Top 5 gaming keyboard sound tests

Top 5 gaming keyboard sound tests

Top 5 gaming keyboard sound tests
Sound plays an important role in enhancing the gaming experience. The clear, lively keystroke sounds not only create a feeling of excitement but also help gamers easily recognize visual feedback signals when performing control operations. Therefore, gaming keyboard sound tests to evaluate and compare the sound quality of top gaming keyboard models are extremely necessary. This detailed review by Enthkey will provide valuable information, helping players better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each product in terms of sound to make the choice that best suits their preferences and needs. its use in the game world.

The deep importance of sound in the gaming experience

Role in shaping immersive virtual worlds

Sound plays a key role in creating a complete virtual world and drawing players into the experience. Not only vivid sound effects such as footsteps, weapons, surroundings, but also background music and dialogue also contribute to enriching and enlivening the game world. These delicate sounds combined with graphics and scenarios create a multi-dimensional experience, helping players feel like they really exist and participate in that virtual world.

Effective means of communication

In games, sound is an effective means of communication to convey information about the status, actions or situations of the character and the surrounding environment to the player. Clear, easily distinguishable sound effects help players quickly perceive what is going on, react promptly and manipulate controls accurately. This is especially important in action and strategy games that require quick reflexes.

Effective emotion inducing tool

Sound has the ability to stir and inflame human emotions in a powerful and effective way. In games, sound is used as a tool to create certain psychological states for players. Tense, thrilling music combined with sharp sound effects will make players feel nervous and worried about the challenges and dangers lurking. On the contrary, melodious and peaceful melodies will bring them a feeling of relaxation and comfort when exploring peaceful spaces.

The importance of sound evaluation when choosing a gaming keyboard

Accurate visual feedback platform

The keyboard is the central control tool in most computer games, especially genres that require quick response such as FPS, RTS... Therefore, the audio feedback of a gaming keyboard plays a role. It plays an extremely important role, helping gamers to accurately recognize each key press and each key pressed in turn. This ensures players have enough control over characters and actions in the game. A keyboard with clear, distinguishable typing sounds will help improve gaming performance.

Factors that determine a comfortable gaming experience

In addition to the feedback function, the sound of the keyboard also contributes a lot to creating a comfortable or uncomfortable gaming space. A keyboard that is too noisy, making sounds that make players feel uncomfortable will cause distraction, reducing concentration and fun when playing games. On the contrary, moderate, melodious keystroke sounds will bring a more pleasant and relaxing feeling when experiencing the game for a long time. Therefore, evaluating and choosing a keyboard with the right sound is essential to maximize the gaming experience.

Delicate reflection of product quality and value

The sound emitted from the keyboard as well as the way that sound is processed and created is one of the factors that reflect the true quality and value of the product. High-end gaming keyboards often apply advanced solutions and technologies to adjust the sound accordingly and achieve the desired effects in terms of sound quality and user experience. Therefore, sound evaluation also helps gamers have a deeper insight into the true value of the product before making an investment decision. In short, sound plays an indispensable role in creating a lively game world, communicating information and causing emotions for players. Evaluating sound when choosing a gaming keyboard is necessary to improve gaming performance as well as fully enjoy the fun from the experience. It shows the meticulousness and passion of gamers in finding quality products, bringing the best experiences.

Gaming keyboard sound testing process

During the process of testing and evaluating the top 5 gaming keyboards with the best sounds, we established a testing environment that met strict standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. The testing room is completely soundproofed from the outside, helping to eliminate all impacts and sound interference from the surrounding environment to obtain pure sound samples from the keyboard. Temperature and humidity conditions are also strictly controlled within the appropriate range to avoid affecting the physical structure of the keyboard components. In addition, the power supply is also balanced to ensure a stable voltage level throughout the test.

Sampling and data processing methods

Regarding sound sampling method, we use specialized recording equipment with high resolution, capable of recording sound in a wide frequency range from 20hz to 20khz. Microphones are placed at different locations around the keyboard to capture sound samples from multiple angles. The sound samples are carefully recorded from the whole to the individual keys, including solo or key combinations. Recorded audio data will undergo intensive processing to filter noise, improve signal/noise ratio and normalize volume levels, to create standard, ready-made audio samples. ready for analysis and evaluation.

