Looking for interesting things - what keyboard does typical gamer have?

Looking for interesting things - what keyboard does typical gamer have?

what keyboard does typical gamer have
For a long time, the question what keyboard does a typical gamer have, is still of interest to many passionate gamers. A suitable gaming keyboard is not simply a tool to increase gaming performance, but also shows each player's class and personality. So what is the answer for "typical" gamers in both amateur and professional circles? Let's find out with Enthkey in this article.

The keyboard is an indispensable tool for gamers

In the dramatic and fiercely competitive gaming world, a keyboard is no longer simply an accessory. It plays a key role, determining reaction ability, key press speed and comfort throughout the journey to conquer each game challenge. Like a special weapon for gamers, the keyboard is an indispensable tool to achieve maximum performance in all stressful situations. Choosing the right keyboard will greatly enhance your gaming experience. A good keyboard must meet the criteria of fast response speed, giving a smooth and accurate typing feeling. Equipping the wrong type of keyboard can cause gamers to suffer fatal delays or simply get tired of using it for too long. These are unnecessary risks for any passionate gamer. Furthermore, a high-quality keyboard designed specifically for gaming will possess extremely useful utility features such as LED/RGB backlighting, macro customization, and waterproof/dust resistance. All are aimed at optimizing each gaming experience, allowing gamers to confidently conquer every challenge decisively. For that reason, choosing a suitable keyboard is not simply to add to the desk, but also shows passion, dedication and tireless efforts towards the highest achievements in gaming. of each gamer.

Classification of popular gaming keyboards

Mechanical keyboard - the choice of most gamers

When mentioning gaming keyboards, it is impossible not to mention the "golden egg" among gamers, which is the mechanical keyboard line. Considered the top choice of many professional gamers and enthusiasts, mechanical keyboards stand out with outstanding advantages in all aspects.

Outstanding advantages of response speed and long life First of all, the brightest point of a mechanical keyboard is its extremely fast response speed. With a structure of mechanical button switches, each key press will directly trigger feedback from the keyboard without the need for intermediaries, like on a conventional membrane keyboard. This ensures gamers always have accurate and timely input signals in dramatic situations that require quick reflexes. Besides, long life is also a big advantage of mechanical keyboards. With a sturdy, durable design and good abrasion resistance, they can operate stably for a long time without becoming corroded or damaged.

Disadvantages include higher prices and low noise level However, not all advantages are perfect. The higher price compared to membrane keyboards and the slightly loud noise from pressing keys are two undeniable disadvantages of mechanical keyboards. But for those who are truly passionate about gaming, these are all "prices" worth compensating for the full experience.

Popular switch types: Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron Finally, when talking about mechanical keyboards, it is impossible not to mention popular switches such as Cherry MX, Kailh or Gateron. Each type has its own characteristics in terms of bounce, pressure, and sound, creating a different sensory experience, serving each gamer's unique preferences.

Membrane keyboard - cheap option

Although mechanical keyboards are the most popular, there are still some gamers who choose membrane keyboards with their own advantages of low price and quiet operation.

Advantages of low price, quiet operation

The biggest advantage of membrane keyboards is their affordable price, suitable for most budgets. The operating mechanism based on elastic rubber pads also helps them operate quietly, causing less noise that can disturb people around.

Disadvantages: poor response, lower lifespan

However, in return for the price advantage, membrane keyboards appear to be less competitive in terms of response and longevity. They often have a higher delay when pressing keys, causing a delayed feeling compared to mechanical keyboards. At the same time, due to using old technology, their lifespan is also lower than that of their competitors.

Wired and wireless keyboards

Another classification criterion for gaming keyboards is connectivity. Wired keyboards are still popular because of their stability and lack of signal delay problems. Meanwhile, wireless keyboards allow for more freedom of movement but also have a higher risk of connection interruptions. With more detailed paragraphs about each classification above, readers will easily grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular keyboard types today. Thereby, they can consider the option that best suits their needs and budget.

A must-see feature on a gaming keyboard

For the passionate gaming community, a keyboard is more than just a tool for typing. It must be equipped with special features that help elevate the gaming experience to new heights both visually and in terms of utility.

LED/RGB backlight

Undeniably, the LED/RGB backlight is the factor that captivates players at first sight. Bright lighting, even customizable color-changing lights, create a professional, classy gaming atmosphere with every key press. This is not only a beauty feature, but also helps maximize the gaming experience in dark environments.

