What keyboard do pro valorant players use?

What keyboard do pro valorant players use?

What keyboard do pro valorant players use
In the rapidly growing esports shooter industry, Valorant has become one of the most attractive games. With fast gameplay and demanding reflexes, the question "what keyboard do pro valorant players use" becomes extremely important. Input devices like keyboards play an undeniable role in giving professional players a competitive edge. Even a slight delay in response can lead to loss in fierce fights. Therefore, what type of keyboard to use to optimize performance has become a top concern in the professional Valorant community. To find a satisfactory answer, Enthkey and you will learn in the article below

The secret weapon of professional Valorant gamers

The importance of keyboard in shooting games like Valorant

In fast-paced shooting games like Valorant, the keyboard plays an extremely important role for gamers. It is the key tool to control the character, perform important actions such as moving, aiming, throwing grenades, using abilities and performing many other operations. The sensitivity, accuracy and instant response of the keyboard can determine victory or defeat in fierce combat situations. In Valorant, quick turns, tight jumps or machine gun shooting require extremely fast response speed from the keyboard. Any delay or delay can lead to tragic results in a tense match.

Special requirements of keyboards in professional environments

When competing at a professional level, the keyboard must meet more stringent criteria than for daily use or recreational gaming. Response Time: The keyboard must have a super fast response speed, usually measured in milliseconds, so gamers can perform continuous operations smoothly and accurately. Durability: Professional gamers often compete for many hours in practice sessions and tournaments. The keyboard needs to be durable enough to withstand high pressure use over long periods of time. Customization: Professional gamers often want to customize the keyboard according to their preferences and playing style. The ability to change keycaps, remap keys, and program macros are important features. Build Quality: Professional keyboards need to be made with premium materials, with good finishing to ensure longevity and optimal experience. Therefore, to become a professional Valorant gamer, choosing a suitable keyboard that meets the above strict criteria is extremely important. The keyboard is the "secret weapon" that helps them conquer heights in the world of professional gamers.

Mechanical keyboard and outstanding features

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses a mechanical lever mechanism below each key instead of the traditional button press mechanism. They are completely different from flat screen keyboards (membrane keyboards) common on laptops and desktop computers. Outstanding features of mechanical keyboards include:
  • The feeling of typing is clear and compact thanks to the mechanical lever mechanism.
  • Faster and more accurate response than flat screen keyboards.
  • Long lifespan, can be used for many years thanks to high durability.
  • Highly customizable with changing keycaps, lube switches, remapping keys, etc.
  • Rugged, durable design with sturdy aluminum or steel frame.

Classification of mechanical keyboards based on switches

Mechanical keyboards are classified mainly based on the type of switch (mechanical switch) used. Common types of switches include:
  • Cherry MX: This is the most popular and popular switch with many different variations, such as Red, Blue, Brown, Black, etc.
  • Gateron: Gateron's switches have many of the same features as Cherry MX but are often cheaper.
  • Kailh: Kailh also provides many different types of switches, such as Red, Brown, Speed, etc. at an affordable price.
  • Other types of switches such as Outemu, TTC, Huano, etc.

Important features

Response Time: Mechanical keyboards often have faster response times than flat screen keyboards thanks to the mechanical mechanism, which is very important in games. Durability: Mechanical keyboards are rated to have a longer lifespan, often rated for tens of millions of keystrokes. Customization: Users can customize keycaps, lube switches, remap keys and even change the entire switch to suit personal preferences. With the above outstanding features, mechanical keyboards have become the top choice of professional gamers, especially those who play fast-paced shooting games like Valorant.

The most popular keyboard brands in professional Valorant circles

Ducky - Keyboard empire from Taiwan

Ducky is one of the most famous and beloved mechanical keyboard brands in the professional gaming community. Founded in 2008 in Taiwan, Ducky has quickly become a symbol of quality and class in the keyboard industry. Product lines such as Ducky One 2, Ducky One 3, Ducky Shine are all highly appreciated for their design, processing quality, and customization ability. Many top Valorant gamers like TenZ and ScreaM all use Ducky keyboard models in professional competition.

Varmilo - China's keyboard pride

Varmilo is a mechanical keyboard brand from China, founded in 2012. Although it is a relatively new name compared to other competitors, Varmilo has quickly built a reputation in the community thanks to Good product quality and many attractive options. Varmilo's outstanding product lines include the VA Series, VB Series, and VR Series, with a wide selection of sizes, styles, and switches. Varmilo is also famous for its high-end keycaps, bringing diversity to keyboard customization.

