How to use a gaming keyboard?

How to use a gaming keyboard?

How to use a gaming keyboard
A gaming keyboard is a special device designed to optimize the gaming experience. They are equipped with many features such as fast response speed, anti-sticky key technology and high customization capabilities. However, to take full advantage of the benefits of a gaming keyboard, users need to know how to use and maximize its features. In this guide, we'll give you the knowledge and tips to better understand how to use a gaming keyboard, from initial setup to customizing keyboard shortcuts, assigning macros, and optimizing settings. for each different game genre. With the detailed instructions that Enthkey gives below, you will be able to improve your control skills and great gaming experience.

Introduction to gaming keyboard

Definition of gaming keyboard

A gaming keyboard is a type of computer keyboard specifically designed for gaming. They are built with specific features and characteristics to optimize the gaming experience, including fast response, durability, and flexible customization.

Benefits of using a gaming keyboard

Using a gaming keyboard brings many benefits to gamers, especially professional gamers or passionate gamers. Here are some key benefits:
  • Increased response speed and accuracy: Gaming keyboards use specialized switch technology, allowing faster and more accurate operations than standard office keyboards.
  • Increased longevity and durability: Gaming keyboards are made from high-quality materials, capable of withstanding pressure and continuous use for long periods of time.
  • Highly customizable: Most gaming keyboards allow users to customize the backlight, assign macro keys, adjust key configuration, and even program the keys as desired.
  • Better gaming experience: Features such as anti-ghosting, N-key rollover and direct multimedia control enhance the gaming experience.

Main features of gaming keyboards

The most important features of a gaming keyboard include:
  • High quality switches: Gaming keyboards often use specialized switches such as Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, etc. Provides a smooth pressing feeling, sensitive feedback and high durability.
  • RGB backlighting: Most gaming keyboards have RGB backlighting with many customizable lighting effect modes, helping to increase aesthetics and style.
  • Macro keys and Multimedia keys: Macro keys allow complex command sequences to be assigned to a single key, while multimedia keys are used to control functions such as volume, media, etc.
  • Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover: Anti-ghosting technology helps the keyboard correctly identify keys pressed at the same time, while N-key rollover allows multiple keys to be pressed at the same time without losing signal.
  • Highly customizable with firmware: Most gaming keyboards come with firmware, allowing users to customize backlighting, assign macros, remapping keys, and many other features.

With these features, the gaming keyboard becomes an ideal device for passionate gamers, helping to enhance performance, increase control and create a better gaming experience.

How to use a gaming keyboard

Set up the gaming keyboard

  1. Install the driver
Installing the driver is an important first step to using all the features of your gaming keyboard. Driver is software that helps connect and communicate between the keyboard and the computer.
  • Download the driver from the keyboard manufacturer's website.
  • Run the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After installation is complete, restart the computer for the driver to work fully.
  1. Customize RGB backlight
One of the standout features of a gaming keyboard is the customizable RGB backlighting. This is usually done through the control software provided by the manufacturer.
  • Open the keyboard control software.
  • Find the "Lighting" or "Effects" option to adjust the backlight.
  • Select the desired backlight mode, such as monochrome, glow with effects, flash with rhythm, etc.
  • Can adjust the color, brightness and speed of the backlight effect.

Use key features

Anti-ghosting function

Anti-ghosting is a feature that helps the keyboard accurately identify keys pressed at the same time. It prevents "keystroke ghosting" - where some keys are missed when pressing multiple keys at the same time.
  • Anti-ghosting function is usually enabled by default on gaming keyboards.
  • It allows you to press multiple keys at the same time without key recognition problems.
  • Especially useful in action games or games that require pressing many keys at the same time.

Macro key

Macro keys allow complex sequences of commands to be assigned to a single key, saving time and improving performance. For example, you can assign a sequence of commands to move, attack, and use items to a macro key.
  • Open the keyboard control software and look for the "Macro" or "Key Mapping" option.
  • Program the command sequence you want to assign to a macro key by recording operations or entering the command sequence directly.
  • Assign that command sequence to a macro key on the keyboard.

Multimedia key

Multimedia keys on gaming keyboards are specially designed to control functions such as volume, audio-visual media, and web browser right on the keyboard without using a mouse.
  • Volume keys help increase/decrease or mute.
  • Play/stop key to control running media.
  • Go key helps move to the next song/video or go back.
  • The remaining keys, such as Home, End, Page Up/Down,... help navigate easily.

Using these features will help enhance the gaming experience, increase reaction speed and have better control in the game.

Customize keys

Assign shortcut commands to keys

Many gaming keyboards allow you to assign shortcuts to individual keys. This is useful when you want to quickly access tasks or favorite applications.
  • Open the keyboard control software and look for the "Key Mapping" or "Key Binding" option.
  • Select the key you want to assign a shortcut command to.
  • Assign shortcuts by entering a shortcut or selecting a task/application from the list.
  • Multiple shortcut commands can be assigned to the same key by combining with Shift, Ctrl, Alt keys.

