Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard review

Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard review

Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard review
In the world of gamers, owning a high-quality keyboard is not merely a choice but also an essential need. With increasingly fierce competition in top games, every keystroke can determine victory or defeat. Therefore, finding a reliable mechanical gaming keyboard becomes extremely important. In this review, Enthkey will explore with you Redragon K552 - a name that has recently attracted a lot of attention in the gaming community. Is this mechanical keyboard worthy of the expectations of the most demanding players? Let's find out the answer through our Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard review.

Redragon K552 - Valuable mechanical keyboard for gamers

Redragon brand and influence on the gaming accessories market

In the world of gamers and technology enthusiasts, the Redragon brand has affirmed its position as one of the leading manufacturers of gaming accessories. With the goal of providing an optimal gaming experience and an e-sports style, Redragon has quickly attracted a large number of loyal fans. Redragon's success comes not only from providing high quality products but also from a deep understanding of the needs of the gaming community. With each new accessory released, Redragon always focuses on harmoniously combining performance, eye-catching design and convenient features, giving users a great experience in every virtual battle.

Outstanding features of the Redragon K552 mechanical keyboard

In Redragon's diverse product line, the K552 mechanical keyboard stands out with its superior features specifically for gamers. Equipped with genuine mechanical switches, K552 provides a firm and responsive keystroke feel, helping users control characters smoothly and accurately in games that require quick reflexes. In addition, the special design of the K552 also attracts attention. This keyboard has a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, ensuring high durability and portability. The RGB LED backlight can be customized with many different modes, providing an impressive appearance and suitable for each person's gaming space.

Design and build quality

Eye-catching design style, suitable for gamers

At first sight, Redragon K552 left a strong impression on its impressive and gamer-like design style. This keyboard has a sturdy aluminum alloy exterior, along with sharp lines and square angles, creating an appearance full of temperament and personality. The highlight of the design is the brilliant RGB LED backlight system. With diverse customization capabilities, users can choose one of many different lighting modes, from monochrome to flashing effects and color rotation, providing an exciting and exciting gaming space attractive. Besides, the keyboard layout is also scientifically designed, with keys arranged reasonably and easily accessible, helping to maximize performance and comfort when used for long periods of time.

Durability and resistance to water and dust

Despite its impressive and eye-catching design, Redragon K552 still does not ignore the requirements for durability and water and dust resistance - important factors for any gaming accessory. Thanks to its high-quality aluminum alloy exterior, the K552 has good impact and scratch resistance, ensuring a long service life. In addition, the air vents and key slots are carefully designed, effectively preventing the intrusion of water and dust, while enhancing ventilation and cooling for the keyboard.

Suitable weight and size for moving

Despite its sturdy design, Redragon K552 still maintains a moderate weight and size, ensuring portability and ease of carrying when traveling or participating in eSports tournaments. Weighing about 1.1 kg, the K552 is heavy enough to feel sturdy when used but not so heavy that it makes it difficult to move. The overall size of the keyboard is also quite neat, suitable for most working or gaming spaces at home or office. Thanks to its moderate size and weight, gamers can easily carry the Redragon K552 anywhere without any difficulty, ensuring that they can always experience their powerful and individual gaming style anytime, anywhere.

Experience typing and fighting games

Type of mechanical switch used and keystroke feel

The heart of any mechanical keyboard lies in the type of switches used, and the Redragon K552 is no exception. This keyboard is equipped with genuine Outemu Red mechanical switches, one of the most popular and preferred choices in the gaming community. The Outemu Red switch is famous for its linear feedback and high sensitivity, allowing users to type smoothly and quickly. The feeling of typing on the K552 is very firm and clear, bringing confidence and precision in every keystroke. Although there is no feedback force, the Outemu Red switch still provides the characteristic clicking sound of a mechanical keyboard, creating an exciting and attractive gaming atmosphere.

Performance and reliability in different games

  One of the Redragon K552's biggest strengths is its impressive performance in most different games. Thanks to high-quality mechanical switches and fast response, this keyboard allows gamers to control characters smoothly and accurately, especially in situations that require quick reflexes and synchronization complex key commands. In fast-paced, action games like FPS or MOBA, K552 ensures that every control command is executed smoothly and promptly, helping gamers quickly respond to unexpected situations and maintain control. maintain advantage throughout the war. In addition, the N-key rollover and anti-ghosting features also play an important role, ensuring that all keys pressed at the same time are recorded accurately, without lost or duplicate commands.