Razer - Famous gaming gear brand

Razer is one of the largest gaming gear brands in the world, famous for its high-quality mice, keyboards, and headsets for gamers. In the field of mechanical keyboards, Razer has main product lines such as BlackWidow, Huntsman, and Ornata. Razer products often have impressive designs, reliable quality, and good gamer support features. Many professional Valorant gamers choose Razer keyboards thanks to Razer Synapse, customization, and game-specific features.

Logitech - Giant in the field of computer peripherals

Logitech is one of the most famous brands in the computer peripherals industry. With many years of experience, Logitech has also created many lines of high-end mechanical keyboards for gamers such as G Pro X, G915, and G513. Logitech keyboards stand out with modern design, outstanding quality, and integrated smart features such as software synchronization and RGB backlighting. They are suitable for many needs, from games, offices to content creation.

Personalize the keyboard for professional Valorant gamers

Customize keycaps and keycap profiles

One of the popular ways to personalize mechanical keyboards for professional Valorant gamers is to customize keycaps and keycap profiles. Keycaps have many material options such as ABS plastic, high-quality PBT or even aluminum and copper; as well as different styles and colors for each individual preference. Many gamers prefer PBT keycaps because of their durability and a more comfortable typing feel. Keycap profiles such as OEM, Cherry, SA, DSA, XDA, MT3... Each type brings a different typing feeling. Gamers often choose flat profiles like DSA or XDA to make pressing keys easier during movement.

Lube and mod switch for maximum quietness and smoothness

Lubricating mechanical switches and implementing switch mods are ways to help gamers improve their typing experience to make it smoother and quieter. Lube is the process of lubricating the moving parts of the switch with silicone oil to reduce friction and noise. Switch mods include replacing the switch housing, improving the pendulum, and even changing the spring to increase performance. Professional Valorant gamers pay special attention to these small details to get the smoothest, smoothest typing feeling, helping them compete more effectively.

Remap keys and macros for in-game advantage

Remap keys (reassign keys) and use macros (key combinations) are important features that professional Valorant gamers take advantage of to have an advantage in competition. Remap keys allow arbitrary remapping of key functions to better suit your playing style and personal habits. Gamers can assign key keys to a more convenient location. Macros help gamers record and pre-program complex command sequences into a simple keystroke. For example, record macros to perform certain reflexes or activate in-game skills with just one keystroke.

Advice from professional Valorant gamers

Share experiences from Valorant experts

For the world's top professional Valorant gamers, the keyboard plays an extremely important role. They put a lot of effort into finding and personalizing the keyboard that best suits them. Below are some shared experiences from experts: TenZ - Sentinels Team: "I use the Ducky One 2 SF keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches. I like the lightness and quick response of this switch, helping me have smooth movement and shooting in Valorant ." ScreaM - Liquid Team: "I have experienced many different types of keyboards, but the Leopold FC750R PD is the perfect choice for me. Switch Topre provides a smooth and quiet typing feeling, suitable for my playing style." Hiko - 100 Thieves Team: "You don't have to use the most expensive keyboard. Focus on finding a keyboard that suits your needs and preferences. I like the Razer Huntsman keyboard with switches Linear Optical is smooth."

Tips for choosing the most suitable keyboard for yourself

To find the ideal mechanical keyboard for yourself, here are some tips from professional Valorant gamers:
  • Directly test different types of switches to feel the difference. Don't just rely on theory, trust the feel of your hand.
  • Choose keyboard size (fullsize, tenkeyless, 65%, 60%...) to suit your workspace and mouse movement preferences.
  • Pay attention to keycap profiles and keycap material to have the most comfortable typing experience.
  • Consider customization capabilities such as lube switches, changing keycaps, and remapping keys to meet high personalization needs.
  • Don't hesitate to assemble or mod the keyboard yourself if you have enough knowledge and passion.

Is a mechanical keyboard the best choice?

Although mechanical keyboards are very popular among professional Valorant gamers, they are not the only option. Some gamers still feel more comfortable with other types of keyboards, such as:
  • Optical Keyboard: Uses optical technology to record keystrokes, providing extremely fast response speed and long life.
  • High-end membrane keyboard: Some high-end membrane lines such as Topre or Scissor Switch are also highly appreciated for their typing feel and performance.


When considering the question "what keyboard do pro valorant players use", it is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all option. However, most Valorant pro players use high-end mechanical keyboards for maximum performance. They are popular for their fast response speed, high accuracy, and flexible customization capabilities. Although it requires a higher initial investment cost, for pro players of Valorant - an FPS game that requires quick reflexes, Enthkey believes that using a high-quality keyboard is completely worth it to optimize performance. competition capacity.

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