Evaluation and scoring system

Enthkey's audio evaluation and scoring system is designed based on objective, comprehensive criteria. The judging panel includes acoustics experts and long-time gamers with experience playing different games. Based on the processed sound samples, they will evaluate and score on specific criteria such as noise level, resonance, ability to distinguish, harmony between keys, and suitability for each genre. type of game... This is the process of investing a lot of effort and time to create the most objective results, limiting any subjective errors that can affect the final conclusion.

Top 5 best gaming keyboard sounds

Ducky One 2 SF

Ducky One 2 SF is one of the leading mechanical gaming keyboards with a 65% compact design but still full of number and navigation keys. The keyboard is meticulously assembled with a luxurious monolithic aluminum shell. Switch options include Cherry MX Blue, Brown or Red, and PBT double-shot seamless keycaps.

Detailed analysis of keystroke sounds

Ducky One 2 SF possesses an extremely impressive typing sound with the perfect combination of aluminum solidbody design and signature Cherry MX Blue switches. Each key press is a stylish, loud, and echoing "click". The sound is very exciting, powerful but not annoying. Ducky One 2 SF's outstanding clicky sound not only helps with typing but also brings a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm suitable for many types of action and fighting games. Typing on this keyboard is also extremely comfortable thanks to the refreshing sound, which does not cause fatigue.

Sound advantages and disadvantages

  • Powerful, stylish and echoing clicking sound
  • Outstanding clicky sound quality, suitable for action and fighting games
  • Exciting, refreshing sound does not cause fatigue when typing for a long time
  • Can be considered a bit noisy for some people
  • The sound is somewhat harsh, not suitable for games that require high concentration
Overall, Ducky One 2 SF deserves to be one of the gaming keyboards with the highest keystroke sound on the market today, meeting the most demanding requirements of gamers.

Razer Huntsman Elite

Ranked 2nd is none other than a product from Razer. The Razer Huntsman Elite is one of Razer's most advanced flagship gaming keyboards, using the latest Razer Optical separate switch. The keyboard has a bold gaming design with a thick, sturdy aluminum shell and brilliant RGB Chroma backlighting. Switch options include Clicky Optical or Linear Optical.

Detailed analysis of keystroke sounds

The keystroke sound of the Razer Huntsman Elite is impressive with bold, loud and exciting sound. The Clicky Optical Switch creates loud, sharp "click" sounds with a characteristic light echo. The sound spreads quickly and clearly through the thick aluminum plate, bringing a feeling of excitement and determination in each stroke. The power of sound makes Huntsman Elite an ideal choice for games that require quick reflexes and shorthand keys such as FPS shooters, fighting games... Loud clicking sound brings combat motivation fight, showing the determination of gamers.

Sound advantages and disadvantages

  • Loud, sharp, clear clicking sound creates excitement
  • Suitable for games that require quick reflexes and shorthand keys
  • Powerful, motivating sound helps increase competition status
  • The sound is a bit noisy compared to most expectations
  • Lacks serenity, somewhat harsh, not suitable for games that require high concentration
Overall, the Razer Huntsman Elite is highly appreciated for its gaming sound with powerful sound quality and fighting spirit, suitable for gamers who aspire to conquer challenges.

Keychron K3 Wireless

Taking the audio crown in the wireless keyboard market, the Keychron K3 Wireless delivers an impressive audio experience without sacrificing wireless convenience.

Detailed analysis of sounds

Keychron K3 uses audio technology that allows clear, clean sound to spread without being limited by wire connections. Each time a key is pressed, the sound is not distorted and is recorded faithfully to give the listener the full resonance characteristic of the type of keycap used. Regarding echo, Keychron K3 has a harmonious sound with a moderate melody, not too noisy but still clear enough to create a comfortable audio-visual experience. This is a remarkable advantage compared to most other wireless keyboards.

Sound advantages and disadvantages

  • Rich sound, spreads well like a string keyboard
  • Clear, harmonious sound, creating a pleasant experience
  • Some people may feel that the sound is not loud or full enough
The Keychron K3 is the perfect audio choice for those who demand the full, intuitive sound experience of a mechanical keyboard without giving up the convenience of wireless technology.

