What is a mechanical keyboard used for?

What is a mechanical keyboard used for?

What is a mechanical keyboard used for

From the clicking sound that attracts enthusiasts, to the emotional typing experience that makes coders addicted, mechanical keyboards have elevated the way we interact with computers. The question "What is a mechanical keyboard used for?" has an answer that goes beyond the framework: they are used to conquering every field, from top gaming to the office. Join Enthkey to discover why mechanical keyboards have become a widespread phenomenon, turning a simple accessory into a statement of passion and lifestyle.

Decoding the passion for mechanical keyboard

Key differences (mechanical vs membrane keyboard)

Mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards have fundamental differences in structure and operating mechanism. Mechanical keyboards use separate mechanical switches for each key, while membrane keyboards use a thick flexible rubber plate placed below the keys.

With a mechanical keyboard, each key press activates a mechanical switch below, creating a clear "bump" and the feeling of the key being completely pressed down. This provides a very crisp typing feel and immediate visual feedback.

In contrast, on a membrane keyboard, when a key is pressed, the flexible rubber plate bends down and outputs an electrical signal from the circuit below. The typing feel on membrane keyboards is often softer and less clear than on mechanical keyboards.

The sound of a "musical instrument" makes players fascinated (mechanical keyboard noise)

One of the most outstanding features of a mechanical keyboard is the very distinct sound it makes when typing or playing games. The clicking sound of the mechanical switches combined with the plastic sound of the keys hitting creates a very characteristic "music".

Many people love this sound because it brings a feeling of satisfaction and excitement when typing. Each keystroke is as clear as a very small musical note, resonating to create a ritmik melody familiar to those who are attached to mechanical keyboards.

The sound of the keyboard also depends on the type of switch used. Switches like Cherry MX Blue or Kailh Box White make a clearer clicking sound than linear switches like Cherry MX Red or Black. Users often choose the type of switch that suits their preferences.

Although some people feel uncomfortable with the noise from mechanical keyboards, for many fans, this sound is an attractive part, providing an exciting and enjoyable typing experience. The clicking sound has become a familiar sound, associated with the passion for mechanical keyboards of the community that loves them.

Mechanical keyboard - the journey to conquer each field

Entering the battlefield of gaming (mechanical keyboard gaming)

Mechanical keyboards have become a favorite choice of the gaming community thanks to their outstanding advantages compared to traditional membrane keyboards. The responsiveness and instant feedback from mechanical switches help gamers react faster in stressful situations.

Unlike membrane keyboards, on mechanical keyboards, players can clearly recognize when the key is pressed completely down. This helps avoid pressing a key deep enough and leading to a command not being executed, a common problem on membrane keyboards.

In addition, the longer life and better water resistance of mechanical keyboards are also highly appreciated by gamers. During intense matches, hands often sweat a lot, so the durability of a mechanical keyboard becomes extremely important.

Typing code is easier than ever

In the field of programming, typing continuously for long periods of time is inevitable. Mechanical keyboards with sturdy structures and durable switches will help programmers type code comfortably without experiencing hand stiffness or muscle fatigue.

Clear feedback from each keystroke on a mechanical keyboard helps programmers have an accurate feel when typing, which is important in avoiding confusion and incorrect code input. In particular, complex key combinations are also made easier.

Customizing key and macro settings on many high-end mechanical keyboard models also brings greater convenience and efficiency during the programmer's work process.

The office is also "genuine" (mechanical keyboard office use)

Not only for gamers and programmers, mechanical keyboards are also increasingly used in office environments. Behind the simple appearance, mechanical keyboards bring many benefits to office workers.

Better resistance to water spills and dirt than membrane keyboards helps mechanical keyboards operate more stably in office environments, where spills or stains can occasionally occur.

In addition, a comfortable and less tiring typing experience when using a mechanical keyboard also helps improve employee productivity. The gentle clicking sound from the keyboard is also considered an interesting element, bringing a feeling of concentration and working more effectively.

Office users can choose mechanical keyboard models with minimalist designs that do not cause discomfort for colleagues when working together. High durability and long lifespan also help save on the cost of frequent keyboard replacements.

Currently, many manufacturers have launched mechanical keyboard lines specifically for offices, with beautiful and convenient designs but still providing an exciting typing experience and a premium feel.

Create your own standard (mechanical keyboard types)

Switches - The soul of mechanical keyboard switches

Switches are the heart of any mechanical keyboard. They determine the feeling of typing, the sound and the lifespan of the keyboard. There are dozens of different types of switches on the market, but the most popular are the Cherry MX series and many companies have copied this design.

