How to buy a Ducky keyboard

How to buy a Ducky keyboard

How to buy a Ducky keyboard
Are you looking to buy a Ducky keyboard but don't know where to start? Don't worry, in this article "How to buy a Ducky keyboard" by Enthkey will provide you with detailed instructions on how to buy a Ducky keyboard, from determining your needs, comparing popular models, to finding a reputable source to buy. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the information on how to buy a Ducky keyboard in this article will help you make an informed decision and choose the product that best suits your needs.

Ducky keyboard and things you don't know

Ducky brand overview

Ducky, a Taiwanese brand founded in 2008, has quickly become one of the leading names in the mechanical keyboard industry. The company is known for its commitment to quality and innovation, focusing on producing premium mechanical keyboards for professional users and gamers. Ducky has built a solid reputation through:
  1. Strict manufacturing process: Each keyboard undergoes thorough quality testing.
  2. Using high quality materials: From the keyboard frame to the keycap, everything is carefully selected.
  3. Continuous innovation: Regularly introduce new features and design improvements.
  4. Strategic cooperation: Work with leading switch manufacturers such as Cherry MX.

Advantages of Ducky keyboard

Ducky keyboard stands out with many outstanding advantages:

Excellent build quality:

- Use high quality materials such as PBT plastic for keycap - Sturdy keyboard frame, usually made from high quality ABS plastic or metal - High durability, can be used for many years

Diverse options:

- Many sizes: from full-size to 60% - Diverse switches: Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, and proprietary switches - Many options for color and keycap design

Advanced features:

- Customizable RGB LED lighting system - Powerful macro programming ability - N-key rollover technology to record multiple keys simultaneously

High customization ability:

- Intuitive and easy-to-use control software - Ability to change keycap easily - Supports different keyboard layouts

Stable performance:

- Low latency, suitable for gaming and high-speed typing - High accuracy in key recording

Good customer support:

- Clear warranty policy - Strong user community, active support

Long-term use value:

- Durable design helps prolong product life - Ability to keep good prices on the second-hand market These advantages have helped Ducky become the top choice for many users, from beginners to professional mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Determine the need to buy a Ducky keyboard

Determining your exact needs when buying a Ducky keyboard is the first important step, helping you choose the most suitable product and optimize your budget.


Your primary use will determine which Ducky keyboard is best for you. For professional typists, models like the Ducky One 2 or Ducky Shine 7 with Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches are often the ideal choice, providing high durability and a comfortable typing feel. Meanwhile, gamers can prioritize Ducky One 2 RGB with Cherry MX Red or Speed Silver switches for faster response speed.


Ducky offers many options at different price points. Basic models cost under $100, while premium or limited editions can cost over $200. Clearly defining your budget will help you narrow down your options and focus on the most suitable models.

Desired feature

When choosing a Ducky keyboard, there are many features to consider. Size matters - from fully functional full-size keyboards to compact 60% keyboards. The type of switch greatly affects the user experience, with options such as linear for gaming or tactile for typing. In addition, features such as LED lights, macro programming capabilities, or keycap material also deserve careful consideration. By comprehensively evaluating these factors, you will have an overview of your needs, thereby making the most informed and suitable decision to buy the Ducky keyboard.

Learn different types of Ducky keyboards

  Ducky offers a variety of keyboards, each with its own characteristics to meet users' specific needs. Understanding these types of keyboards will help you make a more informed choice.


Ducky produces keyboards in many different sizes, suitable for the user's workspace and personal preferences:
  • Full-size (104 keys) is the traditional choice, providing full function keys and a numeric keypad. Ducky Shine 7 is a typical example, suitable for those who work with data or need full function keys.
  • Tenkeyless (TKL, 87 keys) eliminates the right number pad, creating a more compact design that retains most functionality. Ducky One 2 TKL is a popular choice in this segment, especially suitable for those who need to save desk space.
  • The 65% (68 keys) and 60% (61 keys) keyboards are extremely compact options. Ducky Miya Pro (65%) and Ducky One 2 Mini (60%) are typical models, ideal for those who often travel or prefer minimalist setups.

Switch type

Ducky uses a variety of switches, mainly from Cherry MX, each providing a unique typing feel and performance:
  • Cherry MX Red is a popular linear switch, with light pressure and smooth travel, suitable for gaming and high-speed typing.
  • Cherry MX Brown provides tactile feedback without making clicking sounds, a good balance between gaming and typing, suitable for office environments.
  • Cherry MX Blue produces a clear click along with strong tactile feedback, ideal for those who like a clear typing experience and don't mind noise.