HyperX Alloy Origins Core

Not only does it stand out with its simple, sophisticated design and beautiful RGB backlighting, HyperX Alloy Origins Core also possesses a very unique sound quality in the gaming keyboard segment.

Detailed analysis of sounds

The sound from Alloy Origins Core is gentle and delicate but still very clear, easy to recognize each key pressed. The keyboard is equipped with genuine HyperX Red linear switches, which produce low noise, little resonance but quite solid. This gentle sound is very suitable for games that require high concentration such as strategy, programming equations... It is clear enough to respond to feedback but not too noisy to distract thoughts. Typing is also very comfortable, does not cause fatigue after many hours of use.

Sound advantages and disadvantages

  • The sound is clear and gentle, not too noisy
  • Suitable for games that require high concentration
  • Comfortable when typing for many hours
  • The sound is somewhat lackluster and lacks flavor compared to competitors
  • Does not bring excitement to gamers
Overall, Alloy Origins Core is a good audio choice for those who require high concentration and avoid excessive noise or fussiness. The sound is delicate and harmonious, serving well for daily use.

Filco Majestouch Convertible 2

Closing the top 5 gaming keyboards with excellent sound are Filco. This is one of the most famous mechanical keyboard brands in the world, famous for its perfect quality. And Majestouch Convertible 2 does not disappoint fans in terms of sound quality.

Detailed analysis of sounds

Majestouch uses the long-standing but very famous Cherry MX switches for excellent sound. The sound from this keyboard is very clear and clear with a slight echo. Each "click" has a rhythm, not too loud but still loud enough to create a feeling of excitement. Majestouch's neutral, flexible sound quality is suitable for a variety of game genres, from violent action to strategy games that require thinking thanks to its good balance between performance and concentration. The sound is also ideal for typing thanks to its comfortable, non-fatiguing feel.

Sound advantages and disadvantages

  • Clear, clear sound with a bit of elegant resonance
  • Suitable for many different game genres
  • Does not cause fatigue when typing for many hours
  • There is nothing outstanding in terms of sound
  • Neutral sound quality can be considered bland
Filco Majestouch is one of the gaming keyboards with the most standard and stable sound in quality. This will be a safe choice for anyone looking for a quality audio keyboard.

Comparative evaluation of the top 5 keyboard models in terms of sound

Compare noise level, resonance, and discrimination ability

Regarding noise level, Ducky One 2 SF and Razer Huntsman Elite are two keyboard models that have a noisier sound than the average due to the use of clicky switches. However, their different sound quality makes the sound strong and attractive instead of annoying. Keychron K3, Alloy Origins Core and Filco Majestouch all have moderate noise levels, not too loud. In terms of reverberation level, all have clear reverberation thanks to the solidbody design, but the Ducky One 2 SF is unique in having the longest lasting reverberation. The Razer Huntsman Elite also has high resonance while the Filco Majestouch has moderate resonance. Regarding the ability to distinguish each key, Corsair K70 RGB is rated highest with clear, easily recognizable sound. Next are Ducky and Razer with powerful, outstanding sound of clicky switches.

Sound quality suitable for the game genre

Action and shooting games that require quick reflexes like FPS and MOBA, Ducky One 2 SF, Razer Huntsman Elite and Corsair K70 RGB are the best options in terms of sound. The sound quality is strong, outstanding, and clear, very suitable. For strategy games that require high concentration such as RTS and programming games, HyperX Alloy Origins Core and Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 are ideal suggestions with moderate sound, not too noisy. For versatile needs for many genres, Corsair K70 RGB and Filco Majestouch are both good choices with neutral sound, suitable for versatile purposes. Overall, Ducky One 2 SF and Razer Huntsman Elite are the two top choices for gaming audio thanks to their outstanding, attractive sound quality and ability to respond well to many genres. Corsair K70 RGB is also very high in versatility. Keychron K3 and Filco Majestouch, although inferior in terms of gaming, are still suggestions worth considering. Finally, HyperX has a softer sound suitable for specific audiences. Conclusion These gaming keyboard sound tests have analyzed in detail the sound advantages and disadvantages of each model, and compared and ranked them based on their ability to meet different gaming needs. With this useful information, Enthkey hopes gamers will have a more comprehensive view when choosing a suitable gaming keyboard to optimize their experience.

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