Macro key programming

Macro keys allow you to record and store a complex keyboard shortcut sequence as a single key. This helps optimize the performance of repetitive tasks in games or applications.
  • Open the control software and select the "Macro" or "Macro Recording" option.
  • Select the key you want to assign a macro to.
  • Start recording operations by pressing the "Record" button and performing the steps manually.
  • Click "Stop" when the recording process is complete.
  • Name the macro and save.
  • You can now run the complex command sequence you just recorded by pressing that macro key.

Use a gaming keyboard for games

Optimize settings for each game genre

Different game genres require different keyboard settings for optimal performance. Here are some suggestions for optimizing settings:
  1. Action games (FPS, TPS):
  • Turn on anti-ghosting and N-key rollover functions
  • Assign movement, aim, shoot keys to easily accessible keys
  • Set up macro keys for complex operations like gun exchange, repair, etc.
  1. Strategy games (RTS, MOBA):
  • Assign command keys to control characters/units
  • Use macro keys to execute complex command sequences
  • Set group keys to quickly select unit groups
  1. Role-playing game (RPG):
  • Assign keys to perform quick actions such as attack, defense, use skills
  • Use macro keys to activate skill levels or equipment sets
  • Set quick keys to access items and equipment
  1. Racing game:
  • Assign keys to control the vehicle such as acceleration, braking, and steering
  • Use multimedia keys to control background music or change scenes
  • Macro key settings for advanced vehicle adjustment operations

Specific examples for some popular games

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (FPS)
  • Assign WASD key to move
  • Use left mouse to shoot, right mouse to aim
  • Assign keys around WASD to perform other operations such as ammunition, secondary weapons, etc.
  • Set up macro keys to buy items and quickly change guns
  1. Dota 2 (MOBA)
  • Assign the QWER key to use the character's skills
  • Use movement keys such as hover or arrow keys
  • Assign F1-F5 keys to quickly select characters in the group
  • Set up macro keys to execute a series of commands to buy equipment, move and attack
  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (RPG)
  • Assign left mouse button to attack, right mouse button to defend
  • Use QWER and number keys to use skills/spells
  • Assign the Tab key to quickly access items and equipment
  • Set up macro keys to execute bullet sequences, use items, and skill levels

By optimizing your keyboard settings for each game genre, you will have a better experience, improve your control skills, and react faster in the game.

Care and maintenance of gaming keyboards

Clean the keyboard

Regularly cleaning your keyboard is important to ensure it functions well and has a long life. Accumulated dirt and food debris will damage the keyboard if not cleaned properly.
  1. Use compressed air spray to blow dirt out of the keys and underneath the keys.
  2. Wipe the keyboard with a soft, clean, dry cloth to remove stains on the exterior.
  3. If the keyboard is stained with liquid, remove the key and wipe it clean with a damp cloth, but not too wet.
  4. Do not use strong detergents or corrosive solutions to clean the keyboard.

Replace keyboard keys

Many gaming keyboards allow users to easily remove and replace keys. This makes it possible to replace broken keys or customize the keyboard according to your preferences.
  1. Use a specialized key removal tool or a hard plastic object to lift the key that needs to be replaced out of the keyboard.
  2. Insert the new key into the correct position and make sure the key is installed tightly.
  3. If changing the type of push switch, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper operation.
  4. After replacing the key, check and remapping the key (if necessary) in the control software.

Use wrist rest pads

Using wrist pads when playing games helps reduce stress and muscle fatigue, avoiding injuries due to poor posture when playing games for long periods of time.
  1. Choose a wrist rest that is the right size for your keyboard and desk.
  2. Wrist cushions should be made from soft, breathable materials and be removable for cleaning.
  3. Place the pad about 1-2 inches from the edge of the keyboard so your wrists are properly supported.
  4. Adjust the height and angle of the pad so that your hands and wrists are supported in the most comfortable position.
  5. Regularly move your wrist and do a few small exercises to avoid numbness and muscle tension.

Proper care and maintenance of a gaming keyboard will help it work well for a long time, increase its lifespan and maintain a smooth gaming experience. These are important steps to keep your investment safe.


How to use a gaming keyboard is the key to enhancing your gaming experience. By taking full advantage of features such as anti-ghosting function, macro keys, customizable RGB backlighting and key remapping capabilities, you can control your character and perform complex operations in the game with ease. easier and more accurate. Optimizing gaming keyboard settings for different game genres also helps improve gaming performance. Finally, Enthkey reminds you not to forget to care for and maintain your gaming keyboard by cleaning it regularly, replacing keys when needed, and using wrist rests to ensure it works well for many years. With detailed instructions on how to use this gaming keyboard, you're ready to become a pro gamer.

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