Keycap material

Ducky focuses on keycap quality, using mainly two types of materials: PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a high quality material, has high durability and good abrasion resistance. Ducky's PBT keycaps are usually 1.5mm thick, providing a solid feel and a characteristic "thock" sound when typing. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is lighter and allows for more complex characters to be printed. Although not as durable as PBT, Ducky's ABS keycaps are still of good quality and are often used in cheaper keyboard models.

Special features

Ducky integrates many special features into its products to enhance user experience. RGB LED lights are a popular feature on many Ducky models, allowing lighting to be customized to your liking. Ducky Shine 7 is famous for its 16.8 million-color RGB LED system, supporting many complex lighting effects. The ability to program macros is another important feature. Many Ducky keyboards allow users to create and store complex macros directly on the keyboard, without the need for additional software. N-key rollover (NKRO) is a feature that allows simultaneous recording of multiple keys, especially useful for gaming and high-speed typing. By combining these elements, Ducky creates diverse products that meet the needs of many different users, from professional gamers to office workers or mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Compare popular Ducky keyboard models

Ducky has created many famous keyboard models, each with its own characteristics to serve different user needs. Let's compare in detail the four most popular Ducky keyboard models with Enthkey.
Features Ducky One 2 Ducky Shine 7 Ducky Miya Pro Ducky One 3
Size Full-size, TKL, 60% Full-size 65% Full-size, TKL, 65%, 60%
Switch Various Cherry MX Premium Cherry MX Various Cherry MX Cherry MX, Kailh Box
Keycap PBT double-shot PBT double-shot PBT dye-sublimated PBT double-shot
LED Optional, RGB in some models RGB 16.8 million colors White LED or RGB RGB with various effects
Frame High-quality ABS plastic Metal Premium plastic Improved ABS plastic
Hot-swap No No No Yes
Macro Yes Yes, advanced Yes Yes, improved
USB passthrough No Yes No No
Highlight Balance of price/performance Flagship, full-featured Unique, aesthetic design QUACK Mechanics, versatile
Best for Beginners, all-purpose Enthusiasts, gamers Aesthetics lovers Customization fans
Price range $109 - $139 $159 - $189 $119 - $159 $109 - $159

Find a reputable source to buy a Ducky keyboard

Finding a reputable source to buy Ducky keyboards is an important step to ensure you receive a genuine product of the best quality. Below are reputable purchasing sources and things to keep in mind when buying a Ducky keyboard:

Ducky's official website

Ducky's official website ( is the most reliable place to learn about products and the latest information. However, Ducky usually does not sell directly to consumers through their website. Advantage:
  • Most accurate and updated product information
  • List of official authorized dealers
  • Use the website to research products and find an authorized dealer near you

Great online store

Large online stores such as Amazon, Newegg, or reputable domestic electronics retailers often have Ducky keyboards available. Advantage:
  • Easily compare prices and read reviews from users
  • Usually we have a flexible return policy
  • There may be offers or discounts
  • Make sure to buy from a reputable seller or directly from the store
  • Carefully check product information and warranty policy

Mechanical keyboard community

Mechanical keyboard forums and community groups can be a valuable source of information and sometimes a place to find products to buy. Advantage:
  • You can find good deals or rare products
  • Get advice from experienced users
  • Opportunity to buy used products at reasonable prices
  • Be careful with personal transactions, especially with unfamiliar sellers
  • Carefully check the product condition if buying used goods
  • Verify the seller's reputation through community feedback

When looking to buy a Ducky keyboard, prioritize official and reputable channels. Always carefully check product information, warranty policy, and seller reliability before deciding to buy. If possible, experience the product in person at the store to ensure you choose the keyboard that best suits your needs.


Mastering how to buy a Ducky keyboard is the key to getting the most suitable product. This article from Enthkey provides detailed instructions on how to buy a Ducky keyboard, from determining your needs, comparing models, to finding a reputable purchasing source. When looking to buy a Ducky keyboard, be sure to carefully consider features, quality, and price. Applying this knowledge on how to buy a Ducky keyboard will help you be more confident in the selection process. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, understanding how to buy a Ducky keyboard will ensure you get a quality product that meets your needs.

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