  • Cherry MX Red/Black: Linear switch, no resistance points (no wiping), light typing force, suitable for heavy gaming/typing.
  • Cherry MX Brown/Clear: Tactile switch, has clear resistance point, balance between typing force and feedback.
  • Cherry MX Blue: Clicky switch, clear "clack" sound, decisive typing feeling.

In addition to Cherry, companies such as Gateron, Kailh, Outemu also produce many similar switches at cheaper prices. According to data from Ducky Channel, 35% of users prefer the Brown switch, 25% prefer Blue and 22% choose Red.

Based on size (full, tenkeyless, etc.)

Mechanical keyboards come in many different sizes to suit a variety of usage needs:

  • Full-size: Standard size 104 keys, including right number knob.
  • Tenkeyless (80%): No right number knob, 87 keys, more compact.
  • 75%: Remove the top row of function keys, about 84 keys.
  • 65%/60%: Only keep the main key, no image/navigation keys.

According to a 2023 survey from Keychron, about 42% of users prefer full-size, 38% choose tenkeyless and 20% prefer smaller sizes.

In addition, factors such as layout (key layout), case (keyboard cover), keycaps (key buttons) also create the diversity of mechanical keyboards, allowing users to customize to suit their own preferences.

Focus on quality and experience (mechanical keyboard benefits)

Outstanding longevity (durability)

One of the biggest advantages of mechanical keyboards is their longevity. Thanks to the durable mechanical switch structure, mechanical keyboards can achieve a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes per key. This number is about 5-10 times greater than that of a conventional membrane keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard manufacturers believe that their products can be used continuously for 5-10 years without any problems. Some famous brands like Das Keyboard even offer a lifetime warranty for mechanical keyboards.

A survey from PC Gamer magazine shows that up to 67% of mechanical keyboard users use the same keyboard for more than 5 years before replacing it. This is a clear testament to the impressive longevity of this keyboard line.

Great feel from each keystroke (better tactile feedback)

The typing experience on a mechanical keyboard is completely different from a membrane keyboard. Thanks to the separate switch mechanism, each key press feels solid and clear. Users can clearly feel the tactile bump and actuation point of the key.

According to a study from Stanford University, having clear tactile feedback when typing increases typing speed by 13.6% and reduces errors by 24% compared to membrane keyboards. This is especially useful for typing, programming or office work.

Another survey from Massdrop shows that 83% of mechanical keyboard users feel satisfied with a better typing experience compared to membrane keyboards. They describe the typing feel as "smooth", "springy" and "full".

In addition, many types of mechanical switches such as Blue, Green, White also create a clear "clicking" sound after each keystroke - a very unique sound experience that many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts love.

Best mechanical keyboards

Different selection criteria

When choosing the best mechanical keyboard, users often evaluate it based on many different criteria such as:

  • Switch type: Popular are Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh. Each type has its own feel suitable for different purposes.
  • Keycaps: Popular are PBT or ABS. PBT is more durable, does not fade over time. Express your own preferences through style and color.
  • Size: Full-size, tenkeyless, 60% - choose to suit your needs and space.
  • Features: Bluetooth, hotswap switches, key programming, RGB backlighting,... for a highly customizable experience.
  • Structure: Aluminum, stainless steel, optimized circuit board - feels solid, good load-bearing.

Prominent names

Among hundreds of mechanical keyboard models on the market, some products have become "legendary" loved by the community:

  • Ducky One 2: Dubbed the "leading bird", scored 9.2/10 from Mechanical Keyboards.
  • HHKB Pro: Topre's long-standing keyboard, unique layout, scored 9.6/10.
  • Custom Keycult: High-end version, expensive but meticulously crafted.
  • KBD67 Lite: Tenkeyless, outstanding with quality & reasonable price.
  • SteelSeries Apex Pro: 100% waterproof, separate switch for each key.
  • Keychron K Series: Wireless keyboard line with outstanding features and price segment.

According to statistics from Reddit r/MechanicalKeyboards, Ducky, Varmilo, Leopold are the most trusted brands.


The question "What is a mechanical keyboard used for?" There will be many diverse and convincing answers. A mechanical keyboard is not simply an input device, but also an effective working tool, an accessory that shows passion and personal style. We have discovered the outstanding advantages of longevity, key feel and customization features of mechanical keyboards. Whether you're a gamer craving instant feedback, a programmer tired of membrane keyboards, or an office worker looking for a more enjoyable typing experience, mechanical keyboards are here to help. With a variety of switch types, sizes and features, Enthkey is sure to find a mechanical keyboard model that suits your needs and preferences. Welcome to the new era of typing - an exciting and ideal journey awaits you with your very own mechanical keyboard!

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