Benefits of mechanical keyboards

Benefits of mechanical keyboards

Benefits of mechanical keyboards
Mechanical keyboards are becoming more popular than ever thanks to their superior benefits compared to conventional keyboards. They deliver a great typing experience with accurate, stable feedback and long life. The benefits of mechanical keyboards are also shown in the ability to significantly improve performance and productivity, especially suitable for gamers. Not only that, they possess outstanding aesthetic design and flexible customization features according to personal preferences. Join Enthkey to immediately discover the great benefits of mechanical keyboards in this article.

Development history of mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards have their origins in 19th-century mechanical typewriters. The original design used spring-loaded pushrods facing the typewriter axis. In 1968, the Japanese company Hirose produced the first electronic keyboard with separate keys using new mechanical technology. In 1977, Cherry, a German company specializing in electrical and electronic devices, developed the first Cherry MX mechanical switch for computer keyboards. This is a mechanical switch design that has become popular around the world. Other keyboard manufacturers have also designed their own switches such as Alps, Futaba, etc.   Mechanical keyboards reached their peak in the 1980s and 1990s when they were widely used on personal computers and servers at that time. They are popular because of their accurate typing ability, stability, and longevity. However, with the development of flat screen keyboard technology, mechanical keyboards are gradually falling out of favor because of their high cost. By the 2010s, the community of technology lovers and gamers created a rise of mechanical keyboards. New manufacturers such as Filco, Das Keyboard, and Ducky have launched many mechanical keyboard models to meet the diverse needs of professional users and young people.

Structure and operating mechanism of mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are made up of main components: mechanical switches, keycaps and backplate.

Mechanical switches

Mechanical switches are the main components that determine the feeling of typing. Popular types of switches today are Cherry MX (red, brown, blue, black, etc.), Gateron, Kailh with many different characteristics in terms of typing force, key travel and sound. The switch includes parts such as stem, housing, spring and contact to hold the keypress mechanism.


Keycaps are the part that represents the shape, color and text on the keyboard. They are usually made from PBT or ABS plastic, with many different designs and sizes such as OEM, Cherry, SA, DSA, etc. Keycaps can be customized, even replaced with special keycap sets.

The backplate

The backplate is the base frame of the keyboard, keeping all the components steady and tightly tied together. The backplate is usually made from aluminum or stainless steel because of its sturdiness and vibration resistance. Some backplates are also designed with air vents to improve the sound of typing. The keystroke process takes place when the user presses down on the keycap. The pressing force is transmitted through the stem and pushed down to the spring inside the switch's housing. Spring pushes back on the stem so that the key returns to its original position. At the same time, when the stem is pressed down, it activates the electrical contact to send signals to the computer. This typing process feels slower and more solid than a flat screen keyboard.

Benefits of mechanical keyboard typing experience:

Typing is more accurate and stable

  • Tactile feedback: Thanks to the mechanical structure with spring-loaded switches, each key press feels clear and firm. This helps to type more accurately, with less key confusion.
  • Travel distance: Longer keystroke travel (about 4mm) compared to flat screen keyboards helps users press keys more firmly.

Longer life than conventional keyboards

  • Rated lifetime: Mechanical switches are often rated for a long lifespan, about 50-100 million clicks. This number is many times higher than that of a conventional flat screen keyboard.
  • Wear resistance: Components such as the stem and housing of the switch are made from highly durable PBT or POM plastic and do not wear out over time.

Customize the keystroke sound

  • Switch types: Different types of switches, such as Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, create different keystroke sounds: rattling, deep, resonant.
  • Keycaps: Keycaps material also affects the typing sound, PBT is often more resonant than ABS.
  • Lubricant: Users can lubricate the switch to create smooth sound or drier typing.

Thanks to the above features, mechanical keyboards provide an extremely accurate, more stable and comfortable typing experience than other types of keyboards, while also allowing customization of typing sound according to preferences.

