) to keys as desired. This is very useful when playing games to perform complex operations with just a few keystrokes.

Long lifespan thanks to simple design

The design of a mechanical keyboard is very simple and does not have many moving parts. In particular, mechanical switches are rated for a very high lifespan, from 50-100 million clicks depending on the manufacturer. Compared to a conventional membrane keyboard that only lasts about 5-10 million keystrokes, we can see that mechanical keyboards are actually much more durable if used properly. In summary, thanks to the advantages of signal fidelity, high customization and outstanding longevity, mechanical keyboards have become the perfect choice for gamers to achieve optimal gaming performance.

Experience a perfect game with a mechanical keyboard:

Fighting FPS/TPS games

In first-person shooter (FPS) games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Valorant... or third-person (TPS) games like Fortnite, PUBG..., the ability to respond quickly and accurately mechanical keys is an extremely valuable advantage. The operations of pressing the gun key, jumping, and running must all be performed smoothly and without delay to be able to promptly handle situations in the game. In particular, some professional gamers can even distinguish the clear "click" sound of each type of switch when pressing the gun, helping them feel more accurate.

Role-playing, adventure game

In the role-playing game (RPG) and adventure genre, players often have to perform many complex key operations such as moving, attacking, magic, equipping... Using a mechanical keyboard to easily Assigning macros will be very convenient, helping players be more neat and responsive in intense combat scenes. The ability to customize the keycaps of a mechanical keyboard is also an advantage that helps gamers assign images of characters and objects according to their preferences to each key, creating a realistic and exciting atmosphere when playing the role.

MOBA, Battle Royale,...

Strategic battle arena games like DOTA 2, League of Legends and battle royale like Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone all require players to perform shortcuts and super-fast reflexes. Mechanical keyboards with accurate signal transmission, no mistakes or stuck keys will help gamers easily control characters in the smoothest way.

Ultimate performance for professional gamers

The strength of customization of mechanical keyboards makes it the number one choice of professional gamers. They can customize each key, assign macros, remap... to suit their playing style to achieve maximum efficiency. The clear feeling of keystrokes and precise reflexes are also very useful in bloody matches. Many professional teams, whether participating in different game genres, prefer to use high-quality, high-quality mechanical keyboards to ensure gaming performance is always at the optimal level. Obviously, with its outstanding technical advantages, mechanical keyboards have become the ideal weapon for gamers to increase their gaming ability and conquer all genres more easily.


The long-standing development process and constant creativity of the mechanical keyboard industry have produced products with outstanding design and features. It is the technical reasons that Enthkey gives such as accurate signal transmission, high customization and durable longevity that make mechanical keyboards the perfect choice for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. a new level. From FPS and RPG games to MOBA or Battle Royale, mechanical keyboards always bring advantages for players to achieve maximum performance, meeting all the most complex operations. That's why mechanical keyboards are better for gaming and are increasingly popular among the professional gaming community.  

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