Water/dust resistance

In terms of practicality, water and dust resistance play an important role in extending the lifespan of the keyboard. In the tense, sweaty atmosphere of a fierce game, accidentally spilling drinks or sticking to dust will no longer be a worry if the keyboard is made from standard waterproof material.

Macro key Macro keys allow users to assign a sequence of shortcut commands to a single key. This feature saves significant keystrokes while providing smooth, uninterrupted action in the game. For gamers, macro keys are an advantage that cannot be ignored.

Customized software

If it just stops there, it's still not enough. Today's leading keyboard brands often integrate their own software to help users customize each feature according to personal preferences. From programming macros, changing backlight colors to setting specific parameters for each game, this software opens up endless possibilities.

Design, high quality materials

Last but not least, a gaming keyboard not only needs to have full features but also must be designed from high-quality, durable materials. Solid cast aluminum material with sturdy frame, wear-resistant keycaps with good color retention over time are points to pay attention to for those who want to own a quality gaming keyboard. The above features are considered an indispensable "kit" for a real gaming keyboard. Considering owning as much as possible will help you gain a true passion for gaming.

Typical gaming keyboard brand gamers often choose

In today's gaming keyboard market, there are a number of famous brands that are always welcomed and trusted by gamers. Below are the names that make any typical gamer admire:


Razer is known as a "giant" in the field of gaming gear, with mechanical keyboard lines from popular to high-end segments receiving many compliments. Standing out with its aggressive design and dragon logo containing inspiration from Buddhism, Razer is currently a familiar gaming keyboard brand to many gamers.


Coming from America, Corsair is also a name not to be missed when mentioning gaming keyboards. The company's outstanding product lines, such as K70, K95 or K100, always have a place in the hearts of gamers thanks to good quality, high customization and impressive design.


With decades of history operating in the computer accessories industry, Logitech is never missing from the typical gamer's favorite list. Logitech keyboards excel in stable wireless connectivity and optimal game support features.


Coming from Denmark, SteelSeries is known to gamers for its mechanical keyboards with thin, light, neat designs but no less top quality. The company's Apex series is often considered the perfect choice for mobile gaming.


Ducky is a brand from Taiwan but also captures the hearts of many gamers around the world. The Ducky keyboard impresses with its simple and sophisticated appearance, but inside is a methodical structure and reliable quality. And there are many other famous brands such as HyperX, Das Keyboard, Varmilo... that typical gamers cannot ignore. The variety of options helps gamers easily find the product that best suits their preferences and budget.

How to choose the right gaming keyboard?

With countless options from famous brands, choosing a suitable gaming keyboard is not easy. However, if you set reasonable selection criteria, you can absolutely find a powerful assistant to "further the battlefield".

Determine needs and budget

The first thing to do is ask yourself about the main purpose of use and available budget. Do you just want a simple gaming keyboard or do you need more advanced features? Consider carefully so as not to be overwhelmed by too many options on the market.

Choose a switch suitable for the game genre

With a mechanical keyboard, the type of switch you choose will directly affect your gaming experience. Depending on the genre, such as FPS, RTS or MOBA, you can consider switching Brown, Blue or Red to suit the level of feedback and sound.

Evaluate required features

Whether you like the shimmering RGB backlight or not, consider whether you really need features like macro keys and water/dust resistance. Only choose what is necessary to avoid waste.

Consider durability and repair support

Besides technical specifications, don't forget to consider durability as well as the manufacturer's warranty and repair support policy. A good gaming keyboard must be able to serve you for a long time.

Refer to reviews from the gaming community

Finally, listen to reviews from the gaming community with real experience. Players with the same passion will give you the most objective perspective. Only when you meet all of the above criteria can you choose a truly suitable gaming keyboard. Consider it a worthy investment for your own gaming passion.

Conclusion what keyboard does typical gamer have

The question "What keyboard does a typical gamer have?" has been answered in detail by Enthkey through this article. For passionate gamers, choosing a suitable gaming keyboard is extremely important to optimize the gaming experience. Mechanical keyboards with the advantages of fast response speed and long life are still the top choice of typical gamers.

However, do not underestimate the membrane keyboard as well as modern features such as LED/RGB backlighting, water/dust resistance or macro keys. When choosing to buy, consider your budget, specific usage needs, especially the type of switch and features suitable for your favorite game genre. At the same time, consulting reviews from other gamers is also a good thing to do. Finally, with famous gaming keyboard brands such as Razer, Corsair, Logitech, SteelSeries or Ducky, typical gamers can completely find the most ideal "weapon" for their passion.

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