Benefits of improving the performance of mechanical keyboards:

Increase typing speed

  • N-key rollover: Mechanical keyboards often support n-key rollover (NKRO), capable of simultaneously recognizing multiple keys pressed at the same time. This is very important when typing quickly, editing documents or playing games.
  • Anti-ghosting: Due to the mechanical mechanism, mechanical keyboards are almost immune to ghosting when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, ensuring accurate typing.

Reduce hand fatigue and improve comfort

  • Ergonomic design: Many mechanical keyboard models are ergonomically designed with an optimal tilt angle and soft wrist support, helping to reduce muscle tension and hand fatigue when typing for long periods of time.
  • Typing feeling: Thanks to the long key travel and moderate typing force, hand muscles type naturally, with less muscle strain than other keyboards.

Increase productivity with advanced features

  • Macro keys: Many keyboard models for office workers have customizable macro keys to quickly perform frequent tasks.
  • Media controls: Media control keys such as volume up/down, music play/pause help to operate quickly without leaving the keyboard.
  • Other upgrades: Wireless coil, USB hub port, Caps Lock status LED, etc. Convenient for work.

With advanced features combined with a comfortable typing experience, mechanical keyboards significantly enhance office users' performance and productivity.

Benefits of mechanical keyboards for gamers:

Faster response in game

  • Low input lag: Mechanical keyboards have lower input lag than flat screen keyboards thanks to the direct mechanical mechanism. This provides faster response, especially important in action, FPS, and arena games.
  • Fast key response: Mechanical switches respond faster to key presses than screen keys, helping to quickly perform shortcuts and skills in the game.

Highly customizable

  • RGB backlit: Most gaming mechanical keyboards have multi-color RGB backlighting that can customize many different creative effects.
  • Replaceable keycap: Users can replace the keycap with many different material and design options to suit their own style.
  • Custom keymapping: Ability to reassign arbitrary keys to suit each specific game.

Specially designed for games

  • Tenkeyless (80%): Removes the rarely used numpad, creating better space to move the mouse.
  • Small form factor: Models 60%, 65%, 75% are compact for easy portability.
  • Game support keys: Some models have macro keys and multimedia keys optimized for games.
  • Gaming accessories: Arrow-shaped keycaps, better controllers for certain games.

With the advantages of response speed, high customization and specialized design, mechanical keyboards have become the ideal accessory to enhance the gaming experience.

Aesthetic sense and personalization of mechanical keyboards

Beautiful and professional design style

  • Sophisticated design: Mechanical keyboards often have a luxurious, sophisticated appearance with carefully machined details from aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Classic style: Many models are inspired by the classic design of mechanical typewriters with strong, square colors and lines.
  • Suitable for office: Creates a professional and elegant feeling on office and studio desks.

Customize the keyboard according to personal preferences

  • Keycap sets: There are many keycap sets with a variety of materials, colors, and design styles to customize according to your own preferences.
  • Case designs: Keyboard cases also have many options, from machined aluminum to made from wood, resin, polycarbonate.
  • Complete customization: Some models allow users to assemble keycap, case, plate, and switch components themselves to have a completely unique keyboard.

Vibrant mechanical keyboard loving community

  • Meetups: Offline events in many countries to exchange, display and buy and sell mechanical keyboards.
  • Forums: Many large online forums such as Reddit, Geekhack, Keebtalk are dedicated to the keyboard-loving community.
  • Commercial websites: Websites specializing in personalized keyboards such as KBDfans, iLumkb, CanonKeys.
  • Groups on social networks are also very active with fans around the world.
Mechanical keyboards not only bring impressive aesthetics but are also a unique personalization trend favored by a vibrant community. Conclusion With the outstanding benefits of mechanical keyboards in terms of accurate, stable and customizable typing experience, improving working efficiency, providing comfort in operation, meeting advanced gaming needs, and both aesthetic aspects and diverse personalization capabilities, mechanical keyboards deserve to be the top choice for anyone who wants to improve work quality and productivity. Enthkey believes that investing in a quality mechanical keyboard is the right decision to experience all these great benefits.

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