RGB backlighting and customization

One of the design highlights of the Redragon K552 is the impressive RGB LED backlight system. Not only does it create an eye-catching appearance, this backlight also brings many practical benefits to users. With the included control software, gamers can customize the LED backlight as desired, choosing between a variety of lighting modes such as monochrome, sequential color change, flashing, music reflection, and more. again. This helps each person create a gaming space that suits their own preferences and style. In addition, the LED backlight also helps gamers identify important keys, especially in low light environments or when playing games at night. Thanks to that, entering commands and controls becomes easier and more accurate.

Additional features and utilities

Multimedia and macro shortcuts

Besides a great typing and gaming experience, Redragon K552 also offers many useful additional features and utilities for users. One of the notable points is the built-in multimedia and macro shortcut system. With a simple press, gamers can easily control volume, pause/play music, adjust screen brightness and perform many other tasks without taking their hands off the keyboard. This helps maximize focus and efficiency while gaming or working. In addition, the macro feature is also very useful for those who often perform repetitive key command sequences. With just a few simple steps, users can assign a complex key sequence to a macro key, saving time and improving performance in a variety of tasks.

Compatibility and easy setup

A big plus of the Redragon K552 is its wide compatibility with different operating systems and devices. This keyboard works seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and can also be used with mobile gaming devices such as consoles or smartphones. The K552 setup process is also very simple and quick. Users just need to plug the keyboard into the USB port and the system will automatically identify and install the necessary drivers. With no need for complicated configuration or additional software installation, gamers can start using the keyboard immediately.

Battery life and power consumption

The Redragon K552 is a wired keyboard, so there's no battery or battery life. However, this is also an advantage because gamers do not need to worry about charging or replacing batteries periodically. In terms of power consumption, the K552 has quite low consumption, only about 1W during normal use. This ensures that the keyboard will not put too much strain on the power supply of your computer or other devices. In addition, thanks to being equipped with efficient LED backlighting, the K552 also saves more energy than keyboards using traditional backlighting. This helps minimize environmental impact and helps users save on electricity costs in the long term.

Advantages and disadvantages of Redragon K552

Outstanding advantages compared to other products in the same segment

After a thorough evaluation, it can be seen that the Redragon K552 possesses many outstanding advantages compared to other mechanical gaming keyboards in the same price range:
  1. Beautiful and durable design: Sturdy aluminum case with strong style, suitable for gamers. Good resistance to dust, water and impact.
  2. Great typing experience: Outemu Red mechanical switches provide a solid feel, fast response, and low noise. Meets gaming needs well.
  3. RGB LED backlight has many modes: Customize colors and lighting effects according to your preferences. Brings a beautiful, attractive gaming atmosphere.
  4. Many useful features: multimedia shortcuts, macros, anti-duplicate keys. Enhance user experience.
  5. Affordable price: Good price compared to the product quality that K552 brings, suitable for many customers.

Disadvantages and what can be improved

Despite many advantages, Redragon K552 still has some disadvantages to note:
  1. Lack of specialized control software: Customizing the LED backlight will be easier if there is separate software.
  2. Outemu Red Switch has no feedback: Those who love the feeling of strong typing may not be satisfied.
  3. No wrist cushion: After many hours of use, the wrist may become sore and tired.
  4. Design without folding ability: The fixed tilt angle may make some users uncomfortable.
  5. Slight noise from mechanical switches: This can be annoying in quiet environments.

To improve, Redragon can consider developing specialized control software, allowing users to customize the backlight in more detail. Adding hand cushions and the ability to adjust the tilt will also provide more comfort during use. Finally, improving sound insulation and reducing noise from the switch is also a useful note.

Is the product worth the money? Suitable customer target

With a moderate price and full of necessary features for gamers, Redragon K552 is considered a value-for-money product. It brings a great gaming experience at a reasonable cost, meeting the needs of the majority of customers in the low and medium price segment. Ideal customers for the K552 include:
  1. Amateur and professional gamers: Those who are passionate about playing FPS games, MOBA, Battle Royale,... will be satisfied with the performance that K552 brings.
  2. Office users/students: Thanks to its shortcut feature and wide compatibility, the K552 is also suitable for work and study.
  3. Mobile gamers: With cross-platform connectivity, the K552 is a good choice for gaming on smartphones and portable consoles.
  4. Users with limited budgets: With a moderate price, K552 is a reasonable choice for those who want to experience a mechanical keyboard at an economical cost.
Overall, the Redragon K552 is a great value for money for any gamer looking for a quality gaming keyboard that isn't too expensive.


After a thorough evaluation, Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard review shows that this is a valuable choice for gamers who want to upgrade their gaming experience. With an eye-catching design, durable build quality, solid typing experience thanks to Outemu Red mechanical switches, diverse RGB LED backlighting and many useful features, Redragon K552 meets the needs of the price segment well. reasonable. Although there are a few minor drawbacks, Enthkey thinks that with a reasonable price, the Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard is still a worthy choice to consider for any gamer.

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